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  1. I'm geared up with pads on knees, elbows, wrist and a helmet at all times. I may need a full-face helmet later but the current helmet should suffice. I'm glad I got to practice on my KS14D for a 2 years before jumping onto the 16X which has helped my progression. It's been incremental improvements and I'm still loving the wheel on a daily basis. Finally hitting 30 mph for the first time today!
  2. I would have loved to keep the 14D but I wanted more range and I kept on riding on the beeps which to me was a sign that I need to get something faster. The 14" wheel is so much more ideal for transit use. I'm not looking forward to taking the 16X on a bus. A train is likely easier. Since the 16X is so much more comfortable and fast, I can pretty much ride it to most places including train stations.
  3. I don't have the 14D any more as it was a trade up with cash. There's certainly some rough roads that made the 14D feel squirrely and the 16X just flies right through it without the same feeling.
  4. I just upgraded from KS14D to KS16X 2 days ago and I can't stop thinking about riding now. OMG the 16X can go fast. The wide wheel and weight is something to get used to but I was able to ride much longer and felt much more comfortable on the 16X. Bumps that wobbled my 14D was no longer an issue with 16X. I was having so much fun that I didn't want to go home and kept on exploring my neighborhoods in parts I've never been through because I knew I had the speed and range to do so. Its a good mental relief in a way. Anyhow, I thought I'd share my exuberance of this upgrade. I feel so grateful to be able to have this experience on this amazing technology.
  5. My comment is about riding in the city streets. I couldn't agree with you more if you were walking as a pedestrian and exploring by foot. It is when I got on a bike with people riding along you, it keeps you moving. Same goes for driving.
  6. Having the opportunities to ride a bicycle in multiple urban settings and rural areas I can say the street riding culture in NYC is non like any other I've ever been through. I've ridden through many cities in 45 states so far and across Europe and NYC's riding culture is the way it is because it's a matter of survival. It's really hard to put in words or through the camera without being there in person. You get caught in with the droves of cars, bikes, pedestrians, noise, distractions, etc that as an outsider it was very overwhelming but once you put in more time around the environment you get to understand it. I got to appreciate it even the lawlessness of it all and it comes down to responding to what the environment gives you. And in that urban environment, you must stay high alert. I can understand and can appreciate NYC riders' skills. On the other hand, echoing what others have mentioned here, that type of riding should be done on the street and not around the pedestrians. I was cringing and imagining if I was a pedestrian seeing all these guy flying by at that speed, I would have been outraged. Out of curiosity, did any pedestrians complain?
  7. I was sent this event link on FB to talk about the changing use of LA streets. https://www.facebook.com/events/488969798353222/ This might be worth checking out if you are inclined. I'm planning on being there as I am curious about this matter as well. Hopefully I'll get to talk to Romel.
  8. Have you contact the Executive Director, Romel Pascual? I know Romel and I'm sure he would be willing to have a conversation about this.
  9. Would love to join you all for a group ride once I get enough saved up for a bigger wheel. I'll be at the LA EUC games later this month so hopefully I can connect with some more folks as well.
  10. It was good meeting @Freewheeler, @Dzlchef, @Yellowman at Mariachi Plaza yesterday morning. I was on my bicycle and was following them for a short while into Chinatown. I later saw everyone else rolling back and forth through the crowd. Great meeting you all. I've been stalking long enough on this forum so what's a better way than to come out of my shell with this post.
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