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  1. @Linnea Lin Gotway Could it be possible to make the third alarm adjustable like the tilt-back is? The default setting could be still as it is now.
  2. As you mentioned @KingSong69 I've also noticed the "hate" towards GW in the forums tho lots of cut-offs have also happened with KS and numerous other brands. Maybe it is because they are making EUCs that really raise the max speed by every version and use it in the marking also. Who knows. I for one hope for even more max speed because that gives me more headroom - for this reason only I ordered the 84V version and I really hope that it really is faster(and not only marketing gimmick). BUT here comes our responsibility as EUC drivers to NOT to drive it as fast as it goes but to limit(tilt
  3. I'm selling my Gotway MSuper V2 MS 850wh which was bought last winter. I have two euc's already and third is coming so I might just sell this one. Because I will ship only to Finland I will write more thoroughly in Finnish. Eli yllä mainittu MSuper V2 myynnissä. Ostettu Suomesta, ecycle.fi:stä viime kevättalvella. Tilasin jo V3 1600wh:n, joten tämä tulee olemaan ylimääräinen. Kilometrejä ei ihan mahdottomasti ole kertynyt, koska omaan toisenkin EUCin, ja tällä olen ajanut lähinnä vähänkään vaativammissa olosuhteissa. Vääntöä riittää, se on tullut todistettua Sipoon mäkisillä lenkkeilypolu
  4. Nice videos @egiljo What about the overall build quality and specially the integrated handle? Is there any led indicators to show the battery charge or do you have to use the cellphone app for that?
  5. Shiiit, thank you for the info. That doesn't sound tempting at all. The basic charger is 2A I think, does GW even make "superchargers" or are those that people talk of just custom/self made?
  6. I already own KS14 and I was already made my mind of buying the KS18 840wh, but after there battery findings I ordered GW18. Mainly because how I will use my 18" euc - off-road and carrying my boulder pad. But to the point, can I use my 4A charger from my KS14 to charge the GW18 also? The power connector is the same, isn't it?
  7. I have the exact same problem. App itself connects to my KS, but the MAC address doesn't work reversed nor vice versa when trying to put the auth code. For me it also shows that the "ISN For Unicycle" is the same as reversed MAC address. I hope I get an answer soon from Jason/Tina.
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