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  1. Greetings, After 2 years and 1000+ km on a V8. I've placed an order for a V11. Mostly because I'm overweight for the v8 (230 lbs). It took me several weeks to learn to ride the v8 and even now I occasionally have unplanned dismounts. I'm a bit concerned about how difficult the transition from a v8 to v11 will be. Has anyone had a similar transition? What were your experiences? Step on and go, or back to the fence to start over? Put the leash back on? Thanks!
  2. This seems like a reasonable plan. Did you up size when you purchased the mittens? Thanks!
  3. I recently purchased Cleer Audio Halo wearable speakers ($99 neck shoulder speakers). I bought them through amazon. Here is the review I posted on amazon: I'm a headphone enthusiast. I've owned many many different headphones. Sony, Sennheiser, Etymotic, Shure, Boes, and my current favorite B&W PX. I have a specific need for headphones that allow me to hear my surroundings while listening to music (Inmotion EUC). I've tried several cheap neckband headphones and found them all great in concept and functional but distinctly lacking in sound quality. I've had the Bose neckband i
  4. If you can get the axle out. A local machine shop may be able to make a new one. If you can't find a local machine shop, call a auto parts store and ask them if they know of any in the area.
  5. Thanks everyone for the great feedback. I'm inspired, with only minor trepidation I've ordered the inmotion v8 from ewheels. I know I'm heavy for it, but maybe it will help me loose weight and it's on sale right now with a free cover. I figure it will work as learner, I won't worry too much about scratches, and can upgrade to something bigger and faster later in the summer if I feel the need. Thanks again, YohannFrankferder the 3rd.
  6. Let me be brutally honest. I'm 5'6", 225 lbs., I'm also 57 years old (you know the type, the barrel body that should have long hair, a long bead, and a trucker cap on, maybe missing some teeth ;-p). I have an electric recumbent but don't ride it because it is very hard on the knees when I need to pedal (and even though it's electric, you do need to pedal). I also have a sailboat and sail a lot in the summer so my balance is not too bad but when I say I sail, think more like captain Ron than the Americas cup. I enjoy activities that have some excitement but that can also be very relaxing for e
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