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  1. Hey asquaddie, would you and Brett and anyone else in the southwest want to come out on a ride sometime? Perhaps next weekend? Based in Plymouth:)
  2. I would definitely be up for a 16x group buy.
  3. Is there a way to retrofit the new handle to a new KS16S? Even without the switch mine seems to be getting a little loose and I'd prefer to replace it before it breaks in the moment I need it.
  4. Does that mean it's theoretically possible to replace a broken KS16S handle with one with a lift sensor? Or will it have no port to plug into the board?
  5. Having the same issue on my E+ after buying a 16s. Long pressing until it wants to respond is the only way I can get the wheel on and off, however I find the issue is worse on the old original battery, and goes away when plugged in. I thought the wheel had finally died after a couple months of not being charged but plugged it in and it switched on straight away. I assume it has something to do with voltage or battery degradation and not with the momentary switch. Perhaps someone with greater electrical engineering knowledge than Ican speculate whether a simple button replacement would fix it?
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