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  1. Buell X1 Lighting Millennium Edition Just ridden 21.000km since year 2000 and 0 km in the last 5 years. Now that unicycling has been added, it will probably remain at the mileage.
  2. No, later V8 had the same smaller 1.95 tire.
  3. You must first disconnect the last connection in the app. Then click on the Bluetooth symbol. Then it will find other wheels.
  4. Thank you, then I will order this fan as well. Even if it has a little less power, there should be no problems, because I don't run the charger with a full 12 amps, but only with 8 amps.
  5. I have another charger that is actually not so loud, but I wouldn't mind it being even quieter. Did you have that fan in there too? The original fan has seven blades and the Sunon only five blades. Maybe that's just the reason why it's quieter? I find different pictures of this fan. Sometimes it has five blades then again seven blades. What's right?
  6. I once thought the ambient lighting was faulty too. But I had the music just loud enough to switch from ambient mode to music spectra mode, and only the lower LEDs were flashing to the beat of the music because the volume was too low. You could not see that from above.
  7. Okay, then my guess doesn't come into question if it also doesn't work without music. If it doesn't work at the moment and you stop, do at least the LEDs light up green (battery indicator)?
  8. More details pls. While riding or at standstill? Do you use Bluetooth Music? Screenshot light setting screen would be fine.
  9. Jedesmal wenn ich hier mein Heimatthread im Abstand von Monaten besuche geht's um Legalisierung und Verbot. Ich denke es wird Zeit den Threadtitel anzupassen. Ich hoffe das der ein oder andere trotzdem Spaß am fahren hat und wünsche in diesem Sinne schon mal frohe Weihnachten, kann sein das ich nicht rechtzeitig wieder vorbei schaue.
  10. buell47


    This is her new ski jacket and trousers for the skiing holiday in March. But I don't think the clothes will be in one piece next month with her riding style.
  11. buell47


    Yes, and it looks like I'll probably have to accept that I'll be pushed off the road by her more often in the future. Two more trips and she says, when will you finally buy me an MSX 100V.
  12. buell47


    It's so incredible! My 5 year old daughter had only 4 X 5km riding experience on the EUC. Today we started the first bigger tour (24km) when right at the beginning a big bump came and she didn't hear my warning while she was singing a song. After a short shock we lay in the grass and laughed almost dead.
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