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  1. Actually had an msx 84v rite befor the 16x but hated the lack of torque
  2. Contact ewheels to see witch wheels they have roll nz covers for. Then you can skip directly to a high end wheel that will last you much longer. I went from ninebot one s1 to inmotion v8 to gotway tesla to kingsong 16x over the course of my first year riding. I wish I started with a high end wheel and saved alot of time and money.
  3. My girlfriend has a v5f+ and while it's as fast as she really wants to go, the power delivery is a bit sketchy. Will probably sell the v5f to a local friend and keep growing the community!
  4. The only gotway wheel I have atm is an mten3 and a tesla that needs some work to bring it back from the grave. If there is some special firmware out there I would be willing to experiment!
  5. thanks for the insight! ill see if i can find someone with an older gotway to test horizontal shutoff! hopefully the new ks app update will allow for a little more freedom in those situations.
  6. so ive been taking the 16x to the skatepark every so often, and it can handle itself pretty well. however ide really like to be able to traverse a bowl. what i mean by this is if theres no horizontal shut off you can pretty much ride on a curved wall the way skateboard or bike could. i here that the ability to adjust the shut off angle is coming to kinsong wheels soon, but i doubt they will allow you to turn it off entirely.
  7. Dont see alot of used mten3's for sale. I've got one you can test ride in philly if your on the fence about buying a new one tho
  8. https://www.facebook.com/groups/211457133490412/
  9. Nimbus2000


    I love the belle super 3r! Currently in search of a good wrist mirror. Any suggestions?
  10. once again guys join "philly euc group" on facebook and let me know if anyone wants to be an admin!! weve got like 4 members at the moment?
  11. oh snap! looks like we have a philly 16x squad brewing! i started a phiilly euc fb group "philly euc group"
  12. Your in philly rite? Me and my best friend both have the 16x and go on rides often! You should join us!!!
  13. Is that Jacob? Glad your liking it, I switched from 1.08 to 2.02 and I wasn't experiencing the same deceleration issues I was having before, I still prefer breaking on 1.07 but I also titled my pedals up a few degrees and the acceleration is phenomenal! Ide recommend adjusting the pedals just a bit for downhill breaking.
  14. Wait you can adjust the shutdown angle on 2.02? Game changer!!! No more shut offs riding sideways on a quarter pipe!?!?!
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