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  1. Looking for a 2nd wheel,located in nyc , if you have a wheel that your willing to sell let me know 👍🏼
  2. Is this still available? Also is price negotiable?
  3. I just contacted them on Instagram,it’s $150 for the Columns and $30 for shipping and the tire is another $30 ,he said he will contact me in a week so I can place my order .
  4. Hello I’m looking to buy I’m super X pedals with the axel rods for sale ,if anyone in the nyc area has some let me know
  5. Price dropped to $500 great for back up or for parts .
  6. 84v msx (batteryless) Comes with 1 regular GotWay Chargers shell is a bit split in the front but any euc vet can fix with no problem or just swap the shell , and your batteries and your set , also has euc guy power pads ,if interested let me know I can shoot you some pictures. Asking for $700 great back up wheel !!! Local pickup only (Manhattan/Brooklyn)
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