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  1. Its entirely possible a more expensive or capable unicycle would give me a different experience, but i don't feel like it's going to be night and day. In my case i just wanted to try a unicycle to see if i liked it or not and was only interested in spending the minimum investment i could to find out. It's fun, I'm not saying it was a waste of money, it just doesn't seem like something that's going to be a life changer for me in any way. I feel like based on the number of stories ive read the risk of bodily damage isn't really that worth the experience to me, and again, i can't comfortably take it to a store or restaurant and just do my thing, it's like going travelling and having to drag your luggage bag with you the whole time, it's troublesome. I prefer my bike as an entertainment and a transit option. That could change though, i guess I'll see lol
  2. I don't get the flying comparison, i just feel like I'm riding a less stable bike without the leg workout more or less. But im gonna keep at it at least until I'm stable on it i just don't see why i would practically use it to go anywhere when i have to drag it around with me everywhere whereas the bike i can just park and lock anywhere. Plus one time i was riding it through dirt and it lurched forward and almost threw me off twice. Haven't felt that safe on it either
  3. I just got my v5f a week or two ago and I'm just getting to the point where i can ride it around the neighborhood without falling or dropping it so i don't feel like i can say much about it. I think the experience of riding one is kind of overblown. They're heavy and cumbersome and there's no way to park it anywhere and they're too expensive to worry about leaving anywhere especially if you have a 2 or 3 thousand dollar wheel. I don't feel like it's worth it for the price, even at the 600 i paid. I honestly prefer riding my road bike.
  4. I ordered a wheel from them 2 weeks ago, got the wheel a couple days later but the cover that was supposed to come with it was never sent. Got tired of waiting for it so i tried riding yesterday and scuffed it up pretty bad. Anybody know how long it takes for the cover to come? I think im just gonna buy one from another company, I'm destroying my new wheel.
  5. Went ahead and pulled the trigger on the v5f... the sale page says that the purchase includes a cover, wrist protection and a handle, the confirmation letter just says a cover will be sent separately though?
  6. Did you find one cheaper than 550? That's the one i was gonna go with actually but today i read some things on e wheels comparing the other two so i went into dispersion again. But ewheels talked about them like they were all entry level competitors but the 14d is almost as much as the higher priced ones so it's not really in competition if it's 400 dollars more. I'd rather just get one of the better ones if i was gonna pay that much.
  7. So im pretty resolved to go ahead and drop 5 or 600 on one of these, any thoughts on which would be better? The 14d seems to have more power and speed but is selling for 900, the other two around 500 so I'm probably going with one of those... what about the s2? Good bad? What about a1, is that the same as the s1? Any thoughts would be helpful, anywhere i look i get different opinions.
  8. anybody know of any coupons for ewheels?
  9. Eh... gear best looks like they sold out of the v5f and aren't carrying it anymore. Only place that has it is ewheels and they're charging 550.
  10. Ive looked for the e+ on Ebay and they're not selling used for less than 500. The v5f on gear best is like 450 new, might still go with that one. Is the e+better? Specs say the top speed is lower than the v5f
  11. Cheapest wheel with good reviews is the V5f. Think im gonna go with that one. Thanks
  12. Looking for recommendations for a good starting euc. Im not really looking for a 1000+ model not knowing if i'll even like it or use it much. Maybe willing to drop around 300 on one. Open to buying a used also. What's a good cheap model that performs pretty decent?
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