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  1. Thanks, i still am finding it hard to grasp what exactly torque is in a practical sense or as a concept. I understand what effect you're saying it has relative to the unicycle though.
  2. So wait, the faster you go the more power it takes? That seems counterintuitive because id imagine it took more power to accelerate than it does to just maintain a speed
  3. Anybody making covers for this wheel?
  4. Why not just make a wheel that has a power threshold you couldn't realistically overwhelm? It doesn't need infinite power
  5. Maybe this is a stupid question, but why isn't there a way to make wheel cut outs not possible?
  6. Im buying a v11 soon, and i know nothing about riding gear. Ive ridden for about a year on my v5f and recently had a spill due to what i assume was overleaning it, which im sure will happen again given im having to make a real effort to stay behind 15mph. I need something with more power so i don't end up on my face again. Luckily the fall wasn't too bad this time, just scrapes, but I'm not gonna press my luck. All i have at present are wrist guards. What else should i be buying and what best/ necessary?
  7. I just looked up the 18l, it's almost 2000. I think im gonna run with an im v10, looks like it's a significant power and range boost and it's 1100 new. Looks like the best for what i need in that range
  8. I know there's at least one guy that does you tube videos who lives in the detroit area, but ive probably never seen anybody else using an euc here... anybody down to meet up and hit a course or park or something?
  9. Thanks, good info...Anything close to $1000?
  10. Has anybody reviewed them yet to say whether the suspension has much of an effect?
  11. So after a year of letting it sit unused, I've pulled out the v5f again and got good enough on it that im starting to feel the limits on the endurance, speed and power of this wheel. I can ride till about 60 percent before it starts tilting back like crazy if i even hit 13 mph. What is a good wheel, somewhere in the ball park of a grand, that would be a good step up in speed/ power?
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