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  1. Hi, I'm looking to sell my gotway msuper v3. I've repainted it an electric blue and white, and added a 3d printed mud guard. Looking upgrade, so gotta sell this wheel first... Looking for 550$ plus shipping from Canada.
  2. Ah Edmonton, never mind haha I'm in Calgary.
  3. Where/when for the electric mobility day?
  4. ... Maybe without tearing it down? LOL
  5. Does anyone have tips for cleaning a wheel after a particularly gritty or muddy ride? Right now I'm just wiping the outside down afterwards, but there's some grit that's starting to accumulate inside the wheel well. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I'd like to get the stuff out if I can, haha.
  6. Man, what sort of printer would you need to even print something that size?
  7. I'd be happy to do a group ride sometime! Someone should show me how to not faceplant on my new (to me) V3s haha
  8. Hey, I'm in Calgary as well! NW based with the Inmotion V8.
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