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  1. Ewheels sent me the link to buy the fender separately, and promptly refunded the shipping. I’m so Glad I caught that before my wheel shipped. Make sure to order the seat and fender accessories with your Sherman folks! It’s definitely not included..
  2. Just ordered a Sherman and it’s nice to see things going well for you.. I hope I’m a lucky one like you!!
  3. Can’t find the mudflap on Ewheels.. I think the store doesn’t work well on IOS..
  4. Awesome! Please make sure to report back your findings. does the seat and the mudguard come with the Sherman or does that need to be ordered separately? My wheel Ships on Monday and won’t arrive in Washington until Late next week. Hopefully I’ll be riding my new Sherman next weekend.
  5. I Just Ordered a Sherman from Ewheels, and Now I’m ravenously scouring the internet seeing what's gone wrong in previous batches of Shermans, and looking for info on what’s been fixed in the newest batch, which my Sherman is coming from. Here are my areas of concern.1. Tire bulge, fit, wobble due to shallow rim. Some riders have experienced the tire bead escaping the rim. THIS rim issue sounds particularly dangerous and I understand that there is a new rim coming out that will be user installed.? Any info on this would be appreciated. 2. Weather proofing on control panel and in general.
  6. Did you do any weather proofing of your Sherman? I'm in the Pacific North west and I ride my MSX in the rain all of the time. I just ordered a Sherman and I'm worried that it won't be waterproof enough if I get caught in a downpour.
  7. https://www.yankodesign.com/2020/05/19/this-inclusively-designed-electric-mobility-vehicle-is-tony-starks-hoverboard/ Apparently the designer of this concept device is a dude by the name of Neutron Her. < great name! I agree that a drive system for a spherical self balancing wheel is a possibility, and probably an inevitable evolution of the EUC at some point, but it seems evident by the artfully captured pictures of the designer sketches that the whole skin locomotion drive system indicated by the MÜV has not actually been solved.. Cool concept though!
  8. I’m glad it’s the HS version though.. I’m betting I would spend what an MCM5 is worth trying to upgrade the battery..
  9. Nope.. 1 battery on One side.. Anyone got an extra?? Lol..
  10. Well, I got the wheel and I love it, but I was hoping it would be the 680wh version.. Sticker on the board says MCM4 V3 HS and battery is clearly the 260wh.. I love how light and nimble the thing is, but I won’t be going very far on it.. At least I now know that I want an MCM5 84V 800wh in my life. I just want a small wheel to pack around in my car and use here and there.. I’ll probably use this MCM4 for a little while and sell it off by this summer.. Maybe GotWay or some other brand will have a 10” to 14” wheel new offering for 2020.
  11. What about the Wheel log screen shot showing 83.74 V? Is that not accurate? Or does it mean something else entirely? Is there any information we can deduce from the wheel log info?
  12. Thanks Marty, It seems that they made so many versions of the mcm4 that it’s going to be rough telling what it is, even after opening it up.. I wonder if Darkness bot will report %100 charge at the correct Wh setting. It’s obviously 84V which I think puts it into V3 category. I have no idea how to tell if it’s the HS Category without just taking it up to the 3rd alarm to see. then again, I’ll hope there are informative stickers.. I’ll report back..
  13. I just bought a GotWay MCM4 from a seller that didn’t Know much about the wheel, so it was a bit of a gamble to buy, but not very expensive for a toy wheel for goofing off. The wheel is shipped and on it’s way to me, and I only have a handful of info about it. Perhaps someone can help me figure out what version MCM4 this is from the little info I got from the seller. The seller told me it weighed 31 lbs before boxing and 34lbs with the box. Thanks in advance for having a look!!
  14. I would like to see someone modify a OW to have side pedals like an EUC, and watch it outperform a stock OW.
  15. I actually didn’t remove the pedal. Wheel Tech had a look at the pictures and immediately sent me a new pedal and pin via DHL. I decided to wait until the new pedal came to take anything apart, and was halfway doubting that the pedal would fix the problem, but I was pleasantly surprised when I received the pedal and installed. I found that the pedal wasn’t the problem, but the pin was seriously bent. It’s a good thing that Gotway sent the pedal as well, because it took a hell of a pounding to get the pin out, which Appears to have marred the threads on it’s way out. It’s a good
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