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  1. I have luckily been able to stop myself from faceplanting or hitting my head in a crash and I’ve crashed at top speed three times now. But that didn’t stop me from ordering a bell super dh helmet. I don’t like worrying about breaking my jaw or loosing my teeth. I like my face... hey if you don’t care about that possibility then go for it. I hope you never need a helmet. But I prefer to be safe. I also feel that it lets people know you are on a serious vehicle and they notice you more . Just my honest opinion.
  2. So @Nils I have a nikola on the way to the us. Hopefully next week. But I’m 6’3”. I am nervous about the trolley being un usable. I use the trolley on my v8 everyday. Would you please measure the height for me fully extended. I’d really appreciate it and maybe even a picture of you pushing it with the handle. Thanks
  3. Right on man. I’ve ridden the msx and you’ll be very happy . I had a inmotion v8 as my first wheel and was ready to upgrade in a month. You won’t have that problem. My one piece of advice I hope you heed is to cover that big expensive beautiful wheel with that rubber bumper stuff. Because you are going to wreck. A lot ! It took me over an hour of just straight falling down every five seconds before I could ride it ten feet.. and a whole day before I could start and stop without dropping the wheel.. mine was only 900$ and it had a cover so it was all good. But if you don’t protect your wheel and yourself very well for the first 200 miles of riding. You will regret it. Just imho ... on another note.. I have the nikola coming as my upgrade and I’m super stoked. Luckily we have Ewheels here and our shipping won’t take months .. also I was disappointed I didn’t have anyone filming me when I learned to ride. It would’ve been funny to watch in fast speed or something. Just the ridiculous amount of falling down I did. Lol. Anyways good luck and have fun 😁 lucas.
  4. Well me personally I’m always moving when I ride. I always have my arms up and I use them for balance because I am constantly carving and dodging things. I am only on a v8 so I can’t get a rush from the speed so I make every road or sidewalk an obstacle course and have as much fun with it as possible .. I’m sure that’ll be different when I get a real wheel that actually goes fast. I have the nikola on the way. Can’t wait to get on it. .. but I definitely find that the looser you are and the more spring you have in your knees the better you ride . I would never ride with my hand in my pockets. That’s just being careless.
  5. Wow man, everyone is different but I am really surprised of your opinion on riding your wheel. The only thing I can think is that you just haven’t gotten out there and gotten over your fear and really ridden hard enough to make it exciting... just imo ... . the v5f is also a very small wheel with not much power. I haven’t ridden one but I can’t imagine it’s the most exciting wheel to ride . A little more power and speed might be what’s missing for you.. or who knows maybe euc’s just aren’t for you 🤯. But riding my wheel is by far the most fun I have ever paid money to have .. I’m buying my wife one so we can wheel together cause all I wanna do is gliiiiiiiiide !! So if she wants to spend my free time with me she’s gonna have to glide along with me Lol 😎😍🤩
  6. So my wheel has some play in it when I put force on the pedals. I recently had to replace all the inner casings after a wreck I probably didn’t put something back together right. Ok open it back up tomorrow and see what I can find. Thanks for the info I didn’t think of that.
  7. @OUNCESMUSIC I am in cap hill Seattle and am waiting on my nikola to come in the next week or two. We should get together and ride sometime
  8. @Chriull thanks for the information. Yes the problem I’m having is that I was going down a hill and hit a little bump and the wheel starts violently jerking back and forth sort of like a stick shift car when you are driving and accidentally put it in reverse instead of third gear...a violent hiccup. And it had smoothed out mostly. Until yesterday it couldn’t handle it and just shut off. Something in the wheel can’t handle the the sudden change from going forward then being airborne and then trying to go forward again.. it doesn’t like it. Lol
  9. So I have a solowheel glide 3 with 500 miles on it. But I ride a lot and probably too hard the 500 miles are all in two months ... about a week ago it started doing this weird cough like shake when I jump and am going too fast or going too fast and hit a big bump... until today it always caught itself and smoothed out. But today going down a hill On the road no less I hit a pothole going top speed. (18mph) and I started violently sputtering back and forth and then just went off , threw me down on the curb and my wheel ended up 20 yards away in a yard.. so was this oscillation? Is my motor dying or my control board ? I’m riding like an old man now. Lol but I don’t like being unsure. I have Nikola in order. But it’s not getting here quick enough. Lol. This little sg3 is gonna kill me. ? Any thoughts ?
