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  1. Yes, they implemented the 5A alarm, but perhaps only because of their extreme safety policy, because a single wheel is burnt down by a faulty charger. Also the stupid behavior that it doesn't turn off completely after a full charge. This "safety feature" came just after that single incident. Before that it was said that 10A would be okay distributed on both ports. Both the 18XL and the 16X. Later, contradictory statements were made.
  2. The cables from the charging connector to the control board are actually pretty short and don't look any thinner than most cables in a car, such as the cigarette lighter, which can also handle 10-15 A. And that even at 12V instead of 84V. If I use the online cable calculator right, then 84V /10A need just a 27 AWG (0.1 mm2) cable at 25 cm length. The original wire is a 18 AWG (0.82 mm2) 200°C cable. According to the cable calculator: 18 AWG with 25cm length is capable of 84V and 80A. LOL Where is my error, or are several cable cross-section calculators faulty? @Chriull
  3. Thanks Seba, we have already discussed it a bit, but the 10A is still a topic. I know you have your limit with 8A. Can you tell me where you see the problem? The battery itself shouldn't be a problem, is it the board or the cables that looked dubious with the thermal camera? I can imagine that the cables are the problem, but one could simply replace them. Have you already done that?
  4. For the manufacturer or seller, the risk regarding warranty in the event of something happening is out of proportion to the income. I wouldn't do that any other way. The benefit for us is however very large and there already the question arises, is it possible or is it really not possible? Besides, we all know the attitude of King Song. Safety in the first place, no matter if it could come to a problem only in 0,1 % of the cases and only when Easter and Christmas fall on one day and at the same time is solar eclipse. Probably Kingsong has only saved on the cable cross section and if that should be the bottleneck, this could be changed.
  5. The power consumption of such a 10 amp charger is relatively low at least there are no problems here in Germany.
  6. Who charges his 16X /18XL with 10 Ampere (2x 5A per port)? I'm talking about rarly use on longer tours, not for daily use and I know it will shorten the battery life.
  7. @Mike Sacristan was faster Thought the same, but I think the eWheels fast charger doesn't stop the charging completely at the end after balancing and stays in trickle charge mode!? That's the reason that the 16X doesn't turn off completely when fully charged and you have to power cycle the wheel to power off completely. It's not a bug, it's a safety feature from King Song to protect the battery from overcharging. Unfortunately yes, but I'm sending the charger back to customize to get closer to real 80 and 90%. With a little luck they might even have some in stock with a temperature controlled fan.
  8. It's risky, but I only charge when I have at least 80% capacity left. But what annoys me most is the enormous voltage drop due to Quick charge and the top speed drop of at least 10 kmh.
  9. No, with King Song App. @ 23% (68V) not reached soft tiltback @ 20% (67,32V) not reached soft tiltback @ 4 % (? V) soft tilt back
  10. IIt's real QC 3.0. My Samsung Note 10+ switches to QC mode and my Powerbank is also charged with 12V. It's the left USB port in driving direction. Yes, but only when I'm not riding through really tricky offroad trails.
  11. Either I get it wrong or something's wrong. At one of my tests with 1.0.7 I had: 44km/h (limit) @23% battery 42 km/h (limit) @20% battery 30 km/h (tilt back) @4% battery
  12. Yes, and if you ride the 16X, you have fast charge on one of the both USB ports. If my battery rarely doesn't last because I use WheelLog, Spotify streaming and Komoot Navigation continuously for hours, it's enough if I use the fast charge port for 30 minutes while riding to have enough battery again.
  13. Do you have any information on the tire? Just out of interest. On paved roads it must be the horror.
  14. Yes, but only with full battery. Battery 100 % = 50 km/h max. - set tilt back 40 km/h = 10 km/h buffer Battery 33 % = 45 km/h max. - set tilt back 40 km/h = 5 km/h buffer Battery 25 % = 40 km/h max. - set tilt back 40 km/h = 0 km/h buffer Just an example from one of my trips. The speed limit changes continuously due to factors such as gradient, wind, rider weight and personal driving style. Not only the speed is decisive, but also the still available engine power.
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