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  1. So I think I will drop the price to 750 due to the battery only charging up to 83-89%. if you're interested let me know. I will put it up for sale this Thursday likely. The euc didn't explode or catch fire on me yet nor do i think it will ever happen 🙄. these guys are just trying to help and give advice stating the worst case scenarios. Here is a short clip of me doing a funny pizza Delivery retake 2 nights ago 🤣 https://youtu.be/VYz1bpzNByo
  2. Hey so if you are interested , i will be down to sell it this coming week , i'll have to message you here and exchange contact info. The cardboard box with the seated option is just for fun and it isn't permanent but you can probably slide it on top of the euc when you are learning how to ride it unless it's on grass. you should see the other videos of the same euc on that youtube channel i listed above. there is 2 more vids of that same euc unshelled. You could also dm me on instagram @ nycparkninja The guy above mentions that the battery might be fire prone... Well maybe i shouldn't store it near my bed lmao...... But so far it's been going good so you would have to decide i guess if you want it or not in the end. also note it takes about 4 hrs to fully charge it from 10% to 80ish%
  3. Oh also note this was my first Ever Euc, i'm happy i didn't get a faster ride as the first wheel too XD, Because i probably would've injured myself by pushing the speed up without the experience. ( and i know i would've pushed it to early )
  4. Hi there, I'm actually in nyc, and am planning to sell my ks16s which is 3rd hand, to upgrade to the msx84v. i personally have learned it quickly, i managed to do about 140+ miles on it the last 2 weeks i've had it. the total milage on it is about 1160ish, it can only charge to 83% according to wheelog and 89% according to the kingsong app. The Wheel is amazing, but i feel like i'm ready to upgrade to a faster ride with more mileage. It's a great beginner wheel, and you can actually see it here in my youtube channel and even my progress i've made on it. I can get about 20 True miles on it total with hard riding. (180lbs weight) with a full charge of 83/89% battery down to 35% @ 18 mph-20mph speed, followed by 35%- down to 10% with 15- to 10 mph speeds. All With aggressive riding, off road, curb hopping, carving, Hills, & roads. It'll come with that custom Removable/cardboard shell too if you want. I just don't know if the cardboard will support your weight lol but you'll be the judge. The shell has already been remodeled. It will be with a 2.5inch tire , instead of the default 2 inch(better for bumps and off roading). But will throw in the 2 inch tire in as well along with a spare tube. & standard charger. I'll be down to sell it, to you for 850$ if you can wait 1 week, till my msx84v comes
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