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  1. Yep, this is what I did, but thank you.
  2. I'm also interested in this. I've got new wheel, but maybe if I'll take some precautionary measures I won't have those issues. My question is: what are those precautionary measures? @Liamfind
  3. After many rides I'm 99% certain. It's the amount of power drain that you generate when accelerating. If you reach 42A+ inmotion will probably trigger safety and will force you to stop. Earch rider need to adjust and lern how much they can accelerate on what conditions. Use wheellog for alarm about 35A (-default- )or 38A (my personal), to help you realize when you are reching dangerous zone (wheellog rox ). I think case closed. Thank all for the help.
  4. Today I rode on newest build. Didn't have Bluetooth disconnected, so that's good, but I rode with live map on. And got multiple GPS lost/restored in bursts. Again to the level of: I don't care - disable. Also, I use Garmin watch. Wheel log pushes so many notifications when live map on that I had to cut it off. So no big deal, just informing. My main question is.. does last tab of live map supposed to be... Blank? And last thing, idea: if it would be possible, make in the live service "private area". You mark your "home" for example. Whenever you start recording route, and if it's close to your home, part of the route that is in proximity o X meters gets deleted from records. For me that would solve my privacy issues and I would share my rides automatically to everyone. For your consideration. App is amazing. Great job.
  5. I've tested 2.0.9 and my observations are: 1. Bluetooth disconnected alert - can I disable this? For me it is really confusing. My app is working, nothing gets disconected (even if it does for few seconds), I get this several alerts per ride (new samsung phone), I don't have information that "bluetooth connects again" (and actually, that's good - I don't want more information about few second failure as system is doing proper thing). As it works in interval of 15 sek fine - I don't care about disconnection. 2. Is it possible to have two behaviors of audio when wheel log sends message? Lower volume and pause. I read audiobooks while riding. Every alert is dimming the sentence, so I have to stop, roll back, listen again. With music it's possible lesser problem as if you miss few tunes won't change anything, but missing few sentences because "bluetooth disconnected" is annoing to the level of "disable audio" And that's the main feature of wheellog
  6. Side note: I know what was this "I cannot do anything then close the app" - it's the show on lockscreen mode. Unfortunatelly, on my phone you cannot switch to unlock phone any other but by closing monowheel. Not sure is it intended, but I just mention this. I've already bought samsung phone. Got irritated with chinise phone companies and constant energy closing I cannot control.
  7. My bottom line is : it's confusing. So do I have it connected or nor? I see things changing. I have battery, speed etc. All indicated that it's ok. And I got a warning that is not. And no later information that it is connected again. Anyway it's annoying as with every WheelLog close and open, I have to hear that. Yeah... I get that a lot... closing apps, tied really everything. Time to change a phone.
  8. I was using 2.0.26, yeasterday I downloaded newest from this thread (2.0.29) and it's worse Quick question: bug reports you want here, or is it spamming too much? on 2.0.29 : I get 1-2 times information that "connection lost", while nothing is lost. Bluetooth is connected, second time I didn't even logged into the service (online thing). First time it was still runnig - I see no icon or indication that anything is lost - or I have no idea what is lost. Right now if the alarm is turning on (hard to tell is it turning on properly, I have dificulties in setting it up properly - but read yeasterday about speed AND baterry level) it turns off the audio, do not turn it back, and actually nothing plays through bluetooth headphones, I just feel vibration, but have no idea what alarm is triggered. Also It somehow forbids me sometimes from "top-down swipe setting menu" that my phone has (you know, general setting and notifications you can acces always), and the "home button" or "switch button" are gone. I can only close the app. My phone is using EMUI 4.0.3 based on android 6.0
  9. Does anyone has problem that when alarm kicks in it dims the spofity/music for a second, and doesn't return to the previous value? I have to restart wheellog to have it louder again.
  10. What is the change actually? I cant find any specific information about except that comfort mode allows 40km/h and classic 35km/h, and I hit top speed very quick, so I never tried the other one as "comfort mode = better mode" (whatever that means). Can you elaborate on that? My wheel during accident fell into puddle, twice... then I've washed it with hose (as I've read that is has "water protection from direct water, just don't drown it")
  11. This is my first wheel, and I didn't expect it to be THAT MUCH FUN Rule is that if my legs don't hurt, then the ride was uneffective Even if I sometimes feel that "I need more speed" then I think what would happen if I would go faster and fell off... Actually even now top speed is very fast. To get tired I just pick bumpy forest roads where I have to manuver a lot - there I need not much speed, but agility. But for budget I got - It's very good pick. Thought about Z10 but it's unavaliable in my country, and I don't want to ship it if something fails.
  12. I reely doubt now, that it is overheat. It's... combination. Of full battery AND rapid energy consumption. I've got hipothesis that because v10f allows full power draw in area of +85% battery in this "area" he is allowing me to "push the limit", but with kickback of being able to overload. When I was trying to accelerate really hard one day, to replicate strong power draw - it did no failures (and I had quite a few straight lines) - but I think I was below 85% (route to work, where I usually charge). To confirm my hypothesis I will gather more logs and post some results here later. With new wheellog and it's autolog, that should be easy. Never to the full extent, but from what I know, it should give me about 50km. And I've already rode about 20km and battery was around the middle. And like I said: tiltback is common to me, this is tiltback-get-off-please-NOW Thank you @Chriull for analysys. Much helpful.
  13. Because I'm noob, and cannot post more then 2-3 posts, and sent any messeges - I can't reply on time As modern human-user I beg your likes, or chinese goverment will ban me from life. (coudn't resist the satire ) Anyway. I had exact problem yeasterday. AND I've got logs. log _27 at the end - there is situation I'm talking about. And @meepmeepmayer might gave proper answer... log _09 is rest of the ride without issues. Thank you Seba. Awesome software. Downloaded latest version. In this case I was 100% at start of the trip. From what I see in logs it jumps quite big - didn't know that it can jump from 80% to 95%. Just before tilt I was 85-90% avarage I think. Battery dropped to 30% (!!!) on rather small but steep uphill and then rapid acceleration - hudge power and current rise. I've heard "warning" (and something later, I didn't hear what it was) and tiltback. Most cases I recall are in simillar conditions: I accelerate, or accelerate after short but steeper uphil or downhill. Below two other moments from same ride that didn't cause errors, but earlier on downhill (same spot) I've accelerated and got tiltback (not this log). Question is: should I be worried? My fault or hardware issues? Is new, didn't notice any change. I'm new to this, so hard to jurge. 2019_05_04_15_27_09.csv 2019_05_04_15_15_27.csv
  14. I personally probably never got warning of overheating (or never noticed one - maybe because I set volume to minimum). I get a lot of "top speed beep" of course. Wanted to replicate this today and pushed wheel quite hard, but wasn't able to achive (15 min ride, quite fast, empty streets). I received after today/yeasterday ride message after diagnose in app that "top voltage was hit" (or something like that). Maybe I'm accelerating too much after longer ride (because today - nothing)? Ok, I think it is indeed overload / overheat then. But for me it's tilting back not foward. If I will have wheelog to share with case of tilt till you fall off - I'll share it. If it will be related to 60-65C motherboard temp - we have a winner.
  15. 94kg It lets me on seconds after. For me it looks like it want to stabilise me/run tilt back command but just crashes and keeps going until reset. But that's my interpretation. Does overheating can be diagnosed? And about what temperature of what system I should look at. I can use wheellog to record I suppose. It happened on different battery levels.
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