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  1. That sounds like bad bearings in the the fan, not sure if they use cheap fan motors with sleeve bearings but it sounds just like it.
  2. @travsformation thanks for that I was still on v1.0.4 all good now. Regards
  3. When might we see the ability to upgrade to v2 with an android phone using EUC World as the KS app does not work for me. thanks
  4. Not only with Samsung phones, mine is not samsung and the latest software version has never worked on my mobile phone, kingsong are a bunch of slackers that never fix things properly, thats my opinion, you do not have to agree.
  5. @The Fat Unicyclist, Thanks for making the earlier version available, testing it seems is not a Kingsong forte. Let customers complain first then we might look into it.
  6. Your Quote "To compare, a tesla electric car," in case you have forgotten, so my remarks apply to your comment. I know EUC do not have gearboxes.
  7. Not a good comparison, yes electric motors have high torque at low revs and there is a limit to the rpm available, so as you increase speed, you reach the motors maximum rpm and hence maximum speed. Electric vehicles, as far as I know, do not yet have gear boxes as gas powered vehicle in order to change the drive ratio between motor and wheel or wheels. Gas powered vehicles rely very heavily on a gearbox drive ratio to transfer power to the wheels due to their very limited rpm range. If one were to add a gearbox to an electric vehicle (depending on the power of the electric motor) the story might be totally different.
  8. Can I ask from whom you purchased your wheel - thanks
  9. I agree with you, but I put mine down to the fact that from new my 18XL motor/rim/wheel has a 1mm side to side wobble (that kingsong say is acceptable and normal), no one here seems to think that has any factor or involvement to play. Same with wheel balance, not sure if everyone here thinks their wheels are balanced, none of them are, and if you run any of them up to full speed the whole thing vibrates quite a bit.
  10. Did you Check your motor and rim assy for sideways wobble at all for the sake of interest.
  11. Just in case you are interested. Regards - bruno
  12. Actually 1 bar (100000 pascals) = 14.5038 pounds force per square inch. Yet back in my school days (many years ago) we were taught that one atmosphere = 14.7 PSI (14.6959 psi)
  13. Maybe check your wheel/rim for sideways wobble, I do not have a lot of faith in Kingsong quality control as my New 18XL rim wobbles by 1mm (using dial indicator on the rim) Kingsong said this is within normal limits (really? in my opinion it should be close to 0mm). When riding, this wobble can be felt. Kingsong suggested I hit the rim with a mallet to straighten it (which I have not done). Not suggesting this is the problem you are having but it may be worth checking. regards - bruno
  14. @US69 I am far from an expert and only have the 18XL, but for whom, and why are you making excuses for Kingsong, do you have some personal interest? In my opinion their quality control as far as my wheel is concerned leaves a lot to be desired. Regardless of Kuji's weight or his aggressive riding, this should not happen. Regards - Bruno
  15. @Garrie Lim my apologies your are obviously correct 20 cells in series only increases the total Voltage output not the amperage available. Your calculation of the 10.5 amp max charging rate at 0.5C is correct - sorry for any confusion to others. Regards - Bruno
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