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  1. So. I have to change my nikola handle. And. I have absolutely no idea how to take it off. Can someone plz help me figure this out. Lol. Thanks
  2. I need some replacements as well. My left side of leds went out a few weeks ago. Kinda disappointing.. but an easy enough fix I suppose . Post where u find some plz
  3. The left side led’s stopped working on my 84v nikola not long ago. I absolutely love riding my nikola. I haven’t ridden another wheel that felt anywhere near as good. So cushy and comfortable but solid and so powerful.. that being said. It sucks that my 2000$ wheel was seemingly so cheaply made. Crap led’s. Crap control board. Crap stickers. And so on. I really wish they took some time and made the aesthetics as good as the internals. No one can match GotWay in performance but damn if they don’t suck at almost everything else. Lol.... I’m still riding my v1 control board btw. 1000 miles and still going super strong . I’m scared to mess with it. .
  4. I am a layman when talking terms like voltage, amps amp hrs. All that. I think In regular terms like. Range acceleration top speed. Does a higher voltage system make all these values better ?
  5. Totally agree. I can’t get all technical but I had my wheel cutout on me because I wasn’t paying attention and the battery got low enough for there to be performance throttling and when I tried to ride like it was at 100%... faceplant! So yes!! Always charge up fully as often as possible so that doesn’t happen to you
  6. Get a nikola bud. I swear it’s the best. KS will never compare with the GotWay RUSH !
  7. Honestly. I ride my nikola hard as hell. I don’t have but about a 15 mile daily commute so I am a able to push it to its limits.. and beyond. I had my first overpowered cutout yesterday. It wouldn’t have happened if I’d paid attention to the battery. I let it drop below 50% and it cutout at 34.9 mph. !!ouch!! Lol. That pavement doesn’t give. It only takes skin. But my nikola is tough as hell. It only sufferedminor scratches and a broken handle even when it rolled and skidded over 20meters. But that’s not the point. I ride my nikola and I lean into it as hard as I can and I brake just as hard at every stop sign and relight. I love it. It’s exhilarating. And my 84v nikola with the 1st gen board handles it with ease.. as long as its above 50%battery. Lol.
  8. Wow bro. I gotta say this outlook is kinda weird. Especially on an euc forum. I proudly ride my euc EVERYWHERE ! I have no problems. Sometimes people are pricks. I tell them thanks have a great day and wheel on. I love life and I loooooove to wheel. I’m not shy about them or on them. You’re outlook makes you look kinda creepy. Just saying.
  9. I know. That’s why I haven’t done it yet. I love my gorgeous wheel. I gotta figure out how to make them look cool. I hate to be superficial like that... but uhhhh. Yeah. I guess I am. Lol any ideas on making them look cool ?
  10. Ouch. Sounds like a nice lil tumble. Seems like you’ve gotten great suggestions. Me personally. I wear the bilt blaze 2 mesh jacket. It’s great for warm weather and protects my shoulders elbows and back while being cool and comfort.. I also wear scyoco motorcycle knee/shin guards. They are hard plastic with flexible joints and take care of my knees. And I wear wrist guards and gloves. Also a full face bell super Dj mips helmet. And I feel as safe as I can feel riding hard like I do.. I am consistently amruding the beeps on my nikola So around 30-33 is my sweet spot. It’s the most fun ever I love it I’m trying to pick out a 100v wheel so I can increase my top speed. Just remember not to flail about when you wreck. Tuck all your extremities in and roll. Lol
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