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  1. I've tried 80, 90% and 100%. I've also tried setting the amp to different settings too. I normally keep it at 5amps. I've tried turning it on then plugging it up.
  2. So I've had my KS18xl since April/May. I got the rapid charger with it, and tend to use that to charge my wheel during the day as needed, but always use the original charger at night. I started to notice that sometimes my rapid charger won't charge the wheel. As soon as I plug it into the outlet and wheel then turn it on, it goes to a green light, no matter what percentage the wheel is at. At first I thought it was because the wheel was hot, as I started having intermediate issues originally where it would work occasionally and other times it wouldn't. However now it's been 5 days since it has worked and I'm not sure what I can do to troubleshoot. I'm not very electrically inclined. Is there a fuse or something I might need to check? I've tried multiple outlets. I'm thinking about biting the bullet and purchasing a second speed charger as the 18xl is my main mode of transportation, and it's my only wheel that I own that is fast enough to ride on the streets.
  3. My local newspaper got some awesome photos of me that I wanted to share.
  4. @meepmeepmayer @Michael Vu @Kens @Unventor Thanks! I've been turning quite a few heads in Springfield since I've upgraded to the KS18xl. So I knew it was a matter of time before I would get a chance to be interviewed. That viral video, which is at 300k views, was what finally got it done. Streets in Springfield are generally really nice to ride on, they aren't too busy. It's a small town with only 150k people living here. I've gone over 2000 miles on my KS18XL and have only fallen off once on the street, due to going around a curve too sharp, it was slick smooth concrete. All my accidents were caused by bike trails or parking lots.
  5. I'm in Des Moines, visiting this week. Brought my wheel to go for a few rides.
  6. Do they sync with your phone for speed and such? Or do they have a built in GPS?
  7. Thanks so much for the comparison review! I'm now interested to get a onewheel for all my friends that want to go riding with me. I have an electric push scooter that I let my friends borrow for rides. But the oneWheel would be a fun middle ground that wouldn't be as difficult as the EUC to learn on the fly.
  8. This is my second wheel, my first was the ninebot S1, Yes I get around a lot faster. Less having to recharge, less needing to use a car. Go anywhere without having to worry about my wheel dying. Oh and my diet has also changed, I'm eating cereal and Vienna sausage because it took a nice chuck from my purse to purchase the wheel. $$$, jk lol When you set it down against a wall, it doesn't stay upright, it rotates to its front or back because it's pretty top heavy. I wasn't noticing that many times it would rotate on its backside where the mudflap is and it caused the mudflap to go up each time slowly creating stress on the rubber and eventually ripping it off. I didn't notice will the damage was done and the mudflap was already half hanging on.
  9. Yeah, I figured so. The ewheels charger is so big that it really does charge the wheel up pretty fast so I'm satisfied with it. But that is very good to know information. Thanks guys!
  10. Yeah, I've considered plugging both the speed charger I have from ewheels.com and the original charger into it for a fast charge but am a little weary about that.
  11. So I've owned the 18xl for an entire month now. In those 31 days, I've learned a lot about this wheel. The power, distance on a charge, speed, and control are amazing on this wheel. I've already covered 1578km/980miles in the first 31 days. I use this as my primary mode of transportation, so this makes sense. I don't ride trails very often, just ride this to the store, to work, to church, or to meet up with friends. I do go for rides just to go for a ride, as I love the feeling. Distance is great, I can go to work, take an hour lunch, sometimes just riding around for that hour, back to the house that evening and still have a charge to go somewhere else and back home. I'm glad the top speed is 31mph as I'm able to use neighborhood roads and other roads that are not as full as traffic as much as possible to get around. I rarely go slower than 20mph. The last thing I need is cars passing me on a road because I'm holding up traffic. Instead, I can keep up with the normal flow of traffic and safely get to where I need to as if I were a bicycle or another vehicle. The control on this wheel is amazing. I've not had a single crash going fast on this wheel. The only time I've crashed was playing around on a walking trail and going around a muddy curve. The tire is so wide and the wheel is so steady that it just rolls right over any cracks, small potholes and such. Again, I use this on the streets only where I live so I'm not whipping it around, changing lanes or anything of that sort, I'm just riding it as if it were another vehicle in the flow of traffic. It stops quickly if needed, and it does such a good job of keeping you steady on the wheel. The original charger takes forever to charge it. I've plugged it in all night before and still haven't gotten it to a full charge. I'm thankful for the speed charger when I need a quick recharge to go back out. I try to use the original charger whenever possible and only use the speed charger when needed for a fast charge. Hopefully, I will preserve the battery life on this a little more by doing so. The pedals are huge! Which is great because I ride in whatever shoes I have on, wedges, flats, tennis shoes, boots or heels. I don't get as fatigued as I used to on my previous wheel which was a concern for me. I was afraid that the longer times on the wheel would just kill my feet lol. Glad it's not the case. I learned the hard way that you want to set it down with the mudflap up when not using it. The mudflap finally fell off this week. @Jason McNeil do you keep mudflaps in stock for the 18xl? Overall I really LOVE this wheel. I have been considering the Gotway Monster for the extra battery life. I'm not so sure I'll get it now. Maybe wait until KingSong makes an upgrade to an even longer lasting wheel. This wheel is super sturdy and easy to control. So glad I purchased it.
  12. I have wrist guards and was wearing them the first few weeks of owning the xl, but I guess I have just gotten out of the habit of putting them on.
  13. I've gone over 1000 km on the 18xl so far and no high speed crashes at all. The only crash I have had was at a low speed and involved mud on a trail. I've learned that debris, mud, leaves, and rocks/gravel are the most causes of crashes for me, and those conditions rarely exist on the streets around town so it makes sense to just stay on the street, it's safer than the sidewalks. Lately, all I've been wearing is a motorcycle helmet. I have a motorcycle jacket, but it's too hot to wear it.
  14. Someone spotted me and posted in the local car spotters group on Facebook.
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