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  1. Hi Guys and thanks! @The Fat Unicyclist that's great to hear! I've had a quick look around your website. I will drop you a line. For adding extra info here, the following kind of applies to me atm: Approx 12.5 km commute (round trip) every day Flat terrain all the way, all either suburban or CBD Riding style...timid? dunno yet but if my cycle commute is anything to go by it will be caution mixed with paranoia, judging by the Christchurch drivers. Weight is about 90kg I've seen one, maybe two EUC riders around town so it feels pretty far flung down here. Noticed quite a few in Wellington when I was there for Easter recently. Seems like a lot more exposure there, maybe just bigger population base. I've been looking at all sorts of vids to get an understanding of the activity - instructionals, gear lists, dos and dont's. I'm not as flexible and brave as I once was so I feel the need to take my time and be prepared.
  2. Hi all, I’m shifting down from my car towards an electric future and have been in a quandary over what type of device to start with. I had my heart set on a Falcon Zero 10 scooter right up until I became aware of EUCs...now I’m tempted (by the dark side?) and seriously considering a unicycle. This will be a full time commitment and once I’m in I intend to see it through, learning as much as possible. Question is: what should I get? I want to get something I can stick with long term. I don’t want to shell out for a new wheel once I’ve learnt how to ride because for me here in New Zealand the cost (exchange) is rather prohibitive so whatever I get will be it for some time. So I’m thinking something I can dial back while learning and then unleash later on. I welcome any suggestions and sage advice. Am I going about it the wrong way? Should I just stick with the scooter for now? Lotsa questions. The bottom line for me is: the Jetsons told me this could be a reality so if this is true, I want to live in the future. Cheers, Ben.
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