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  1. Hey man, thanks for the reply. I'm actually out of town until June, so I will get back to you if it's still available then. A bit hesitant on the purchase though so feel free to sell in the meantime. If I do end up getting an EUC, then definitely!
  2. I'm in Cali and looking to buy a Z10, would you consider selling and if so what's the condition on your Z10? Thanks
  3. Wow, thank you all for the incredibly detailed responses! Clears up a lot of things I wanted to know, and more too I'm still leaning more towards a Z10, but now I won't feel as bad if I find a KS18L for a better deal, both sound like great wheels.
  4. Hi guys, I'm looking to get a Z10 and wanted to hear peoples' opinions on them, specifically their carveability. I know that KS 18XL / MSX is more nimble and can make sharper turns, but what about the carving experience? I'm looking to get the most "fun", which is not necessarily the most agility, but more like the thrill of shredding down ski slopes. I ask because I've heard so many people complain about the Z10 being too stable at speed, but at the same time I've also heard that it makes for a more fun and visceral ride because you can really lean into the turns unlike on other EUCs. That "lean" is what tempts me most, since that's what I love most about carving on my longboards. I'm a relatively athletic 20-something so I think I'll be able to push it more to the limit, but at 5'7" and 155 lbs I don't have as much weight to throw around. What do you guys think? How do you find the experience of carving on the Z10 compared to other EUCs? Thanks!
  5. Hey I'm local to San Diego and would be interested in buying this wheel (local meetup), is it still available?
  6. Hey @BlackOutEX sorry for being a downer but I think I might just go straight to a KS 18L for now. If I'm interested again though I will def let you know!
  7. Looking to get into EUC from the esk8 world! Located in San Diego, CA. I'm willing to pay for shipping in the USA. Thanks!
  8. Hi guys, New user here looking to get into EUC's from the esk8ing world (the 'thane just isn't cutting it ). I'm in the Mira Mesa area and want to pick up my first EUC, would any of you guys be willing to to sell a KS 16S or Gotway Tesla? Or anything 16" or 18", really. Thanks!
  9. Hey man, Fellow San Diegan here! Is the wheel still available? I'm looking to get into EUC coming from esk8, would offer 700$ on it. Let me know!
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