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  1. That's fantastic. On start it was on default 20%, but the Alarm came to often. I will try 15% as soon as the Tizen Update is available. Thanks @Seba for that nice feature.
  2. I thought the same, but found no updated Tizen app. Does that mean, if I set the safety margin to 12% I have the 88% inverter load alarm on the phone and the watch? That would be awesome.
  3. Already tried apkpure and apkmirror, but only found Version 1.4.1 which is not the previous one. I have a backup from 1.4.2 but I don't know if this was the previous version? I use Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm. Fresh install, cleared cache and data first. Bugs in 2.0.0: 1) App crashed if I try to share my tour 2) maximum possible speed will not displayed on the watch (red graph) 3) horn function doesn't work on watch, independent if I use single, double or tap and hold function. (but its working on the phone and yes, I configured both settings for phone and watch). But i. e. Light or AVAS on watch is working. 4) the new function xx% safety margin (don't know if I call it right?) makes no sense in my eyes. This percentage is calculated from the max. Speed setting and not from the real possible speed. Then it's the same functionality like a fixed Alarm setting. 5) the safety margin alarm is sometimes wrong calculated or doesn't work all the time. Not shure which one was the case. 6) the vibration speed alarm on the watch also works just rarely 7) something is also wrong with the German language and switching between English and German with restarting. Can't explain exactly what, I was in hurry and hadn't enough time for testing
  4. I have Update today to the new version 2.0, but to many bugs and now I need quickly the previous android apk version. I have forgotten to save the old version this time. Who can send me the apk quickly? Bug list follows later.
  5. My new tire finally arrived. Too bad he doesn't fit on the 16X and I have to wait for the MSP.
  6. I can't quite follow the thread anymore, too much OT. But am I the only one who asks the question if this air pressure table has been revised, after they found out that the shock can be inflated better if the damper is completely compressed and then blocked? In my opinion, 2 tables should exist. One for inflation with compressed shock and one in normal condition. Or do you think that 150psi when the damper is compressed will still be 150psi when the block is removed afterwards? I have never heard of filling an air shock with the damper fully compressed.
  7. Um, wasn't that one of the advertised features that if a single battery fails, the V11 can still continue to run with reduced power without problems, or something like that?
  8. I'm not a Velcro fan, but you can get the pads without double sided tape and do the Velcro thing on your own.
  9. @Skecys If possible I can rework your pads again for free. Only the shipping is your part.
  10. It's a pity that you are one of the few who cannot cope with this position. The reason is well explained by @mrelwood. With many EUCs it is also difficult to position the cutout where it should be individual, because the space is limited. With the 16X there is not much room for the brake pad. At least not if it should look good. The cutout is not given with my pads and can be changed if desired. Unfortunately only few are able to provide these measurements and leave it at the standard size. https://www.facebook.com/EUCPowerPads/
  11. Exactly that's the point why I give a sh..., even in the case he is saying the truth. When I watch videos from such YouTubers, it's only because I want to look at the product. Thankfully the sound can be switched off.
  12. You guys should read not only what you want to read. I listed all points. If that's to much to asked, then please ignore my post.
  13. There is a difference if I don't give a shit what someone says or if I don't give a shit about the S18. I know KS rep is reading here and there (I hope so) and that's why I gave my opinion here. As someone who is totally in love with the S18 in terms of looks and suspension and who wants nothing more than an S18 that fulfills my (and surely many other) requirements, I think I can allow myself to give my opinion here as to why I ordered an MSP, even though I don't like the looks and quality. If you want to call me a hater, I'd rather be a Gotway hater. If you want to call me a fanboy, I'd rather be a KingSong fanboy. What I personally think of Gotway, many people here know, so I am certainly many things, but definitely not a troll. Everyone has different needs and can decide for themselves. You have decided to buy the S18 and hopefully you have informed yourself well enough and thought that this wheel will make you happy and meet your requirements. Then everything is fine and there is no reason why you should feel offended just because I see it with different eyes, because I have different requirements and demands. I have made this statement here and I hope that my criticism will reach KS, but also for others who might be blinded by the awesome design, have no idea and should think a bit more before they might be disappointed. Udate: I fully agree that the MSP looks like (old) shit
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