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  1. I thought the same thing because it was always more expensive somewhere else. I also didn't see that the price was a pre-order price.
  2. First I have purchased an EUC only for riding on paved roads with my 4,5 years old daughter on her Moutain-Bike ....until I realised, that thing can drive also on bad roads ...also over rocky roads .... and also over small rocks and roots in the forrest. This realization has now changed a lot and I now ride paths that I have not even managed with my mountain bike. (okay....just because of my lousy condition) Now I have licked blood and want to overcome even worse ways where the V8 has come to its limits. Furthermore, the V8 also lacks the power to push my daughter up the steep trails. If I'd known all this before, I'd have bought something with more power directly. What is your excuse? sry for OT
  3. What??? I will keep my V8 until i will die.
  4. Thanks... I forgot about the company again. Already with my first search for an EUC (Inmotion V8) I have stumbled with my Google search not over this company. Somewhere later I read about it here in the forum, but forgot it again. Their website is probably not google optimized and is therefore badly found with the standard search terms. I just called and they are already waiting for the 16X. The price is unfortunately not known yet, but they sound trusting. But they will offer it as soon as it is available. Scooterhelden.de where I bought the V8, don't want to offer the 16X yet.
  5. Please share your experiences. King Songs's general 1st batch problems of the last 1-2 years?
  6. No chance, pre-order price is expired. I just wanted to wait for the New York demo feedback.
  7. What were the 1st batch problems which were worth mentioning and how were they solved (If at all!) by King Song and/or the dealer? How long does it usually take until errors are fixed and the 2nd batch arrives at the dealer? Background to the question is: I had since one week the 16X in my shopping cart (eunicycles.eu) for about 18xx,xx €. Now it costs 2.217,70 €, because the pre-order price is expired. I wanted to wait for the NY demo feedback. Now I am no longer sure that I have to buy the 1st batch at list price because I don't have a dealer in Germany to handle complaints easily. I know, if nobody would buy the 1st batch, no errors could be detected. If I had a dealer nearby, I wouldn't worry about buying the first series at list price.
  8. Thanks, I have it done right now.
  9. @Unventor What did you pay? Yesterday the price on eunicycles.eu was still 18xx,xx €. I mean even incl. VAT. Now there is 2.217,70 € incl. VAT. Was the pre-order price lower and is now over?
  10. This is all so exciting here...all this bad information about the prototypes ...then again the all-clear that this is not the case with the finished model! I'm afraid I won't be able to wait until the first 16X are on the market before I order. From the equipment and from the data, my wishes were actually (theoretical) fulfilled. + silent motor + TO-247 MOSFETS + good music sound + good acceleration, torque and braking power + NO flat padels + all black + QC 3.0 + resonable trolley handle (theoretically at least) Negative: - Optically marginal - too bulky (I hope only optically and not uncomfortably between the legs) - fake carbon optics! ...and if the only problem is the pads that come off, then I'm satisfied. I thought about that already when I looked at the pictures a few days ago, but I recently ordered a really good double-sided adhesive tape (3M 9088), which should get this problem under control. I'd love to see a comparison of the 16X and Nikola Plus 100V/1845WH
  11. I couldn't see a grid or anything like it on any picture so far. How should the sound come out of the housing?
  12. Where actually are the 4 X 5Watt speakers hidden? I only see the one in the back. Is that the bass speaker? When I clamp my Bose Soundlink Micro to the back of my V8 handle like this, there's hardly any music coming into my ears when I'm driving. I hope that the sound is useful and that carrying a separate Bluetooth speaker is a thing of the past. The annoying search for the Bose in the woods after a crash is also a pain in my ass.
  13. And why they put it in the wrong direction? 😉 I would rather be able to read the voltage the right way around while driving.
  14. A positive surprise, actually. We can almost say that the Mosfet savings policy did not (yet) cause the failure. Maybe all Nikola owners should check your PCBs
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