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  1. Thanks, but no, I'm from south of Malmö.
  2. I will keep looking and try something else. I want to like pads.
  3. I tried new position after every km.
  4. Is EUC riding healthy for your body? Do you burn calories? After a long active ride with many turns and bumpy gravel roads, I feel a little bruised, with soreness pain in my legs, like after a day downhill skiing. I searched online and downhill skiing equates to a quick walk. What do you think?
  5. That sounds interesting. Something you made yourself?
  6. I tried my first pads after 10 000 km. If I had tried in the beginning, when I learned, I would probably appreciated it more.
  7. Bought a pair of pads for my Sherman and hated them. Certainly nothing wrong with the pads but nothing for me. Feeling locked up. I like to move my legs and knee and change foot position. When I brake, I lean far back and down. All this I can not do with pads. Anyone else who feels like me or does everyone love pads?
  8. Thanks Seba, that was not the problem. I now understand that my signal from Sherman is low or my phone having problem connecting. After several tries it finally connect and after that it connect easier.
  9. Thnaks! I have done all that. Don't find any. My bluetooth on my phone find LK2233, so I guess bluetooth on Sherman is working but EUC World don't find it.
  10. How do I check if bluetooth is working on Sherman?
  11. EUC World don't find my Sherman. Is there anything I forget?
  12. Where in Europe is it safest to buy a Veteran Sherman if you want to be sure to get the latest batch and not an old one from stock?
  13. Thanks to you I found and selected Google-text-to-speach-engine. You also need to change language from default. Thanks man!
  14. Wheel: Kingsong 18XL Headphone: Bose QuetControl Voice settings: Turn on - on, Triggering - time, Interval - 1 minute, msg config - tested diff Wheel settings: Voice message - off, Bluetooth audio - off Not at all. Only vibration
  15. I bought a new phone, Samsung Note Lite, with the latest Android and installed EUC World but I can not get audio alerts in my bluetouth headphones. Is there any simple setting I miss?
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