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  1. Why can't it just be over? Everything was so great here until Chrisjunlee/Aneta took over every thread or finally derailed it. What kind of problem do you guys have now that he is gone? It was always just about the fact that everything is about Chrisjunlee or Aneta, no matter if good or bad, as long as he was the center of attention. I can change my profile picture if that is what you are missing now?
  2. Is a premium account necessary to use it effectively, or is a free account already enough for nice gimmicks?
  3. I believe you. My screws were already slightly loose after 45km from new. Luckily I had disassembled my wheel several times before and used other screws and Loctite medium strength. The original cheap Phillips screws can't be tightened very well anyway and are quickly worn out.
  4. Yeah, you're right as usual! I didn't expect a different answer, but I thought I could give it a try.
  5. Now I also know why Aneta thinks that our EUCs are actually called HOVERWHEELS. It's written very big on her Rockwheel GT16.
  6. Nice work @Seba So far I've only found one or two bugs with my 16X: When connecting there are 6-7 fast beeps, is that normal? At least more than with the KS App. Music LEDs mode - Not working. Switching between Beating - Flashing - Breathing is possible, but nothing changes. The mode that was set via KS App remains set. UPDATE: Enlightened by Seba Tip: After updating to 1.0.6 the following settings were greyed out: Battery level Custom battery level Wheel speed correction Wheel distance correction After clearing the cache and deleting data these settings were displayed again. Probably not a bug (also missing in the KS App), hence a wish: In Headlight mode there are only: OFF ON (= full High + Low Beam) AUTO (= dimmed low Beam at standstill, full Low Beam from start til 10 km/h, full Low + High Beam over 10 km/h) Is it possible to program these modes as well? only full High Beam on only full Low Beam on
  7. Since Aneta is too shy, she asked me to answer you. Dear tenofine, I have to disappoint you, I'm not a sexy girl, I'm just a fake, but I show you my true face, but only my face, the rest remains. (No idea what's going on with @Rehab1and why I have to do his job?
  8. If what we see every few minutes is called "Aneta", should this be called "Chrisjunlee", since he has no b() ()bs and no blonde hair? More pictures from "Lada Paglia"?
  9. So much talk, so much wasted time just because of one guy who always wants to be the center of attention, no matter what the topic, as long as everything revolves around him. Slowly I understand it, but still.....I don't want to read this garbage in a quote, I don't want to read between every 3rd post "You've chosen to ignore content by Aneta. Options" or "Aneta replied to Cuba Gonzalez's topic in King Song"! Please, give this function an upgrade or at least add the option "start cruise missile to IP xxx.xxx.xx.xx" to the selection.
  10. buell47

    MSuper Pro?

    But the pictures are official! I can see the old trolley handle, the lift-off switch, the Speakers, etc. It's no speculation. How it rides is not important, if absolutely zero of my wishes are not fulfilled. But the pictures are official! I can see the old trolley handle, the lift-off switch, the Speakers, etc. It's no speculation. How it rides is not important, if just on single wish is fulfilled (100V and at least 1800Wh).
  11. Because I still didn't get any 10A fast charger, I have now charged several times with the 5A fast charger from 1radwerkstatt and the original King Song 2,5A fast charger. Since both are not calibrated very exactly, both chargers together give 8A. Me and my 16X are still alive, I can't say more. The annoying alarm at 5... A I have interrupted by switch.
  12. buell47

    MSuper Pro?

    Yes, but in a very bad DIY style. OMG! The head light fan is nearly useless in my eyes and the way of mounting from the other fan makes me laughing.
  13. I didn't buy an Insta One X because the Android app is supposed to be terribly bad. Is this also to be expected with the ONE R? I would like to have already an Insta for my next skiing holiday in the middle of March and I hope that the statement with Inst One X 2 is just a rumour. If not, I would probably still wait for it.
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