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  1. DanH

    First wheel

    Update: I’m a slow learner. My weak legs/ knees didn’t help either. My wheel must have crashed at least a thousand times; it’s beaten up pretty badly even though I have protected it with foam and duct tape. Nevertheless, I’m persistent and have been taking it out for a spin at least 45 mins daily. Today, I was able to circle the whole park (3/4 of mile) for the first time. The feeling of riding on this is very similar to the Tesla M3, smooth and quiet. Just love it! Will try to learn new tricks in the coming weeks. Thank you gents!
  2. DanH

    First wheel

    I’m assuming that you’re referring to lifting the wheel while it’s on and it doesn’t accelerate. My wheel was spinning when it was lifted. Side pads were plain. As for the battery size, it’s 480wh. I weighed it as well; it’s about 39 lbs.
  3. DanH

    First wheel

    Thanks Eddie! Saw a few of your YouTube videos several months back and loved how you glided through air. After reading and watching a few accidents, I thought it was dangerous and bought a scooter instead, but it got boring quickly. Finally, I pulled the trigger last week. Wife and kid think I’m crazy and my mid life crisis is kicking in. 😀 Anyway back to my progress - Spent about 30 mins on it and was sweating like crazy under the CA hot weather. Able to move back and forth while holding the wall. Attempted to move to an empty space, but could only last for about a meter. Will try again tomorrow.
  4. DanH

    First wheel

    You’re right. It’s just my first time standing on a rolling device. ☹️ I’ll try again tomorrow once I have covered/taped up the wheel.
  5. Freemotionshop is legit. My wheel just arrived today. It took a few days only. You can ask for a discount before ordering.
  6. DanH

    First wheel

    I decided to buy from freemotionshop since it’s 200.00 cheaper. The wheel arrived today and I tried hopping on it for the first time (no experience with skateboard, skate, or ski at all) while holding on to my washer and dryer. I have to say, it’s freak’n scary. I’m still waiting for my gears to arrive before attempting to go out in an open space.
  7. I'm in a similar boat; however, I have ruled out that I don't want a v8. I'm debating between KS16S and Wide Wheel Scooter dual motor (top speed at 25mph). The scooter has a $300 discount currently for the 2019 model. Today is the last day of the discount for the scooter. Currently, I'm leaning towards KS16s. Decision, decision..
  8. DanH

    First wheel

    Thank you guys! Searching through the forum, it looks there's a thread on freemotionshop already. It doesn't appear to be a trustworthy. I'll stick with eWheels.
  9. Hi, I’ve been following the forum for awhile now and thinking of getting a KS 16s as my first wheel. Currently ewheel lists it for $1350.00 while freemotionshop has it for $1200.00 (white). Is there any difference between the wheels? Should I stick with ewheel ?
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