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  1. I was asking because most things that are going to fail do it in the first month or two, but if you had it for a year it must be something else. Lots of off road and jumps seems to cause problems for some people because of all the vibrations on the electronics, but you never know how much off road people do and how aggressive they ride, so this may not apply in your case. On the other hand things do fail, the chances are small, but it happens.
  2. What was the ambient temperature? How old is the wheel? Do you do a lot of offroading on this wheel? Besides weight that has already been mentioned, these were the first things that I thought of.
  3. walsus

    The perfect EUC?

    That's what I initially thought, but since I never tried it myself, I assumed my experience would be the same as the previous commenter.
  4. walsus

    The perfect EUC?

    I use my EUC to get around so confort and stability are really important. Suspension makes things easier and definitely less fun. I guess they could have different models for commuting and for fun. Or maybe you could lock/tighten the suspension? To me 3" counts as wider as most EUCs you can buy have 2-2.5" tires. I was comparing to existing models and not to the latest ones. Should have made myself clear about that, but I agree that 3" seems to be a nice balance and I meant instead of 2-2.5" I would prefer 3-4". I hadn't seen anything about the speakers on those models. A subwoofer? That's exactly what I wanted!
  5. walsus

    State of Industry- War and Stalemate?

    When it comes to Ninebot, leaving the EUC market can be interpreted in different ways. The rumours have always been that they will no longer develop new models. It would make no sense to stop selling their existing models unless they have too many production issues or they don't sell enough. If that is considered leaving the EUC market is up for debate.
  6. walsus

    The perfect EUC?

    @Lisny Abby @Arnold Li @Janny @Janny Wang @Jesse Jin @Jane Mo @Linneaunicycles @Huanxi electric unicycle @Bobwheel @王月月 @PinWheel Joyce @Barry Chen @suokuwheel @Diana-Tan @Diana@szkingsong.com @tinawong @US69 @Jason Jiao @Liamfind
  7. walsus

    The perfect EUC?

    As the title says, what would your perfect EUC look like? I saw this thread: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/12061-whats-next-for-inmotion-euc-you-tell-me/ where Inmotion asked for ideas for a new wheel and most of it was just more speed/range which I think is pretty obvious. What features would you like your EUC to have? Also can the mods tag the representatives of different companies? I was going to post in the Inmotion thread but I think is better to have just one to gather all the ideas in one place. I know there are similar threads already but they all got derailed and some suggestions were jokes so I thought a more serious thread could be useful. My features: (from most to least important) Suspension - Self-explanatory, very common suggestion in the forums. Increases cost but there is clearly enough demand. Security - There should be a way to lock the wheel in the app so that you put in a password and the wheel will not work until it is unlocked with that password. If the wheel was stolen it would be useless. To make guessing the password harder it could make you wait X amount of time for every third wrong password the way smartphones do. Also if someone moves it (checks using the gyro) it sounds an alarm. I think this could be easily added via firmware to current wheels, so the cost should be zero. Battery temperature management - There should be temperature sensors in the batteries (one would be enough) to check battery temperature. For people outside Asia, freezing temperatures are quite common and it should prevent you from riding with cold batteries. It could lower top speed to be safe or just heat up the batteries. Heating the batteries would be simple, just charge them with regenerative braking. If it's cold, you just put the wheel on its side and it speeds up and then brakes to heat up the batteries. The sensors would have some cost but would make riding wheels in the cold a lot safer. The heating process by speeding up and down can be easily added to existing wheels via firmware, so even without battery sensors you could select something in the app to heat up your batteries. Higher current batteries - Current EUCs are using batteries rated at 10 Amps, but there are cells rated for 15, 20 and 30 Amps. For example going to something like the Samsung 30Q which are reasonably priced but are still rated at 15A and can easily put out 20A. This means an EUC could start to limit top speed at 20-25% instead of 40, 50 or 60%. These batteries have a lower capacity (~10%), so you trade total range for increased full speed range. These batteries also do better in the cold and, because of the lower internal resistance, for a fixed load they generate less heat, making them better for warmer climates as well. Cost should be low to none as the Samsung 30Q are close in price to the very commonly used EUC battery LG-MH1. Noise isolation - Adding to the inside of the EUC shell some material that blocks the high frequencies emitted by the motor could make it nearly silent which I would really like. Also it might be interesting to add some ultrasound blocking material, as that might mean less problems with dogs as they can hear those frequencies. Cost should be low as it would require a small amount of material. Weight setting - You should be able to configure your weight in the firmware using the app, as different riders don't need the speed limits to kick in at the same battery levels. Some heavier riders have gotten cut outs at reasonable speeds because of low battery and cold weather. The speed limiting at low battery assumes the rider has a certain weight, but that may not be safe for heavier riders and is unnecessary for lighter riders. Could be added with firmware so cost should be zero. USB ports - (I know some wheels have this already) 2 USB ports to charge your phone or other devices. Some people may not use it, but it's ridiculous to carry a power bank with you while you ride your EUC that has a giant battery. Power banks are really cheap, and most of the cost comes from the batteries, so adding a couple USB ports should be cheap. Adjustable pedal angle - There is no reason not to have this, it would just need different sized blocks that you can screw into the place that supports the pedal. Again, pretty simple and cheap. Lights - When going up or down hills EUCs remain flat unlike other vehicles which means the lights are not really useful, as they no longer point where you need light. Some people have suggested moving lights, but I think it would be easier to have 2 or 3 lights at different angles and combine them them as needed. For example half power on a 0 degree light and half power on a 30 degree light would simulate a 15 degree light. The EUC could also use speed, rider weight and power usage to get a rough estimate of climbing angle (or just ask the app to ask Google Maps). This way it would "aim" the light where you need it. This would increase cost and I wonder if you guys think it's worth it. Storage - Having a compartment where you can keep small things would be useful, for example a spare tube in case of a flat and a small pump. Better speakers - Also a common suggestion but EUCs really should have speakers pointed at the rider. I usually carry a small bluetooth speaker and being that my EUC already has speakers, it would be nice if they had better sound quality. Also with speakers pointed at the rider it would be nice if the EUC could tell me my speed. For example every 5 Km/h change in speed it tells you, so as you accelerate you would hear 5,10,15,... So you know how fast you're going. Wider tires - With the popularity of the Z10, it would be nice to have some more EUCs with 4" wide tires. Ninebot seems to be leaving the EUC market and as EWheels even stopped selling the Z10, Ninebot leaves behind a space that needs to be filled.
  8. walsus


    I looked in this thread and didn't find anything, has someone mentioned Virginia Tech's helmet ratings? They don't rate full face helmets, but if you use a normal cycling helmet it's a good way to help you decide. I got myself a Bontrager Charge WaveCel because of them.
  9. walsus

    State of the EUC industry?

    That's definitely a good introduction to EUCs. The thing is I saw nonstopneal's videos of him trying different wheels and seemed like a good idea. I was looking for an alternative to letting people try my wheel because with all the things I've read in this forum I'm kinda paranoid and avoid stopping for or talking to people.
  10. walsus

    State of the EUC industry?

    You guys are making very valid points, I guess renting EUCs wasn't a good idea. But I still feel that not being able to try it keeps a lot of people away.
  11. walsus

    State of the EUC industry?

    I think the best way to bring in new people would be if you could rent EUCs. Would it be that expensive to have it shipped to you, keep it for 1 or 2 weeks and then ship it back? A lot of people here are buying electric scooters because of Lime. Most people try it because it's something new and end up buying one to have fun or to get around.