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  1. Ended up making the trade for a 16x. Appreciate that generous $700 offer tho!
  2. Hey selling my msx because I prefer the acceleration on the 16 inch wheels. I got the msx after having my tesla for a while and have found that I use the tesla way more. The wheel has 10 months ewheels warranty a seat,rear fender with kickstand, and powder coated black Nikola peddles. Would be shipping from philadelphia but would reduce the price for local pickups!
  3. You can email me at nimbusproplab@gmail.com to discuss more details.
  4. It does have a seat and I do have a fast charger but I kind of wanted to keep it for my tesla. I suppose I could include and order another fast charger but that wouldn't leave room for +$ but I could pay shipping for both wheels.
  5. Also this wheel has the kickstand mud gaurd and powder coated nikola pedals!
  6. May be a long shot but I recently got an msx from ewheels (still under warranty for 10 months) and I love it but I think I prefer the off the line torque of the 16inch wheels. Let's make a deal!
  7. Would be willing to trade +$ for an msx 84v still under warranty. Lmk
  8. Could be an application issue, try re installing the gotway app or use it on another device. The app is far from perfect and I've experienced issues with it not saving my settings, do you hear a beep when you change a setting?
  9. Been meaning to check that out. This happens more often then you would think, i get so exited for something that i mess up the date
  10. Didnt see anyone at the launch point so i went to the trail start by the waterfall
  11. Got work at 5 this day but ill split off around 4:15 with my work gear with me
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