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  1. The whole search is in vain, if the Chinese think, if black, round and the right size, then everything is perfect. I ordered a Kenda Kenda K1039 from AliExpress and received an extremely skewed Kenda K1087.
  2. KS said, they will use both in the future. The Dalishen and the CYT. maybe because CYT canĀ“t deliver at any time?
  3. Just try the 3.1.4 from the Kingsong website. Installed right now, opened and registered without any problems on Android 9 (Samsung Galaxy Note 8) Tomorrow I can test it also on the new Galaxy Note 10+
  4. Finally a video where you can see how such an EUC with such tires easily gets over these fat roots. Now the anticipation is even bigger, because exactly for these trails I ordered the 16X.
  5. Simply dismount the tyre and the engine and do a good paint job. A sticker doesn`t protect the rim for salt and oxidation. You can`t protect the whole rim with the sticker and at the edge you have same problem again.
  6. My Battery is exactly at 83,98 Volt after full charge and 5 hours resting time. That the 80% and 90% charge doesn't work properly is definitely not due to the other problem that you can't reach 100% anymore. This problem is definitely due to the charger itself. That you don't reach 100% is probably due to the battery itself. Either all cells have decreased a bit, or one or more cells are bad. 1400 km since April 2019
  7. Did you record the track? I'm looking for nice places near my location. @ir_fuel sorry, wrong quote
  8. Did you record the track? I'm looking for nice places near my location.
  9. I ordered also the CST C-1488 tire and maybe I will get them next few days. Now I'm waiting just until September 11th for the KS-16X.
  10. What happens if you set the tilt back to 40 km/h and still move forward when you reach 40 km/h, does the cut-off also occur at i.e. 42 km/h, or only at over 50 km/h?
  11. Yes I know, because I have little experience in RC electric motors for my 700 class helicopter and how the windings can change rpm and torque.
  12. No, not at all. I am professionally only active in the sports car and historic motor sports sector, but this does not benefit me in terms of tyres.
  13. Let's talk about that, because this is what happens to me and my V8 as described. If the actual case was not a cut-off, the 16X should accelerate up to 55 km/h to regain balance after a overlean through a bump? That means the buffer is 5 km/h? Is it possible to set the tilt back (I don't mean a alarm) by myself to 45 km/h, so that I have a buffer of 10 km/h? 55 km/h without load doesn't seem that fast for a 2200W engine, or? Or was the engine wound to more torque than speed?
  14. I think now we all know that if you ask a Chinese what type of tyre that is exactly, it comes as an exact technical answer, it's black and round.
  15. Since I have only been driving since April 2019 and have only little knowledge, I would like to understand this correctly. Does this mean that the 16X at 50km/h can't get any faster to regain balance when it comes to an overlean through a pothole or a bump? So if I understand it correctly, where is the safety buffer of what Kingsong is talking about? The 16X should be able to easily reach 60 km/h or more to restore balance, right? Just switching off at 50km/h is the stupidest and most dangerous thing you can do, right? A speed limit of 50 KM/h followed by a tilt back is understandable, but not by a cut-off at approx. 52 km/h. Recently I only had one experience with my Inmotion V8, when I came out of a sharp curve and have full accelerated to the 30 km/h warning tone and tilt back (WheelLog setting is 35km/h Limit) as I was driving over a bump at that very moment. This brought my body a little too far forward and the V8 tried to compensate this by further acceleration, while in slow motion the V8 tilted forward until I fell forward. My topspeed is 32km/h with little tilt back, but the moment I crashed was definitely several km/h faster. Would almost say 36-38 km/h. I'm also pretty sure that if the V8 had had enough power, it would have gone differently without testing my protectors and helmet.
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