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  1. Monsieur Flex youtube channel (quite often with english subs): https://www.youtube.com/user/thecosplayweb His tipee to help him achieve his world tour: https://fr.tipeee.com/mrflexvideo
  2. Talking about the kingsong app it appears you have the same issue as i had: "illegal device" on the front screen. For information: Dowloading the kingsong app from the official kingsong website instead of the android store solved the issue for me.
  3. Bluetooth issue fix: I thought it was necessary to copy paste the information below in order to avoid it to be buried. A big thanks to @Rehab1for the explaination: You should receive instructions about the update similar to this one Jason at EWheels provided: Process for Updating the 16X Bluetooth module 1. Download pdata.bfu“ file (link below) AND one MP3 music file to a FAT32 Formatted USB stick—place on the the parent folder, no folders... King Song 16X Firmware File 2. Switch on the KS16X 3. Insert the USB stick into the left USB socket 4. The Music module makes the announcement: "Enter Music Mode", then the installation process starts 5. After installing the firmware, six long beeps will sound. 6. Then disconnect the USB stick and switch off KS-16X. 7. Delete the .bfu file from the USB stick I’m not exactly sure how the two files ( mp3 and .bfu) interface with each other but without an attached mp3 music file you will not receive the ‘6 long beeps’ indicating the firmware was installed successfully. Good luck.
  4. I did not order the wheels from ewheels (not shipping to France). I will receive my KS16X tomorrow. In addition to the firmware update, i have to update the wheel with a file on a USB stick. And i have also to put an mp3 song on it? Is it a joke?
  5. Hi! Any news since a month ago?
  6. I don’t understand: why the fix is done by USB key and not by firmware update? (It would be more practical) or is it for a quick fix, later also done by firmware update?
  7. Thanks a lot for this journal. However I'm not sure to understand your technique for carving and braking. Would it be possible to show it in video?
  8. Yes, but I thought the experience of previous generations of EUC models would have helped better...(KS18XL and so on...)
  9. This KS16X release feels like a soap opera: There is an issue! We'll fix it! We fix it! There is another issue! We'll fix it! We fix it! Rince and repeat... Thanks to the aliexpress seller slowness, my first batch KS16X is still in China and I hope will be trouble free when I'll get it. However the latest release of EUC will definitely make me think twice before buying a first batch wheel...
  10. Ok thanks. I misunderstood and thought kingsong was about to do a larger communication, not only on 1 specific wheel.
  11. How do you know this? Kingsong has said they would announce something? What could be announced?
  12. Thanks very nuch for the journal. Would it be possible, at the beginning or end of each post, to indicate the firmware version you are using?
  13. https://mobilit.belgium.be/fr/nouvelles/nieuwsberichten/2019/code_de_la_route_des_modifications_en_faveur_des_cyclistes_des_engins Google translate Summary: authorized if by construction cannot go quicker than 25kmh and insured, act as a bicycle. In reality: i guess if you don't go to quick, it is ok.
  14. Ok with that statement. However I am not always driving on public roads with heavy traffic. Unfair statement. Talking about KS16X, very few people had the chance to try it. Furthermore the woble reputation does not encourage risky behaviour. If it is fixed i wont be affected. If not maybe. And that maybe changes my confidence in the wheel. Maybe you are right. So does it mean we cannot complain or be worried when there is an issue? Does it mean we cannot have constructive criticism? Love is blind, so let's say my EUC love is not as strong as yours...
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