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  1. There must be something wrong with your connection to China. I downloaded right now the 62MB Android App in 90 seconds.
  2. just few minutes, unless you sitting behind a 28K Modem
  3. I have Android App and as far as I remember I can change the login method from Phone number to mail address. What's that third-party login down there? Maybe stupidly translated, so click on it.
  4. I use the fast charger from 1radwerkstatt without any problems @90% with 1.0.7. The charger stop charging at 82V (displayed voltage on the charger) and the wheel shut off completely.
  5. Good to know , then I don't take my 16X into the bathtub anymore while it's just being charged. But luckily nothing has happened to me yet.
  6. You don't have to stop eWheels from working for that. You can download it from here
  7. When I got my new Control Board V1.5 last week I asked KS if I needed the Bluetooth patch. The answer was "not sure". So I made the patch and all is fine until now. Since your problems sound exactly like the Bluetooth problems, I would definitely make the patch. If it doesn't work then you need a new board like me.
  8. To be clearer 10 on each side 2 top 3 front 3 back 2 below pedal
  9. Stupid question for sure... did you make the Bluetooth patch?
  10. These 2 points are really annoying. The speed throttling is not bad with Firmware 1.0.7. 44km/h @23% battery (rider weight 78kg)
  11. Then there should also be slots in the housing for the sound outlet, but there is the side padding. Would probably be more optical disadvantages than acoustic advantages.
  12. I think yes. But only splashing water from a wet street, not riding in heavy rain where the water comes from above. But a protective cover from roll.nz should help a lot if you want ride in the rain. But a complete protection is not possible.
  13. They changed probably just the pwm and that must not include a decrease in torque.
  14. My wife is very satisfied with the sound. However, she drives with the V8 approx. 10m behind me and says constantly I should lower the volume.
  15. There is no other space available in the 16X.
  16. I've been looking also for better speakers for my 16X for some time, but I only find those that are already installed. A complete idiot bragged on Facebook that he replaced the 4 small speakers with Bose speakers. But he doesn't want to give out any information because he himself searched for a long time and doesn't want to share his alleged success. Because of his previous posts on Facebook I assume he is talking bullshit.
  17. Did you saw this thread? Yes, I ride at this speed since 1000km offroad without cut-out Second batch has the CYT H-5167 tire with no or less gyro effect, instead the CX321 tire. Maybe also a newer Control Board V1.5 instead V1.4. No improvements in the dust and dirt case. If you looking for a used 16X, you can buy a 1st batch and if you don't like the tire feeling, change the tire. If you like riding in the rain and offroad and you don't like DIY, maybe you should wait until King Song found a real Solution.
  18. Update after 1200 km: The modifications were a good success. After 1200 km it looks better inside now than before after 20 km (mostly offroad). Dust and Dirt Improvement V.2 These places seem to be the most important, this is where most of the dirt comes in. Most important in the rear, but I also recommend sealing the same areas in the front. (The first attempt (V.1) was not so perfect and was therefore replaced in the first post by this one.) Control Board - possible water ingress due to splashing water from the tyre Now that I've changed the Control Board, the next problem spot caught my eyes! The original foam rubber gasket which is glued to the housing is too thin and does not seal. The aluminum plate already touches the housing without compressing the gasket. It does not allow dust or dirt to pass through, but water is guaranteed to pass through it. Not the best place for water ingress. Solution: Either another thin foam rubber seal, or better remove the old one and replace it with a thicker one. Unfortunately I did not have a thicker one at hand and therefore I used a second one. Dust in Headlight Since @RoadRunner asked me at the right time whether my headlight was so dirty from the inside, I was able to get to the bottom of the cause, even though my headlight still looked like new. This is @RoadRunner headlight: This is the reason (at least if dust gets into the housing): Giant gap above and below the circuit board of the LED. The reflector is also not tight enough in the housing. Solution: Sealing with sealing compound (I didn't have it at hand either, therefore 2K adhesive) between circuit board and reflector. I don't know if the LED will heat it up very much, so maybe take care to take something that doesn't dissolve at 50°C. A layer of thin tape around the reflector (I used copper tape).
  19. For me it was unavoidable and I noticed it when I was riding. @RoadRunner had the same problem and could only fix it by reworking the valve hole. Otherwise the tyre could not be adjusted properly.
  20. I'm happy with 1.0.7. Since today the speed limit is displayed correctly in the Android App (beta for Samsung devices) I am surprised that I was allowed to drive 44 kmh with 23% battery. At almost 41kmh there was neither a warning nor a tilt back. The speed limit is also variable and takes factors such as rider weight, uphill, headwind, etc. into account. You are 24 kg lighter, you should also be happy with 1.0.7.
  21. @JonnyBonzScroll down the my first post til you see the rim. Probably the same problem as mine!
  22. Yesterday I had my first test ride with the new Control Board. But only a 25 km family trip with max. 30 km/h. I was totally surprised, but I wanted to wait for a second test ride on my usual track and higher speed before making my statement here. Today I drove 43 km in a row and had the same feeling as yesterday. I have another 16X! Not only that the tilting problems are gone at higher speeds, the whole feeling is different. Much harder and more direct. Before I had with aggressive carving (hardest setting) rather the feeling I can push the pedal down a little. Now the pedal is hard as a rock. Since I was just hoping that the new tilting problem would be fixed, I can't believe that I'm imagining it, especially since the trip yesterday with my family wasn't supposed to be a test ride and I was actually totally distracted because I was playing around with my daughter. Nevertheless I noticed it all the time. If one had put me blindly on the EUC, I would have said that is definitely not my 16X, which I have already driven 1200 km now. I can't explain it myself. Is that even possible? Can such a difference occur despite the same firmware, only with a newer Control Board version? And no, it is not by chance the firmware 1.0.5 on it, but factory default 1.0.7. @xorbe
  23. Your wish has already come true!
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