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  1. Altaire.

    Good starter euc

    Looking for recommendations for a good starting euc. Im not really looking for a 1000+ model not knowing if i'll even like it or use it much. Maybe willing to drop around 300 on one. Open to buying a used also. What's a good cheap model that performs pretty decent?
  2. Altaire.

    Good starter euc

    anybody know of any coupons for ewheels?
  3. Altaire.

    Good starter euc

    Eh... gear best looks like they sold out of the v5f and aren't carrying it anymore. Only place that has it is ewheels and they're charging 550.
  4. Altaire.

    Good starter euc

    Ive looked for the e+ on Ebay and they're not selling used for less than 500. The v5f on gear best is like 450 new, might still go with that one. Is the e+better? Specs say the top speed is lower than the v5f
  5. Altaire.

    Good starter euc

    Cheapest wheel with good reviews is the V5f. Think im gonna go with that one. Thanks