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  1. At the lower end of the two trolley rails. Pictures here (blue cable)
  2. buell47


    Offroad with my 5 year old daughter on her V5F. 🥰 Our first EUC weekend since February/march after she broke her elbow on a skiing crash. It's amazing how fast kids lern and despite a long break, pick up where they left off.
  3. buell47

    Gotway Suspension

    Probably they aren't in hurry anymore after they saw the V11 and S18.
  4. After choosing the alarm value just hit the enter key. It's a known bug.
  5. I always wonder what those reasons are? If I don't choose a car as a means of transport, where I can get from A to B quickly and safely, regardless of the weather, comfortably, with hi-fi sound, enough storage space, without protective clothing, with my wife / child / friends, then riding fun is in the foreground. When I then ride the EUC as if I was taking my newborn sleeping daughter for a walk in a pram, then somehow no real joy comes up for me. Of course, if you don't have a car to choose from, it's something completely different.
  6. If someone reacts so extremely with a shock absorber comparison between V11 and S18 because someone subjectively falls in favour of the S18 and does not understand a simple example (16 by 2.1 vs.16x3) because of all the emotions, that makes any other conjecture by them extremely suspect. Calm down, nobody will keep you away from buying a V11! This eternal fight V11 vs S18 is really cruel.
  7. 144°F @71°F outside temp, after I (78kg) simultaneously pushed my wife (50kg) and my daughter (17kg) on their mountain bikes for one kilometre up a mountain with an 11% gradient. The path through the forest was also in catastrophic condition.
  8. @travsformation A normal like is not enough, so here again a big THANK YOU for your post. But I am always amazed about my knowledge of human nature. I knew absolutely nothing about this guy except a few seconds of video and a face and I didn't like this person at all (the expression is still flattering). Now with all this information comes the proof what a disgusting character is behind it.
  9. Nooooooo! It's funny to know the background, but for me it was not necessary. I saw his first video for a couple of seconds to build my mind about this xxxxx guy. An unbearable self-indulgent guy who has no clue about anything and has quickly found a place in my block list so that there is never again the danger of having to see his face.
  10. I would completely remove the pedal hanger and straighten it. Not because it's cheaper, but because then the issue is fixed in one day.
  11. No, not THIS post was kind of click-bait, ALL videos he posted (Facebook groups) was in the same style (face and headline). Don't know what he was talking about in the vids, because I didn't saw any of the vids, because I don't like click-bait and also I don't like that cruelly composed look on his face either.
  12. Is this over already? I'm sure he hasn't gotten enough attention.
  13. Also the speed alarm is unnecessary, because the rider can't hear it above 40/45km/h anyway. The only ones who hear it are the people you pass.
  14. Thanks, I thought I was the only one who was really upset about all this.
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