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  1. Email to support@szkingsong.com, will provide the video and account for you to upgrade the firmware to V1.13. Kingsong APP server no update FW on it, it's just null. That's why can't upgrade.
  2. Do you still have this problem? Currently, we consider to release KS-18L FW V1.14. And there is no available FW in Kingsong APP server for user to upgrade.
  3. Firmware V1.14 is on the way. We have closed FW1.13 upgrade in Kingsong APP server, that's why everyone can't upgrade firmware to V1.13. Sorry for the inconvenience about upgrading!
  4. For me, i have upgraded to V1.07 since October 1st. Basically, acceleration on V1.07 is more sensitive than it on V1.06 As for someone saying emergency brake causing wobbling, I don't have that feeling. While I find it's different with different outer tyre and inner tire pressure. I used the hercules tyre, the original production used in KS-16X. My weight is around 74.5kg, it's obvious that 3.2 bar brake distance is short than 2.0 bar, also 3.2 bar emergency brake is a little stable than 2.0 bar. This feeling are on city roads, like cement pavement. For offroad or off-city, I prefer 2.8 bar since it's more comfortable to ride than 3.2 bar, since there is not too much emergency brake. No need to worry about brake distance becoming long. As for CST tyre, I didn't try it so that i couldn't tell the difference and feeling.
  5. This manual, I don't have origin file. But I consider to make a new booklet in next year since some of our models have been updated.
  6. For anyone who face crash on V3.1.9 which is downloaded from Google, please kindly try the beta APP version to see whether it still crash. (The 4 permission is needed to approve, if not approve, the APP will not startup again) Kingsong Official APP Version Download: V3.1.7 https://www.dropbox.com/s/psrcqj05jqm0u8d/Kingsong Official 3.1.7.apk?dl=0 Kingsong Beta APP Version Download: V3.1.9 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ub17uxoo6of8f8t/Kingsong Beta 20191107_3.1.9.apk?dl=0
  7. Other languages are provided by local distributors. If you find any misleading or complicate text description, you can share it out and I am gonna improve it.
  8. Power on the wheel -- Connect with APP -- Unlock the motor -- Checking the status
  9. rubber bumpers for which model? Which booklet? could you share a photo here?
  10. I also own a KS-16X, but i use handle 6-8 times one day, and the wheel never fell. Currently, the trolley handle works well.
  11. KS-16X Fan Rules Celsius=45, 50% power on Fan Celsius=65, 100% power on Fan
  12. @Finn Bjerke 3. A horn operated by a handheld remote control This is easy to realise, and we may think this first. This topic is very meaningful, and hope all riders can join and speak out their ideal wheels' features. Like me, I wish a more brighter headlight with wide angle, so that I can see more road range during riding in night.
  13. I have beta Android version for Samsung phones, do you need?
  14. I seldomly ride EUC over 40km/h, bcz high speed need higher attention about the surroundings, no matter I ride KS-18L / KS-16X / Nikola. It doesn't mean KS-18L / KS-16X / Nikola are not stable when riding speed is over 40km/h. But my personal confortable speed is below 40km/h in greenroad of Shenzhen. Please do not get me wrong!
  15. The distributor also enquiry my advice about this and send me same photos. I am sorry for 1st batch bringing troubles to you, also understand that you are a little disappointed about the seller's reply, but engineer's explanation is that the wheel is not designed for riding in the heavy rain or other worse weather. Also we will invite more Kingsong users to participate in wheel requirement investigate, for designing and improving a better wheel in future. I also ride 1st batch KS-16X, and still enjoy it every day, especially fast acceleration from 0~40km/h.
  16. I agree that current KS-18L / KS-18XL is a very excellent wheel now. KS-16X can handle some rain, my longest riding in rain is about 15 minutes, but it's small. A little habit is that I always check the weather prediction in my phone, if rainy possibility is bigger, I may not ride KS-16X outside. I am afraid of accident, and choose safe riding weather on my own initiative. For me, EUC is just a personal transport wheel, and I hate dangerous riding(like dangerous skills, dangerous weather, dangerous road), in a word, i never choose high risk. But some users like high risk, so actually, it's hard for me to understand those guys. If riding EUC and just come across a heavy rain, I suggest to find a shelter and stop riding wheels. If really need to ride, better to ride less than 20km/h, so that if slip down, it's easy to protect body. Body safety is important than wheel. Since I seldom ride in the rainy day, so I can't comment anything about how to protect body or wheel from rainy. If heavy rain when I am riding outside, i think I will find a shelter and wait the rian become light enough to ride.
  17. In fact, it's hard to define how heavy the rain is. And I personally suggest everyone better not to ride in the rainy day, which extend braking distance and difficulty. Also I add text description in user manual of KS-16X "Do not ride on wet, slippery surfaces, especially snowy roads", because it's not safe riding at all. When I ride KS-16X in the rainy day, in my mind, i want to ride more fast to go to the destination. Difficult to heard four beeps once speed is closing to max current speed, easy to fall down because of pedal tilting back. In IP44 testing, the time is limited within 15 minutes, not 1 hours or 4 hours. All IP testing have time limit, which means you can't let electronic device in that condition for hours. Like Samsung NOTE 8, it's IP68 Waterproof, but three conditions Not moving water, 1.5m deep Time limit 30 minutes Temperature between water and device within 5K So if you put the Note 8 in water for more than 30 minutes, it may go wrong or become dead(I did't test it with my Note 8, since it costed 1000usd in 2017, the most expensive phone i have bought). Most of users confuse weatherproof and waterproof, and believe if it's waterproof, it can be waterproof at any conditions. Generally speaking, all electronics are not waterproof at all, but it can reach weatherproof or waterproof in specific conditions. I have a questiion, is there anyone can answer me what IP44 testing time in EU countries? 8 hours water gun with pressure impact the electronic devices? If anyone know this , please kindly let me know. I really want to figure out the testing difference betwen EU countries and China
  18. Alarm vibration is to remind you via mobile phone vibration when speed reach the alarm speed you set in the App. A good remind.
