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  1. Email to support@szkingsong.com, will provide the video and account for you to upgrade the firmware to V1.13. Kingsong APP server no update FW on it, it's just null. That's why can't upgrade.
  2. Do you still have this problem? Currently, we consider to release KS-18L FW V1.14. And there is no available FW in Kingsong APP server for user to upgrade.
  3. Firmware V1.14 is on the way. We have closed FW1.13 upgrade in Kingsong APP server, that's why everyone can't upgrade firmware to V1.13. Sorry for the inconvenience about upgrading!
  4. For me, i have upgraded to V1.07 since October 1st. Basically, acceleration on V1.07 is more sensitive than it on V1.06 As for someone saying emergency brake causing wobbling, I don't have that feeling. While I find it's different with different outer tyre and inner tire pressure. I used the hercules tyre, the original production used in KS-16X. My weight is around 74.5kg, it's obvious that 3.2 bar brake distance is short than 2.0 bar, also 3.2 bar emergency brake is a little stable than 2.0 bar. This feeling are on city roads, like cement pavement. For offroad or off-city, I prefer
  5. This manual, I don't have origin file. But I consider to make a new booklet in next year since some of our models have been updated.
  6. For anyone who face crash on V3.1.9 which is downloaded from Google, please kindly try the beta APP version to see whether it still crash. (The 4 permission is needed to approve, if not approve, the APP will not startup again) Kingsong Official APP Version Download: V3.1.7 https://www.dropbox.com/s/psrcqj05jqm0u8d/Kingsong Official 3.1.7.apk?dl=0 Kingsong Beta APP Version Download: V3.1.9 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ub17uxoo6of8f8t/Kingsong Beta 20191107_3.1.9.apk?dl=0
  7. Other languages are provided by local distributors. If you find any misleading or complicate text description, you can share it out and I am gonna improve it.
  8. Power on the wheel -- Connect with APP -- Unlock the motor -- Checking the status
  9. rubber bumpers for which model? Which booklet? could you share a photo here?
  10. I also own a KS-16X, but i use handle 6-8 times one day, and the wheel never fell. Currently, the trolley handle works well.
  11. KS-16X Fan Rules Celsius=45, 50% power on Fan Celsius=65, 100% power on Fan
  12. @Finn Bjerke 3. A horn operated by a handheld remote control This is easy to realise, and we may think this first. This topic is very meaningful, and hope all riders can join and speak out their ideal wheels' features. Like me, I wish a more brighter headlight with wide angle, so that I can see more road range during riding in night.
  13. I have beta Android version for Samsung phones, do you need?
  14. I seldomly ride EUC over 40km/h, bcz high speed need higher attention about the surroundings, no matter I ride KS-18L / KS-16X / Nikola. It doesn't mean KS-18L / KS-16X / Nikola are not stable when riding speed is over 40km/h. But my personal confortable speed is below 40km/h in greenroad of Shenzhen. Please do not get me wrong!
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