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  1. #throwback The end of lockdown in my country is two weeks away....... 🀀
  2. Trail riding on the 16X
  3. Has anyone ever had any issues with their Z6???
  4. I AM A MAN OF FAITH! πŸ˜‚ …until they publicly announce that they aren't making EUCs anymore.
  5. I reckon that the emergence of 3" wide tyres is the most prominent legacy of the One Z. The Rockwheel GT18 will have a 18"x3" tyre, foreallegedly.
  6. I wish the main manufacturers would take design cues from hypercars.
  7. I kinda suspected so. Thank goodness! Praise be to Shenzhen! πŸš€πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³
  8. By "tight" I mean that I was going round-and-round at walking speeds in a 9 inch radius circle. The pedals were suddenly no longer horizontal but rather slanted higher at the front, when the EUC was upright and stationary. Turning it off and on fixed it though. I've decided to just stay away from doing tricks on wholly steep floors..
  9. This week I was turning in tight circles at a sloping parking lot and my Z6 lost it's gyro- calibration 3 out of about 10 times. I only own this one wheel, so I can't confirm by myself whether this is a particular or general issue to Zs or all EUCs.
  10. As an attempt to be more aerodynamic, I turn my body sideways, leaning forward slightly, each arm slightly extended ahead and behind respectively. On my Z6, I get wobbles riding very fast on rough roads, but I feel safe and can ride the entire block with them present. To mitigate or stop them, however: I keep my legs and ankles away from the body of the EUC, and place most of my weight on the balls of my dominant foot.
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