  19. Buffer speed is necessary, while different weight may suite different buffer speed at same battery level. Our tester can set 0~10km/h buffer to test the risk, but users just need a enough safety buffer speed. for weight from 80~120kg. If your weight is 60kg, you can also ride KS-16X 50km/h when battery level is 51%~55%. If your weight is 80kg,, can also ride KS-16X 50km/h when 72%~76%. It's hard to identify the weight for all riders, such as jump, downhill, uphill and many other factors. No matter what the max speed is changed to, the wheel will pedal tilt-back in advance before the motor consumption power is equal to the battery power, maybe 0.5~1s. So that you can notice the wheel is reaching max power. If someone need 0 second buffer time and don't care high risk, you'd better not choose KS wheel. It's meaningless to discuss those thing here. KS wheels are always not welcomed by high risk lovers. Why they are so many people compalining about buffer? bcz KS-16X is sold almost 600pcs each month now., and 1/2 are new riders. If you want to be a volunteer test for less buffer time&speed, you can email to support@szkingsong.com . And we will inform the local seller about that you will take responsibility for your choice and behavior. Do you think this is a good solution for you?
  20. Just protect new riders, experienced riders knew what pedal tilt-back means. It's meaningless to argue this here. @Marty Backe @Patton250 Once new riders have faceplant, they just email to the seller and Kingsong that the wheel is not safe. KS-14S / KS-16S / KS-18L / KS-18XL, the speed limit begin from 50% battery.
  21. EU distributors spend lots of labor cost and time in promoting our brand and products for many years. But Domestic resellers just sell prices within several weeks, without after-sale service or poor service and break our sale region rules for many times. So can we KILL EU distributors when they successfully promote our brand to the markets? Fair and loyal to all distributors all around the world, our Kingsong just keep our words to them. If anyone like perfidious brand, you can blame us if you like. But i am just pround of being work in Kingsong, due to peer value
  22. KS-16X Firmware Upgrade failed, reasons as below Network issue App identificated wrongly Data bluetooth release weak signal strength Firmware basic code is damaged Wrong operation The main process of upgrading cover a. successfully connect with the wheel b. successfully connect with APP server c. download the selected firmware(bin file) from APP server d. installing the firmware (bin file) into the controller board e. successfully installation of new firmware The normal standard data bluetooth signal for mobile APP side and the wheel is 20 meters, music bluetooth signal is 15 meters, without other affected wireless signal in the surrounding. So normally speaking data bluetooth will be strong than music bluetooth. But during upgrade, the bluetooth connection keep stable within 3 meters. 1. Network Issue For IOS 1.3, the download speed for firmware bin file, 4G is fast than WiFi. But if use IOS 1.4, the download speed will be equal. For Android 3.0.7, the download speed for firmware bin file, 4G has no difference than WIFI. So choose the stable network is essential for EUC upgrade 2. App Identificated wrongly Currently, i have to admit our APP is not so perfect as all people anticipate, and lots of feedback about APP wrong identificate the firmware version whether it's the newest. This is APP bug, and i will give pressure to APP department to checking the firmware identificating code, maybe it can be totally solved in October. Like KS-16X firmware is V1.06, while when i connect the wheel with APP, it read that firmware is not completed and request me to click upgrade firmware. But i click check firmware, it says the firmware is the latest. V1.07, still on the way to APP server. 3. Data bluetooth release weak signal strength The normal standard data bluetooth signal for mobile APP side and the wheel is 20 meters, music bluetooth signal is 15 meters, without other affected wireless signal in the surrounding. So normally speaking data bluetooth will be strong than music bluetooth. But during upgrade, the bluetooth connection keep stable within 3 meters. 4. Firmware basic code is damaged When the firwmare basic code is damaged, it's hard to drive the firmware by press the power button. No light, when you lay down the wheel and rotate the wheel with your hand without any resistance. 5. Wrong operation The firmware upgrading will be stopped by closing APP, power off the wheel, netwrok lose, closing GPS/Bluetooth, or mobile phone is power off. From firmware 1.06, it use new system structure, so it's special to lay the wheel down to the ground. Left pad touch the ground. Before you click firmware upgrade from 1.00 / 1.01/1.05 If anyone face such issues, can post your video here and i will send demo video for all kinds of failure. Thanks for all guys who love riding KS-16X.
  23. Sorry for the inconvenience. But if possible, you can record how the wheel react after you charge the wheel. Hereby, you can download a BT update from dropbox. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uv3j0m9jh979bs4/AAC2MX_MZSIvtyCqd9bPEouua?dl=0 Step 1: Find a U flash, format it to FAT32, and just put those two files into root directory(ensure there is not any other file in this U flash, ) Step 2: Open the wheel, and insert the U flah on the left USB port (Left USB port is Music input port, Right USB port is Mobile phone charging port) Step 3: Watch the wheel, and hear the sounds. 6 beeps + 1 pa. Pa: means the BT firmware is updated successfully. and u can find it in the video After update, better to check whether tilt back or tilt forward happen when it's in still status. U can download a horizontal APP to see whether this changes angel is beyond 3 degree. KS-16X Bluetooth Upgrade.mp4
  24. I guess when pedal tilt back little, you stop accelerating. And the pedal is recovered
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