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  1. Wow man. Good for you I guess. I also use my wheel as my main/only transport. And I’m kitted out almost always. Unless I’m going like less than a mile. I don’t know about where you are from but in Seattle people can’t fucking drive. I’ve been hit twice in six months I guess if you ride slowly and on the side walk it wouldn’t be a big deal.. but you might as well walk.. I always have full face helmet.. to stay pretty. Lol. And a armored jacket gloves wrist guards and knee\shin guards. I get more people tell me how glad they are I’m smart enough to wear protection... never have I felt silly or encumbered by my gear. It’s just smart. If I fall at 35 without gear.. Jesus Christ. I don’t even wanna think about it. But with all my gear. I know I would be more okay then not. So I will continue to gear up .. it doesn’t make you cool to not wear protection !
  2. Just get a ks16s. That’s an upgrade you’ll be happy with from INMOTION. Dbl the battery 50%more power It rides like the v8 but on steroids. I’ll never buy another INMOTION. And I’ll never ever suggest anyone else does either !
  3. Hey @FrankFilmer looks like you’re going down from Seattle too.. I am trying to get a few other people to come down as well. Gonna be a blast 👍🏼👍🏼
  4. That sounds so awesome man. I can’t wait. I got all registered today I’m definitely coming! Looking forward to the week of riding almost as much as the actual even. Should be a blast
  5. Marty did post a link but I don’t remember where .. but the amount of difference it made in the control I have over My wheel is significant. ..I’m not to tech savvy so I’m just posting a snapshot of what I ordered off amazon And I just cut it down to size. And it back is very sticky .. it’s been on for over a week and I’ve ridden over 200 miles Several times in the rain and it’s still stuck on perfectly and extremely grippy. I strongly suggest this upgrade to all nikola owners...:: Hope this helps . 🚀😁😎
  6. Of course. It’s worth it to ride. Riding my wheel is the most peaceful, wonderful place I can think to be. I’m just new to the whole scene and dealing with companies like this so I guess I’m kinda she’ll shocked about the whole incompetence of the whole thing . But nothing could be bad enough for me to stop riding lol. The peace and zen I feel on my wheel is worth whatever hassle I have to blow through.
  7. I’m just not gonna freaking try. This is ridiculous. I spent 2000$. For a working machine. I am not an engineer. I am not about to start disassembling my control board and putting it back together. I think this is a ludicrous request. We spent all this money for what. Half a fucking product. I am so mad about this. Ugh. Disgusted more like.... I am furious that all this stuff has to be done to it. It’s prett goddamned ridiculous. An American company would never get away with this shit. It’s pathetic
  8. Jason covered shipping my replacement board to me and he covered it when I had it replaced when my board burnt out. unfortunately I already had my fixed nikola back before we found out about “gluegate” and made gotway give us better boards so my wheel was fixed with a 1st gen replacement already once and it was free... I can’t expect him to pay again. it would be nice. lol. But Jason is running a business so... It appears I will have to pay for shipping if I want it professionally installed.. that is more than likely what I will do. It’s worth it to me to know it’ll be done exactly right. . Especially when messing this up could kill me . Not likely. But possible if I cut out in traffic cause I nicked a wire and didn’t notice and I short out...
  9. I replaced my crappy plastic grips with the 3m treadsafe grippy stairliner paper that @Marty Backe suggested As he said earlier he has a link on his nikola thread. It was 12$ and was worth 100$ cause my feet don’t budge at all. I can accelerate and brake so much more confidently and riding in the rain is no worries at all. I would suggest it for anyone with the plastic pedals .
  10. This repair sounds ridiculously complex to a complete layman like myself.. I have absolutely no experience with any sort of electronic repair .. I had a hard time replacing the interior structural supports on my v8. So needless to say I am hesitant to disassemble my very expensive and very important machine .. I can’t believe I’m expected to do this on something I paid 2000$ for . I’m glad they provided the board. That’s great. I still feel like we got screwed a bit .. I wish there were more repair shops than just me having to pay for shipping it to Arizona and back. Any suggestions??
  11. Hey @Esper I really wanna try out the mten3 It looks like fun. I’ve got the nikola. We should get together and do a swap ride sometime I live in cap hill but am downtown a lot
  12. Bummer man. Yeah we say all the time to everyone cover your wheel. There is no way you’re not going to fall at least 100 times I took my v8 on grass to learn Crazy you already broke the handle. Man. You deff learned the hard way... i tightned my handle all the way down then bent it ever so slightly to one side so now it takes pressure to take it out and put it back in. So no more just flying out .. I covered my wheel with stickers and covered the white edges with carbon fiber molding so my wheel is pretty protected. Don’t give up. When I was learning I thought I made a mistake and I thought I’d never get it.. but I kept on trying and eventually it just clicked and it’s the best feeling you can get from and “sport”. It’s great. Good luck. And protect yourself. And your poor nikola
  13. so after having ridden my nikola for 464 miles so far I feel safe to say that it’s an amazing PEV so smooth , so responsive. I absolutely love riding it. Can’t get enough even riding 20+ miles a day as my daily commuter vehicle I still ride for fun as much as possible and it’s not enough. Lol. I changed the pedal grip to some 3m safetread that Marty recommended and that helped the control so much. I don’t feel like my feet are slipping at all even when wet. I also covered the white strips with some carbon fiber molding strips that I got off amazon I think it looks pretty awesome . So all in all I’m very glad. I chose to get the nikola.
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