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  1. Price is already pretty low based on condition accessories and mileage. Thanks for the offer tho!
  2. Nik + with less than 200 miles. Its still under warranty from ewheels and comes with a fast charger and extra pedal set. $1800 + shipping. Local pickup preferred
  3. Hey join the philly euc group on Facebook! We're doing a group ride tommarow!
  4. Gonna try and pressure a friend into buying this, he lives in Philly so could possible trade in person
  5. Hey new nikola + owner long time rider here. Was having this same issue especially in soft mode but I calibrate using a leveler, switched to medium mode and tilted the pedals upwards a bit, and now I'm only getting noticeable dips on u turns. I make u turns at slower speeds and I know what to expect so I'm pretty happy now!
  6. i think it should be added that you need to intiate the 5 press sequece immediatly after turning on the locked wheel. a google search directed me to this forum page but it didnt specify that the wheel will auto shut off after about 8 seconds...
  7. There's a seller in Philadelphia that you could get a discounted new 16x from and just sell your v2 I need to get around to fixing my tesla v1 so I can sell it or let a friend use it
  8. At 270 lbs your gonna want to go for one of the $2000+ wheels. But you can occasionally see those used for $1200-1500
  9. She may be more comfortable with him having a more powerful wheel with the tiltback set much lower than the machines limits. Kingsong wheel allow you to password protect the app so stting cannot be changed, so you can essentially child lock a wheel making the cuttof chance extremely low
  10. Fair enough! I know what you mean about picking your battles wisely
  11. i actually have a v5f+ for sale if your interested. it would be perfect for a kid. looking to get $375 for it. in philadelphia btw
  12. Actually had an msx 84v rite befor the 16x but hated the lack of torque
  13. Contact ewheels to see witch wheels they have roll nz covers for. Then you can skip directly to a high end wheel that will last you much longer. I went from ninebot one s1 to inmotion v8 to gotway tesla to kingsong 16x over the course of my first year riding. I wish I started with a high end wheel and saved alot of time and money.
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