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  1. I also like a lot of unicycle electric but for the money invested and problems I had without technical assistance I am thinking and not invest or buy new models.
  2. I bought from a friend from Russia who bought from Ecodrift and it did not help me at all to solve the problem. You bought from whom? They did not try to help you to solve the problem? Replacing the motherboard or battery could it solve?
  3. @Dracula, thank you for the help. Yes, I can handle it, I'll let you know. I'll keep trying because my z10 gets very bad with a single battery. Not to mention that he turned 3 times alone on the traffic light when he was stopping. Good thing I stopped. The luck and that he does not exceed 25km / h if turning off the fall is not so dangerous.
  4. 188/5000 @DRACULA I also tried several things and continue with the error. But I have not changed anything yet. I'll try to change the board or test it with another battery of friends if I can find someone to lend.
  5. 67/5000 Were you able to solve this problem? How did you solve it?
  6. I have the wheellog so I have never used the ninetool I will see how it does to use and unblock. Thanks for the tip 105/5000 I have the wheellog so I have never used the ninetool I will see how it does to use and unblock. Thanks for the tip
  7. ALEMÃO INGLÊS PORTUGUÊS 243/5000 Thanks for the feedback. I've done a lot of things myself and nothing solved. Worse than bought from a person from Russia who comes in contact with the store that bought it and not even give me the right. Very sad my new z10 I can not use right.
  8. Thank you, I'll make this cable and try. I come back if I solve
  9. I live in Brazil and I want to change the country code of the phone but it does not release me to do. Only shows the codes, + 86, + 852, + 886, + 853, not +55 which is the Brazil code. How to proceed to this otherwise I can not register the telephone and bind the electric unicycle
  10. I have the same problem, I am already without limiting in the application as you can see in the image that I will attach. But it remained limited. I understand, you had to do a new login? How does this have to ask for a new login? Can you help me?
  11. @US69I live in Brazil and we do not have support or maintenance in nine-cylinder electric unicycles. What can I do to solve this problem myself? How could I fix this problem myself? 192/5000
  12. Please someone else has the same problem? firmware 2.05 I measured the battery and it looked ok.
  13. this video is very good for see the problem but not have solution. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xwr7iRTPi5U&t=9s
  14. 250/5000 I'm going to install WheelLog and try to see battery information with it. I'm riding a monocycle normally only with battery 1 being recognized, I hope it does not turn off or I do not do it normal but I'm going to go without riding a monocycle
  15. 123/5000 My unicycle is only the battery 2, the rest does not work and I can carry it up. only with battery 1. try to do this 1 disconnect the battery power connectors, ie two yellow connectors. 2. disconnect the charging connectoor, the white one. Then reconnect it. 3. Press power button for 30 seconds. 4. plugging in the charger to the charging port. 5. the charger's light blinks red and green alternatively. 6. after 10 minutes, the charger light will turn to red, charging is going on now. The battery is activated . The video stops here. I think you just let it charge up to green, then reconnect the yellow connectors. put the cover back. Done.
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