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  1. Beautiful EUC design student work by Ziho at PDF Haus. The school is Bahaus inspired, hence the tinge of simple retro design. Wish it was real....
  2. Can't you learn to pull the front bar and lean back?? 💁
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJD7JZ1gv5n/?igshid=1qwgmjj6n7rk2 Some off-road riding.. 😆
  4. I'm going to give away the Z10 to my little brother. The 16X has taken the role of general purpose and commuting wheel. Now I'm torn between getting a wheel that is specifically for off-road versus one that is specifically for long range. For the former purpose, the S18 with it's lightweight maneuverability and exceptional suspension is attractive but I'd like to see how the wheel holds up over 12 months of use from other riders.. For long distance rides in farmlands and wilderness outbacks, I'd get a Begode EX or a Sherman. Whichever of these alternatives has the most gyro-ish tyre available
  5. 16x3". I've already ordered the first batch 16X tyre (Dalishen cx321). I'm excited to try the side pendulum swings at high speeds, and suicidal leaning when cornering - like I do on my Z10 but with the more cushioned and agile personality of the 16X - although I am aware that it's less gyro-ish than the Z, which is probably a good thing. The Z10's tendency to follow the tread, making me wobble in narrow 8 inch bike trails, should be reduced too in a 16X with the cx321 tyre. This tendency is aggravating when you just want a tranquil cruise in Nature.
  6. What's the cause of gyro in the shape of a tyre? More width and surface contact? I'm a gyro enthusiast hunting for gyro-ful tyres on AliExpress.
  7. Wow! This kid's size and weight in relation to the Begode RS effectively effect a gyroscopic stability that I can only have with my Ninebot One Z. Deep side leans... Sideway pendulum swinging... Godly stability... I thought I'd document this footage here. My Z is aging, so I'm always on the look out for newer wheel alternatives, mods and techniques to increase or simulate the gyro effect. Maybe I'll strap on some weights to my ankles! For now, the next best thing is my KS-16X. I can lean into corners with the H-1557 tyre, but I have to counter-balance with my outside foot - I can't just t
  8. That's always the case - with any model of any vehicle, device or appliance you get - where "perfect" means the thing meets all your needs.
  9. "If you try to ride it like a 16X, making tight turns by rotating it on the vertical axis with your knees and ankles and shifting weight aggressively with your lower body, not only will it take a lot of effort (that's a lot of weight he's trying to move around from pedal-height), but the wheel will most definitely tell you to go f* yourself and try to throw you off." — Travsformation More corroboration that I should get this wheel. I want to throw my weight to the side, lean it with my knees to take tight corners at high speeds!!!
  10. Though I'd grant that someone who drives to a mountain bike trail, pulls the wheel out of their truck and does relatively short distance extreme off-roading - jumping ramps and rock ledges - would argue that the perfect suspension wheel is already here: the KS-S18. I'm gonna get one for this particular use case, in fact.
  11. At what minimum speed does the gyro become noticeable? I prefer strong gyro effect wheels.
  12. Who's moving the goal post? The joy one derives from EUCs, bikes etc is based on preferences in riding style, use-case and other ephemeral psychometric characteristics which you have no access to. It's like criticising someone who loves old stick-shift cars as "celebrating inferior products because they make him work harder." Your subsequent paragraphs betray the same bigotry: "grip at high speeds" "when you're airborne" - as though everyone rides like you do. I never go that fast or high. I've never had a cut-off in my 2 years of EUC riding. I ride my way, and so the pleasures I derive
  13. Here it is. Minimum order quantity is 200 of'em. Please sell two to me. https://m.alibaba.com/product/60241478271/CX321-ELECTRIC-BICYCLE-TYRE.html
  14. Wow, let's be parochial and only consider our own riding style and subgenre/use-case. A suspension bicycle is as inferior to non-suspension bicycles for use-cases like flatland BMX, as a suspension EUC is inferior to something like a non-suspension 14" EUC for technical flatland tricks. It's not a matter of technological improvement - suspension will always be inferior for some use cases. And by the way, to advocate for something is not necessarily to be against the alternative.
  15. Living in Africa, I'll probably never get to even test ride one - and it looks like the very wheel I need to evade rebel scum.
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