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  1. Thanks, but i am not confortable with Gotway/begode unicycles due to quality issue, so i wont recommand it to my friend. We'll try something else.
  2. Thanks @NY uni, for the proposal. For information, what euc do you have, in which state (new or second hand), at at what price?
  3. Hello all! I'm a french guy going 1 week of holidays visiting a friend living in Weehawken, next to NYC. Unfortunately my friend does not do EUC. I would like to teach him how to ride it. But as you know, it is not possible to travel with your EUC. Would anybody living around NYC be willing to lend me or rent me at a friendly price an EUC for my friend to learn on? Ideally, we would need a wheel from November 21th to 27th, or November 24th to 27th at least. Please help growing the community!
  4. Or you take an online insurance in another country which also works when the wheel is abroad. Preferably in english in order for the police to understand it. That might be the solution.
  5. Thanks but pressure was below 30 psi First time: i did not pay much attention to centering the tire, thinking it would fit perfectly once inflated= important woble at medium/high speed Second time: I demonted the wheel and refitted the tire with caution, trying to make it perfectly balanced. It worked ok the few first km but soon the same problem appeared. Conclusion: this tubeless tire is not working well for me. I will try the Pirelli ANGEL SCOOTER 80/80 - 14, which is more a city tire, but i hope will not wobble at least. ps: i also tried the Michelin CITY PRO 80/90 - 14
  6. I tried it on Inmotion v11 batch 3 (and i currently have bearings issues). Impossible for me to keep it centered. Result: the wheel wobbles at medium or high speed. How were you able to have it centered and not moving? Edit: exact specification of the tire i tried: Heidenau K66 M+S Snowtex 80/80-14 43J
  7. 2 😝 To be fair, i was not expecting it neither, and as of now it is only a prototype, never seen in action. I hope to see it soon on your channel, and others youtubers for testing 🙂
  8. Here is the official video:
  9. I don't know the perception of EUC in SF Bay Area, but in Paris it seems to be a mix of Nerdy/Circus/Dangerous vibes which is often dominant for the moment. However i see more and more people riding it, so the niche market is growing
  10. A singer in Thailand (local star that i never heard of before), seem to be fond of EUC and showing it. One of the first step before going mainstream, being cool?
  11. Hi all, For the V8F the current tire is 2.125". The pedal have been slightly raised to accommodate the new tire (a bit bigger than for the V8) However, I was wondering: is it possible to fit in a bigger tire? a 2.3 or even 2.5 tire? What is the maximum possible without modification, and the maximum possible with light modification?
  12. Hello, do you have any additional details about the improved motor?
  13. Last days to answer the survey... If you want a friendly legislation in Europe, do something about it!
  14. Speedbikes in Europe do not have the expected success because of the regulations. So the European Union is rethinking the status of Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEV). They are therefore conducting a survey (stops at the end of October) to see what would be desirable on electric micro mobility. For the users of the forum, it would be nice to weigh in on the debate. It could be very important. Poll: https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/ZB2YRY/ Newspaper article that talks about it: https://cyclingindustry.news/european-commission-confirms-light-electric-vehicle-legislation-rethin
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