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  1. Great! What about the oscillation issue? According to the lucky few, it was still here a few days ago...
  2. SamSuffit

    16X Notice

    Thanks a lot for the pre review. However, as i have ordered the wheel i don't feel reassured by the wobble at 25mph+. I thought the firmware update would fix it. Is kingsong aware of it? Do you think the production model will still have it? Do you also think it it is a firmware issue?
  3. The issue in Paris is: the price of EUC is almost twice the price of Aliexpress. If you don't want to buy in a shop, it is difficult to go to a shop, taking advantage of it (in time and stock inventory) without ordering. It would not really be fair to the shop.
  4. Definitely increasing sales in France for 2018 Valeur= value, trotinette= scooter, gyroroues = euc, gyropodes=segway source: https://gyronews.com/233-000-trottinettes-electriques-vendues-en-france-en-2018-2904/
  5. Thanks also for the tip. As i'm based in France, buying 16S from ewheel is not really an option. I'll ask local shops about it. The 18L is to heavy in my opinion: 22kg I found a seller from Aliexpress for the new tesla (notable price increase vs previous version) : https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/GotWay-Tesla-2-update-version-electric-unicycle-16-inch-2019-new-Tesla-1020wh-84V-high-speed/32861147812.html?spm=a2g0w.10010108.1000016.1.6c035af8zgM8dp&isOrigTitle=true At least now I have some options. I'll think about it. Sorry for polluting the topic on the 16X I'll stop here.
  6. If you're right, that would definitely make me a buyer! thanks for the information!
  7. I would like something confortable to ride (16+ inch), quick enough (minimum 35km/h), not to heavy (ie max 20kg), with button or sensor cut off when lifting and a good trolley. I dont intend to ride very long distance. gotway tesla: good but no cut off, limited offroading possibilities kingsong 16s: good but no cut off, not very quick rockwheel gt16: not waterproof, no cut off, noisy inmotion v10: not very reactive, big wheel, ugly trolley So as you see I was expecting that the new ks16x might answer my need, but not that sure concerning the weight
  8. Hi all but more specifically @Jason McNeil´╗┐´╗┐ Living in a city with stairs, weight is an important parameter to me. According to online rumours, the weight for the 1550wh version would be 23,5 or 24 kgs. Which is to heavy to my taste. But there would be another version with less battery. Do we have any idea about the full weight of the other version? Same as the gotway tesla or heavier?
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