  10. Hey there. I’m in Seattle and currently riding a solowheel glide 3. Desperately need an upgrade. I’m interested.. still available ? I’m getting the nikola in a few weeks but I need a wheel for my wife to ride. I think the 16s would be perfect for her.
  11. I spoke with Jason and he will have the new Tesla v2 in the next 6 weeks or so.
  12. Thanks so much. It’s good to know that others had these experiences as well and I’m not just really wimpy. Ha ha . I am definitely doing some xtra squats and lunges trying to build those muscles up. Also I am riding everywhere everyday so it just keeps on getting easier and easier. More natural feeling. I’ll keep it up.
  13. I am also in Seattle. And it is my understanding that we are legal on sidewalks and roads with speed limits of 35 or less. Supposedly we aren’t supposed to go on bike paths but that’s stupid and I’ve never had anyone other than a grumpy pedestrian say anything. I am very respectful and don’t speed past people and always give walkers the right of way. I also smile at everyone. Cause hey. I’m on my wheel. I’m happy as it gets. Lol.
  14. Hey everybody, so I’m a relatively new rider and I experienced something weird for the first time the other day. I had to go somewhere early in the morning about seven miles round trip. So I did that on my glide 3 no problem.. made it back home and put my wheel on charge.. go it back to 95% and headed back out to go for a Saturday group ride which ended up being 13 miles. After about three miles or so, I started feeling like my legs muscles were going numb and my feet were slipping off the pedals. It was extreme disorienting and uncomfortable. Especially going down hills I wasn’t sure if my legs were about to give out or not.. I am a big guy 6’3” and am relatively athletic but I’ve never felt this kind of fatigue before . I stopped got off for awhile and it didn’t go away for the whole ride . I didn’t ride yesterday but when I got in today it felt normal.. so I guess I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and maybe if there’s and tips for overcoming it other than just ride all the time. Lol. Thanks Lucas.
  15. Lol right.. why do they have to tease us by showing us the wheel but making us wait so long for it... so when you say you’re not sure about gotway attention to detail and reliability I wonder what you mean ? As far as I can tell from reviews and videos, the last several gotway wheels have been excellent... mcm5,Tesla,and msx.. Almost zero controller board failure rates and the best performance out there.. pretty much the only complaint I hear over and over again is their design.. ie; trolly handles, bad balance, cheap looking.. etc.. and in my opinion and from what I’ve heard, they addressed most of these issues in the nikola so it has the potential to be an amazing wheel. But I haven’t even seen one In person yet soo am just going off videos and reviews. But I know the batteries are lower so the center of gravity should be better and it looks awesome.. but I am a big dude . 6’3” so a big and wide wheel really helps my balance and my ability to correct wobbles and control the wheel. That’s my least favorite thing about the v8 is it’s too thin. Also the led lights and the headlight on the 16x are really cool looking but I think the nikolas make you more visible. I was hit by a driver once because he didn’t see me .. now I always carry a powerful flashlight with me so the headlight is a secondary. Oh yeah and I can’t forget the king song high pitch whine that they make I love to glide quietly and hear the wind I think that the noise they make would really get on my nerves That made a big difference for me too. So there are definitely good things to be said for both and who knows I may decide to get the 16x as a strictly off-road wheel if people love it as much as they think they will.. but I am going with gotway nikola for my everyday cruising commuter. Three weeks they say. I am sooo ready 😆
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