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  1. Bluefield


    Chooch at his best with an MCM5 in a skatepark. It's a joy to watch .
  2. Post your aesthetic mods or ideas of what you would like to do:
  3. I very much like @mrelwood 's solution. A simple bicycle bell. Here in Europe, everyone knows 'the sound'. It's in a universal language. Horn's, yelling, loud music ... startle people. They pause too long before they react. I'm not too keen on the idea of wearing it on my finger, in case of a fall. Maybe attach it on your wrist guard, waist belt or backpack strap. The funniest solution (Air Horn) was posted by @Enthusiast : "It's a cycle lane, you prick!"
  4. @PogArt Artur I strongly suggest that you try on a helmet before you buy it. I had 2 that I bought online without trying them on. Both were very heavy and uncomfortable. One of them horribly restricted my peripheral view. ---- My first BMX helmet was non-ventilated. Even in mild temperatures, my head would sweat profusely . I went to a BMX trade show and tried on as many as I could. I finally settled on the Lazer Revolution. It just fit. Was light. Well ventilated and I could customize it to my needs. But that's for me. The fit and comfort might be different for your head. Then there is your 'budget'. But if you plan to ride aggressively or in dangerous environments, do not skimp on quality. I must also mention that I have another 'higher protection' helmet that I used when downhill'n through trees (forest). Trees + speed = Mr. mashed potato head. NB: Try before you buy. .
  5. Some have mentioned concerns of 'saltwater' and EUCs: While I do NOT recommend this unless you have a way to 'flush it'. ... I still found it interesting: Morong Beach Bataan EUC Ride
  6. I have a Lazer Revolution that I bought for downhill MB. It's a 'convertible' full face MIP helmet. You can customize it for your specific needs. Removable : Ear guards, Chin protection, Visors (2) , Camera mount. It's well ventilated. Super light. Click the image below to view a promo video
  7. @Smoother Yes ... It's a Jeanneau Sunkiss 45. Completely refitted. New ... everything. Great long journey bluewater sailing vessel. Yes.... I am looking for a sailing partner. My GF and I made these plans together. But , sadly , she was a victim in a fatal surfing accident. I appreciate everyone's concern and input about EUC's in a saltwater environment. But 45' is a big boat. It's cavernous inside ... and dry. 2 of the staterooms have electronic desiccants (dehumidifiers) in the storage/clothing lockers. They are used to dry clothing. They're large enough for an EUC. ---- It's an ocean going/ bluewater vessel. Well suited for BIG water. About battery safety: My boat has a massive bank with 1400 Ah's of battery. I was involved in remote control aircraft and have a good understanding of batteries, electronics, charging and safety. I will also get a waterproof 'bag' for the EUCs for transporting in the dinghy to and from shore when I am moored on the hook. (Anchored) @captainwells Excellent! Maybe you and I could start a thread specific to EUC's in marine travel life. There's a couple people here , Amsterdam Marina, who have and use EUC's. But mostly older, no-name brands. They too are interested in 'what's best suited' for travel. I've told them about this site. If you are interested in what's in front of me ..... THESE are great sailing/journey videos. My goal is to produce similar quality/stories. I was in the film biz for a years. Also have a small music studio on the boat. . So very sorry to have disrupted the intent of this thread. I'll stop now! Just introducing myself to the community.
  8. My User Profile here has some info about my plans along with a photo of my boat.
  9. Thank you very much , Marty. I've enjoyed all of your videos on YouTube.
  10. Hello Rywokast, I am new to the EUC community . Just got my first wheel last week. A NineBot One S2 I chose it as it seemed and is well suited for a 'beginner'. I like it. I was able to master it in just a hours as I had experience on a 'manual peddle unicycle'. I am traveling/sailing around the world and the light weight/portability of the NineBot One S2 , to and from my sailboat, is easy. But with that said, I am already shopping for a long distance and fast EUC cruiser. I can lower a heavier EUC into my dinghy via electric winch. --- The KingSong 16X looks like a solution. But your comment which suggested a Tesla or RockWheel V.3 got me thinking. I have concerns about build quality. And my current impressions from reading reviews is that Gotway has left many riders unhappy with poor quality. The RockWheel has VERY limited reviews, but I like the weight, speed and distance specs. I would very much appreciate any input you have on the RockWheel. ... or any of your thoughts concerning an EUC for my criteria/lifestyle. ------------ The NineBot Z10 keeps buzz'n in my head also. Cheers, Cameron
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