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  1. This is the ultimate wheel!!!! I had to upgrade 5x to get this wheel. I kept wanting more and more power and speed.
  2. omgoodness yes this is what I've been looking for and excellent review.
  3. whats a good tyre replacement for the msx I'm looking to get a more meaty one
  4. when I get home today I will use a multimeter, I'll let you guys know the outcome 👍
  5. lol well its legal and one thing I've noticed working here 13 yrs is everytime we get a raise the parking garage goes up a couple more dollars. That's why I was force to ride an EUC because it is the only thing that is compact. I use to ride a bike but the weather here is so humid I was always coming to work sweaty and the segway is too slow.
  6. yes it works on the msx but I'm going to discontinue using it as I dont want to loose my main wheel for work. That msx saves me 1200$ a year because the hotel I work at here in New Orleans wants to charge me 200 a month for parking.
  7. so you guys think I should stop using that fast charger because I use it for my msx as well?
  8. Eddie G.

    v10F Range

    On my v10f me and my son went on a long trail ride and I did 31 miles on a full charge and I mean completely drain where it stop and I'm 5'5 137lbs doing a cruising speed of about 24mph. my son on the ther hand was on a Msuperx 84v and man he had plenty of miles left.
  9. yes this wheel is from jason so I'll see what he says but I'm trying to contact the original owner because I follow him on Instagram. thank you guys for all the options you've given me.
  10. well this is definitely not under warranty because I bought this from someone online. so I dont know what to do with this wheel. but it is cheaper to just purchase another tesla perhaps the new version.
  11. yes both battery failed jason said 500 a piece for a replacement battery. I think this tesla will be sitting for a while I still have my msx and v10f. My msx is my main wheel for commuting to work anyways. But is there a way to repair the bms on this battery pack?
  12. I contacted jason from ewheels and he said he has never seen anything like this from gotway
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