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  1. Pro tip: foot placement on the pedal is important. Put your feet very close to the wheel helps a lot. Then all your leg is in contact with the wheel, not only the knee. And the balance is easier to keep, not painful. You can also add some foam on the top of the EUC to lessen the pressure.
  2. I personally also ride on 1 leg only, then the other one for a few seconds in order to help blood circulation. Learning how to ride on 1 leg is useful for this.
  3. Do you have any news on a gotway wheel with suspension? It is getting more and more difficult to resist to the urge of buying the v11 or the S18...
  4. I would be interested also...(not only for animal sound, but for musical instruments sounds ) Or maybe have the option to enable/disable the pitch adjustment
  5. Honnestly, if V11 was below 25kgs i would have bought it. Unfortunately that is not the case. I find the KS16X a bit to heavy to my taste (24kgs), so 27kgs is a big no. Any stair or putting it in a car trunk becomes a struggle. And it is quite common in city environment.
  6. To a foreigner, we don't know the general but we know the tank from WW2. I guess that is the idea they want to convey (or that B08AH wants to convey). And by looking at it, i can see some similarities....
  7. Thanks! For speed categories, i want to limit the choice as usual to make it easy to answer, but i guess there is a strong European bias: 25kmh (15.5mph) is a usual speed limit for EUC and electric bikes 35 kmh (22mph) sits in the middle of the 2 categories 45kmh (28mph) is a usual speed limit for moped and speedbikes, 50kmh (31mph) is a usual speed limit for streets inside cities. In addition, only Gotway wheels can go faster currently So as you can see, the categories are not totally random. And I don't know US regulations, which seems to be even more complicated due to the states level. I agree with you (as the vast majority of answers in the poll). However politicians in Europe do not have the same vision. I just wanted to check what was the opinion here. Concerning the limit per road, each poll is limited to 5 questions, so I cannot ask more in this poll. And with 3 recent polls, I don't really want to annoy people with additional polls for the moment. And the subject is so specific that I am not sure that many people would answer it.
  8. Yes, just to add to the poll results: the V11 and S18 seems indeed to be enough for the average use. However the polls gives an estimation of an average of current usage, and users might want indeed to go on a long trip from time to time. Furthermore all users can be currently limited by the wheel they have. You cannot do a 80km ride with a V5F. Plus some additional smoothness and safety with suspension could change the usage of the wheels: we might be able to endure longer trip or more off road. Same for batteries: once new battery technologies allows longer ride and lighter wheels, the answers in the polls might change.
  9. Has anybody with a V1.4 board has tried this 2.02 firmware? (I like the smoothness of the 1.7 firmware but i am not at all impressed by the braking performance.)
  10. It is up to you. No strict definition To me: Heavy: Full helmet, Motorcycle jacket, good shoes, gloves + knee pad. medium: half Helmet + gloves + knee pad. Or something like that light: just gloves/helmet
  11. I added a poll on speed and safety, as it was missing in the previous polls:
  12. I added a poll on speed and safety, as it was missing in the previous polls:
  13. Dear all, As we are limited in the number of questions, we cannot ask many questions in just one poll. And the 2 previous polls did not tackle speed & protection, I decided to add this one. It is always interesting to get to know better EUC community habits. For the previous other 2 polls (types of usage, off-road questions), please find them below:
  14. I hate the beeps, but which Seba's post are you refering to? There is not mention of any beeps in his posts.
  15. Yes indeed, the question should be understood as what you normally use it for (it has been a while I did not cruise long distance on my EUC... ) Concerning the leisure distance: I want to keep the number of possible answers as low as possible. More enjoyable to answer (so more answers), and human brain is very limited (https://eu.usatoday.com/story/money/columnist/2018/07/31/brain-science-too-many-options-overwhelm/866236002/). Furthermore 30km for a battery is very limited, nearly all models can reach it (including inmotion v8). And when you launch a poll, you cannot be sure about the answers. And once launched, difficult to change existing questions: what about people who already answered it? So indeed I think it might have been nice to know, but not really worth the change IMHO. Concerning the speed: I agree with you. As indicated above, there is a technical limitation on the number of questions. Maybe the mods/admin can change it, let's wait...
  16. I am not all against it, but the poll format for me is limited. When i tried to ask another question in the poll (about speed habits: how fast do you drive cruising?), i was not able to. It says i reached the maximum number of question. If you have the admin power to add some more question, please do it. I would gladly then ask question about terrain.
  17. You can answer "everything" to question 2. And then indicate your distance for commuting question 3, for leisure question 4.
  18. Maybe you should go here for discussing it: 🙂
  19. I have never ridden a tesla but the specs are good. As of now the motor is still one of the strongest on the market. The only reasons to change would be: battery, suspension, bigger tire (all have the same drawback of being heavier, but safer because more juice or better against pothole). Don't change it if you do not need/want to.
  20. Off topic on @davinche@Rehab1 @travsformation @mrelwood @Patton250 Following the interesting discussion on EUC usage on this topic, I create a poll for everybody: The more people answer, the more accurate it gets. Forum respondant will have bias so of course it is not perfect, but still better than pure speculation. And yes youtube is not an accurate representation of real life. Off topic off
  21. There is a new video from a Russian guy, but I'm not sure he sells:
  22. Hi all, I got the idea for this poll from another discussion in the forum. And I am not aware of another poll asking the same question. So I decided to create it. Even if it is heavily biased (forum users are not representative of EUC users), I thought it would be a good idea to know a bit better what do we do with our EUC. The more people answer, the more interesting it gets! Edit: Please find the others polls (speed & safety, off-road) here:
  23. What is sure is that you are indeed condescending. And wrong/self centric. Many people use EUC to commute, especially in large cities. Because it is fun yes, but also: because you can avoid public transit, or you can use public transit with it, because you can use bike lane and avoid traffic jam, because you can keep it with you everywhere and avoid leaving it in the street beeing stolen, because it requires less maintenance than any other device, because you dont want to arrive sweaty at work, because it is quick so you can mix in the traffic and long range, because it is silent, relatively cheaper and pollute less than many other options, because you can see the sun outside and enjoy it. And I am not sure to have listed everything. Or maybe you are bored and trolling.
  24. True. But I wanted something more primal and repetitive, which works in a loop and could also vaguely remind the sound of a motor
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