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  1. Windjammer

    Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    Om man får problem med en Aliexpressköpt Gotway vad gör man då? Kan nån i Sverige serva? Skicka till Kina är ju inte aktuellt och det lär väl bli hyfsat dyrt i Europa. Hur tänker ni? Är en ECU ett chansköp?
  2. Windjammer

    N00b: Z10 VS 18XL and where to buy?

    Probably somewhere in between fast walking and slow running, so not super slow/fast. Something like this Cool thanks for the tip! Read it somewhere (hard to sort information out in the start on what's what :)) but great have bigger battery! Just got the impression after watching a lot of reviews. Exactly. Getting long smooth zooming/panning shots would otherwise require really expensive and bulky stuff like cranes etc. Interesting, I thought it might be an advantage for the Z10. But I can't test it irl and atm no one is selling it in Europe so... off the list.
  3. Windjammer

    N00b: Z10 VS 18XL and where to buy?

    Thanks. I wouldnt go blasting from the start though. And probably all done in low speed.
  4. Windjammer

    N00b: Z10 VS 18XL and where to buy?

    Thank you for helping on this! I get only limited responses otherwise I would reply on all. The 16X do look better but with launch, delays, first batch problems, living on the end of the planet etc... I would probably not have it until Christmas. When it comes to riding I live down town with lift in apt and would use it around the streets of Sthlm. I actually also have a specific task in mind - filming. Planning to use it to film down town Stockholm for differens projects. Should go extremely well with DSLR and gimbal. Had almost decided on MSuper X that's in stock (still waiting for 18XL) at Norwegian dealer until I saw that it's 84v and seems like (?) most prefer 100v. Performance vs battery?
  5. Windjammer

    N00b: Z10 VS 18XL and where to buy?

    Thanks guys! A few more reviews watched and I've dropped the Z10. It's now between 18XL and MSuper X. Prefer looks of MSuper X and it's in stock... (but 18XL are probably better on paper). It's tricky when could can't touch and feel irl
  6. Windjammer

    Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    Skönt med en "semi-lokal" handlare. Är du nöjd med hjulet? Har du jämfört/provkört med M Super X? Velar lite här...
  7. Windjammer

    Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    Du köpte inte från Aliexpress förmodar jag? Sitter och försöker bli klok på vilken (18XL vs den mycket snyggare Z10) och var (europeisk shop där de knappt finns i lager vs Ali där man kanske inte får det förrän till midsommar).
  8. Hey! I'm about to pull the trigger on my first wheel and I'm looking for best in class/most bang for buck combined with best looking. Both equally important. I got a couple of more or less hopeless subjective questions I would like your input on: 1. Is the Ninebot Z10 the best looking wheel? I had decided on Kingsong 18XL until I saw the Z10. Should I still get the 18XL because it is so much better in every other aspect than design? 2. Guess no one gets away with not paying tax on stuff from Aliexpress anymore? Still cheaper even with VAT (18XL - €1900 vs €2300) but then there's the wait... seems like most deliveries take around 60 days. That's crazy long for something you want yesterday. Thoughts? I'm in Sweden so still have to buy from another country. Thanks!