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  1. I am Fairly regular weight at 76 kilos, i prefer at least 30km range with 25km/h and i live in a city between mountains so there is a fair share of inclines though not any Steep ones. Range of money is max 5500 swedish crowns~ circa €500 or $500 ish. thanks by the way i really appriciate the help and feedback by you guys
  2. Probably Will but i want to use this one to learn about batteries and the uppgrades that are avalible for EUC’s. I hoped that there was a ready to use battery with the universal battery connector. what would you all recomend for a experienced rider then?
  3. I could open up the battery compartent and show you the battery it currently has?scince i’m a total noob when it comes to batteries. I would but a better model but i bought this model with the intention of modding it
  4. Yes its a Weaker model from teknikmagasinet in Sweden and all i want is some more capacity to this wheel scince i plan on using it a lot( sorry for misspellings, my phone autocorrects very often)
  5. Hi, i’m new to This forum but no stranger to EUC’s. I recently got myself a orbwheel x2 and i’m gonna need a stronger battery. Does anybody have a good website that sells a stronger EUC battery? I need as much help as possible.
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