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  1. How many km/mi do you have to ride without the possibility to charge? I would ask now how fast you want to go, but the speed increases anyway over time. So I would definitely recommend not to calculate too tight. The V8 can for example do 30 km/h, but not until the small battery is completely empty. At half time it is only 25kmh and with decreasing battery power it is slower and slower. If you buy too small at the beginning, you will buy the next one quickly, so it is better to invest a bit more than you think you need.
  2. 34 ΒΌ in But I wouldn't recommend a V8 for your size and weight if you want a EUC for fun.
  3. I do not want to interfere and judge what is wrong and what is right. I am only interested in where do so many as..oles suddenly come from?
  4. Yeah, this was the other option, but I choosed the Mop.
  5. I was inspired by the typo "mob" instead of "mod" in the title, even though in German it's actually Mop (old spelling) or Mopp (new spelling), but pronounced it actually sounds identical. I simply misused the wrong letter again.
  6. Connect parallel if you have 2 charging sockets, otherwise make Y-adapters or combine both chargers in one plug.
  7. Since the EX didn't interest me in the slightest, I haven't looked at the Ecodrift teardown yet. But after I just did it, I'm not sure if I really want the EX.N just because of more battery. I am speechless after seeing the speakers, the speaker housing, the cooler with the air duct. Especially the huge hole that should theoretically be used for the heat dissipation, but which can't work in practice. The only thing that works is that the dirt is accurately swirled into the housing. Is the EX the Ecodrift may have the first prototype or are they really serious about selling somet
  8. Exactly, that's what I asked Gotway, why they don't offer a RS Speed and Torque with 2700wh. The answer was we have something different. Few days later.....EX.N. πŸ˜• The EX shell without suspension is not bad, but using RSS motor with even more speed (for sure less torque) is sucks. I'm interested in EX.N with 2700wh and RS Torque motor or EX 3500W motor.
  9. I thought you have to check/inflate the air in the damper regularly? The way you mounted the Power-Pads you had to tear them off and glue them back on every time to check the air, or did you just glue them on the top of the saddle?
  10. RS hard mode compared to MSP hard mode? MSP hard mode is sucks. Soft mode too.
  11. In the real world you may not seem to be very popular. Hmmm....so I would start to think about that. I hope you are safer here, but I would still recommend you to be careful when using EUC World. Don't accidentally publish a tour log that shows your position or house.
  12. Did you compared the real Sherman speed or the inflated speed. I heard 70kmh is just real 63kmh.
  13. 5 beeps @75% Motor power, that's new and I don't know if this is a good thing? Same Motor like the RS with a bigger 24S6P battery instead 24S4P. What could be the reason that they drop the motor power alarm from 80 to 75%? Probably higher speed at the cost of less torque compared to the RS Speed if you ask me, or? πŸ˜• I have a bad feeling that this is just about building a faster wheel than the Sherman. Low speed torque is probably not a priority. Good that I decided to upgrade my MSP HT to 2250wh today.
  14. I hope they will offer a Torque Version, unless the EX.N Speed has at least the same torque like the RS/MSP HT.
  15. Never ever you can ride 15 miles or so with speed above 50 kmh until your battery drops below the 80% mark. I think you talking about riding very slowly 15 miles and then accelerate the wheel once very carfully to the fake 55kmh? But thats not what I mean.
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