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  1. By "no isolated case" I mean only the problems with the 16X. I don't think you should have a similar problem with your Gotways.
  2. Can't see anything on the Video in this position. Best to make the video from the front or better lay the wheel on the side and rotate slowly by hand. Take anything you have at hand to do what I do on the picture and then turn the wheel by hand and watch if the distance changes. If it's only 1 millimeter, that shouldn't be a problem, if it's significantly more, it could be the problem. Scroll down in my first post until you see the rim and tire. This is not an isolated case either!
  3. Does the tyre run optically round? Your 16X could have the same wrong fitted tire as my 16X, because the valve hole was drilled wrong.
  4. But the MSX has severe problems, the wheel blocks constantly. Nice Video
  5. I think this is normal, because otherwise there would be no reason why wheels on cars and motorcycles would be balanced. A tire, tube or rim is rarely perfectly balanced. At the EUC even the motor is added, which is certainly not balanced.
  6. The sound was the main reason why I started riding motorcycles again at all. Without sound I wouldn't be riding a motorcycle. I even have sensitive ears after a blast trauma, but a loud exhaust doesn't bother me. Rather, I think it should be forbidden to switch on the sirens of the police, ambulance and fire brigade when people are in the immediate vicinity. As long as this is allowed, I don't see myself as a troublemaker. Not all motorcycle accidents are caused by an oncoming vehicle, so a general statement is nonsense. I have done my own study over a period of 35 years and that comes to a different conclusion. So, we should leave it at that and not abuse Marty´s thread again.
  7. NO, that is nonsens. When I am on the road with my Buell, everyone can hear me within a radius of a few hundred meters, no matter in which direction, no matter whether he is sitting in the car and listening to music loudly. If he were deaf, he would at least feel the vibrations and think of an earthquake. I think you have a different idea what we mean by a loud exhaust.
  8. You have my sympathy, we don't have it easy in life and now we are facing a big problem! With the 16X and not real need for 30 mph+, we probably just have to wait for the novelties next year. Oh, my condolences on the CX.
  9. @TinkererboiNo, I have used very thin fabric on the speaker, because there is not much clearance between speakers and housing.
  10. Unfortunately not as planned with 4 stainless steel rods as center brace, because the wood immediately tears when pressing in. Therefore alternatively now with all wood. As soon as I have a multiplex wood panel as planned, the stainless steel version follows. Many thanks to @RoadRunner for the idea with the X. Definitely more fitting than 3 large round drilled circles.
  11. I wouldn't worry about that. The inner and outer housing is so unstable that it would let water out of the bottom despite the seals. In order to be able to use a seal effectively, the housing must first be so stable that it does not bend at the slightest pressure due to a PU seal. In addition, the current design does not allow the housing to be sealed in the lower half with a gasket. I think a gasket is only possible at the mud flap and the front rubber part. Maybe at the pedal hanger too.
  12. King Song hasn't made any changes regarding this problem yet and are supposedly still in the process of doing so. I am also not aware of any statement from KS that this problem has already been fixed, so I was astonished at your amazement.
  13. WTF....you stole my idea. I had the same idea last night and @RoadRunner is my witness. Here is my sketch from last night.
  14. That's exactly why I let roadrunner take the lead. I had already suspected that the CYT is even less suitable for sand. Generally even less suitable for offroad. That's why I asked him for all the pictures yesterday and after that I decided not to exchange the CST for the CYT because offroad (sand) is the most important thing to me. As you confirm now, that your Nikola will go better through sand traps with the CST is good, because my decision so far was based only on my theory. For sandy traps I found the original 1st batch CX321 the best.
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