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  1. I learned about EUCS back in 2015 at the International Jugglers Convention in Quebec. Waited to get one and they've... only gotten better! I went with the Glide 3 after reading many reviews praising it as a good starter EUC. The LEDs are important for me as I well be using it in juggling performances. I've figured out that my tire seems to have shipped not being fully seated on the rim... causing brushing against the interior housing. Ewheels has been great at customer support during this!
  2. I learned about EUCS back in 2015 at the International Jugglers Convention in Quebec. Waited to get one and they've
  3. Thanks Tessa! Yes... In the box from ewheels there was a pre cut clear film that I assume goes over the outer casing before attaching the ankle pads? Also there's a cover included... wick was fortunately self explanatory! Manual mentioned nothing about the included film... hence joining the forum this morning­čśä
  4. Yeah... I was not super impressed with the manuals that came with it... I'm more of a text learner than a video learner... I'm glad it worked out and look forward to learning more from here on out!
  5. So my brand new Glide 3 arrived yesterday! I read all the manuals, got it charged up and decide to investigate it while my girlfriend is taking a shower. I'm in the kitchen near the shower and I power my wheel on...cool... I lift it off the floor and it starts beeping like crazy... I'm prepared... I hit the kill switch under the handle. Girlfriend "What was that?" "Nothing hon... that's just the warning noise it makes... I know how to shut it off." Cool. I get on it... Feel the balance... I'm not going to do any movement inside. All goes well. I pick up the wheel again... Alarm goes off... Wheel spins increasingly faster... I smell something burning... I hit the kill switch... Nothing! In desperation I touch the tire to the floor (leaving two healthy skid marks on the hardwood!) Girlfriend "what's that noise? Is something on fire?" I panic and run my spinning, burning, beeping death machine to the porch... "Get outttt!"where I subdue it... like a man... and leave it outside in case it gets any more smart ideas. So... windows open... burnt plastic in the air... Tire tracks in the kitchen... my girlfriend emerges and sees the devastation... she's super cool... but we laugh alot about it later! So... I think when I was trying to engage the kill switch the rocker was only having one side go down. Operator error... I thought setting it on the floor would also solve the problem... nope! I found a small lump of burned plastic... Which I thought was the mudguard... but the Glide 3 doesn't appear to come with one standard. So... Thoughts on my noob experience and any idea what that lump off plastic might have been?
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