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  1. 144°F @71°F outside temp, after I (78kg) simultaneously pushed my wife (50kg) and my daughter (17kg) on their mountain bikes for one kilometre up a mountain with an 11% gradient. The path through the forest was also in catastrophic condition.
  2. @travsformation A normal like is not enough, so here again a big THANK YOU for your post. But I am always amazed about my knowledge of human nature. I knew absolutely nothing about this guy except a few seconds of video and a face and I didn't like this person at all (the expression is still flattering). Now with all this information comes the proof what a disgusting character is behind it.
  3. Nooooooo! It's funny to know the background, but for me it was not necessary. I saw his first video for a couple of seconds to build my mind about this xxxxx guy. An unbearable self-indulgent guy who has no clue about anything and has quickly found a place in my block list so that there is never again the danger of having to see his face.
  4. I would completely remove the pedal hanger and straighten it. Not because it's cheaper, but because then the issue is fixed in one day.
  5. No, not THIS post was kind of click-bait, ALL videos he posted (Facebook groups) was in the same style (face and headline). Don't know what he was talking about in the vids, because I didn't saw any of the vids, because I don't like click-bait and also I don't like that cruelly composed look on his face either.
  6. Is this over already? I'm sure he hasn't gotten enough attention.
  7. Also the speed alarm is unnecessary, because the rider can't hear it above 40/45km/h anyway. The only ones who hear it are the people you pass.
  8. Thanks, I thought I was the only one who was really upset about all this.
  9. I did not watch the video and therefore I have no idea if the list of defects in the video contains things that are not already known here. I just find it really annoying that you only hear from some people in the forum when they have something to complain about and want to bash the manufacturer. But maybe I am completely wrong and it is just disgusting click-bait.
  10. I also don't understand why you are forced to do this.
  11. I have no answer to your questions, but the resolution in 1% steps is too high. Nobody needs +/-10°. It would be better and more reasonable, rather only +/-3° but in 0.1° steps. Sorry if this sounds like bitching again, but just like the BT patch it only reaches 50 points out of 100 again. Or have I missed something and can one enter 0.3 ° via keyboard for example? I just moved the slider and then I didn't think about it anymore. Update: it's not possible
  12. CST-C1488 is definitely close to Chao Yang H-5167. In my opinion the CYT H-5167 is more street and CST-C1488 little better for offroad. CX321 is unique.
  13. This is the normal riding style when not using a tire with gyro effect and also applies to the CST-C1488. This is the way to ride curves. No, for a long time the 16X comes with the Chao Yang H-5167
  14. I'd like to see that on a video of you raping your 16X so brutally to be ready in 10 minutes. Especially the foreplay and afterplay with the pads.
  15. Not sure, but maybe @Patton250has a 16X first batch CX321 tire on the Nikola. Or did he have no Nikola, or was it someone else or was it nobody? Oh, man, I don't know.
  16. @AtlasP After almost 15 years of riding motorcycles (cross and race bike) I had no more desire and sold everything. I had not planned to start again. Beside cars and jet-ski freestyle there was no time for that anymore. Some years later a buddy comes to visit me with his new Buell. Wow, it looked great and the sound. The next day I bought a Buell and have it in the house until today (20 years), first in the living room, now in the entrance area. Hardly driven with it and stands around motionless for 6 years. To be honest, it also rides like shit, I knew that. But I didn't care, she looked awesome and sounds mega awesome with the illegal exhaust. Isn't that enough?
  17. One is new, the other with 25km. I ordered the spare tire together with the 16X before we known about the tire mess. I think the shipping costs make the tire expensive for you.
  18. This is the CST-C1488 (without gyro effect) and not the CX321. I have two CX321. I hate it because of the gyro effect and changed to the CST-C1488. @Mike Sacristan is also a fan off the CX321. Actually I wanted to sell them, but maybe I should give him another chance at the next tyre change?
  19. I just asked because of the description below: Enable power-saving mode "This will extend watch battery life but will limit responsiveness and functionality".
  20. I wouldn't have expected that. In 1.0.7 no difference in power consumption between pedal soft mode and medium mode. Same route, same AVG speed and even strong headwind on some parts of the route that are not in the forest. The voltage drop is only 7.7 volts with 1.0.7 in medium mode instead of 10 volts with 2.0.2 in medium mode. I really don't know what to think of 2.0.2. Pure coincidence?
  21. That means you have to accept the other limitations of the energy saving mode if you want the display to switch off automatically? Is the display of the values then less accurate and delayed? What disadvantages would I cause by switching on the energy saving mode?
  22. @Seba First of all many thanks for the brilliant Samsung Tizen App. One Question. I noticed the following today: My Galaxy Watch 46mm is set up so that the display automatically turns off and turns on again when I lift my arm to look at the watch. So far this works with all other apps as well. Only when the EUC App is on, the display does not switch off by itself after 15 seconds at the latest. If I have started Komoot at the same time and the next navigation message appears on the watch, then the automatic switch-off of the display works again. Can I adjust the behaviour somewhere in the EUC App and I am once again just too blind? Then I would like to know if the function "Button Action" under watch settings for my watch works at all. I only have 2 buttons and none of them react to it.
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