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  1. I almost bought the V10F but waited too long and ewheels.com went out of stock. I'd be interested to hear how you will like your 18XL compared to the V10F.
  2. Thank you all, very useful. I'm excited to see the difference and will be careful as far as leaning and tiltback. So I had heard that the 18in wheels are more stable at higher speeds, is that true in your experience? Of course, I won't be able to compare that, as the S1 maxes out at 15kph.
  3. NylahTay

    Has anybody problems withe the new kingsong app

    Thanks! I'm so glad I've been watching the forums these past few weeks before getting the XL. Between the threads about the different apps causing issues, and the trolly issue on random XLs, there's been a lot of important, need to know, information.
  4. Thanks @Dzlchef, I didn't think about curves. I'm so used to easily making small turns on this. Does the larger wheel make it easier to balance, or more difficult?
  5. NylahTay

    Has anybody problems withe the new kingsong app

    @Jonesq I was about to ask the same question. Thanks for posting the information.
  6. NylahTay

    Airless tires

    So I have solid airless tires on my e-scooter, and can understand the rough ride, however, I'm very interested in the type of tire shown in the Michelin Tire's video that @Jon Stern shared. That looks promising for bringing something to the table that might not be a solution to the harshness. That pattern looks to be pretty shock absorbent.
  7. So I've only ridden a 14in EUC, as I've been exclusively riding the Ninebot S1 for the past 2 years. I'll be getting a KS18XL in the mail next week. What should I expect with the upgrade? Any tips with making such a change? Should I expect it to be more difficult to learn to ride?
  8. NylahTay

    Has anybody problems withe the new kingsong app

    So I'm getting my first KS EUC this week, the KS18XL. With the reports of the apps, I'm completely confused. Coming from a Ninebot S1, I rarely use the app, just to check the battery status occasionally. Is it worth even connecting the app if it risks bricking the wheel?
  9. NylahTay

    Airless tires

    I'd be interested in airless tires as changing the tire or innertube on a EUC is such a pain.
  10. With me continually at the max speed of my Ninebot S1, they hear the constant beep of the wheel telling me to slow down way before I pass them lol.
  11. oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. We practice it a lot in martial arts because it takes a lot of practice to get the technique right, and if you hit your shoulder wrong it can cause some bad bruising. We generally start by learning it on our knees. If you think your technique is off, search youtube for forward roll Ukemi. There are a lot of videos that show good proper technique.
  12. Nice post. The forward roll in the second photo is a technique that a lot of martial arts teach. It has saved me from a nasty wreck on my bicycle once where I flew over the handlebars. At the moment it was second nature to roll as I had practiced it in class so much.I've used it a few times on my EUC. Great skill to know how to fall properly.
  13. NylahTay

    Good starter euc

    I started with the Segway S1 which is as basic as possible. I bought it used off eBay for about $350 two years ago. After a lot of use, I've finally decided to upgrade this month, (waiting for my KingSong 18XL to arrive in the mail). However, I don't think if I would recommend that model now, 2 years later. The battery depreciates pretty quickly. Mine only goes about 5 miles in good weather, 3-4 miles on the cold winter days. I've not tried any other wheels, but I've heard reports that the Segways S1 is actually more difficult to ride than other similar models, but I cannot confirm that.
  14. @svenomous congrats on purchasing your first wheel! I'm waiting on that very same shipment. Took me an hour just to learn to go 1-2 meters my first day.
  15. Here at the electric unicycle forum, we like to leash train our wheels...