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  1. How does this work? Do you connect the watch directly to the wheel or via your phone? Do you need a clock with LTE? Does it work with all Tizen watches? When will a working app version come out?
  2. EUC World: After the last update, the app closes immediately. Has an old Samsung Note 3 with Android 5.0
  3. Abrupt but just for a second and they go away directly. I get a little scared but there is no problem managing them. The tiltback is not from my settings but from, i guess, some internal settings in the wheel.
  4. Recently, I have received several tiltbacks at about 40-50% battery level and at about 40 kph. I have never received any warning in advance at any time. Is this normal?
  5. After a 120 km ride yesterday I have muscle pain in my legs like after a workout. Interesting to know how many calories I burn while riding EUC. Not much but probably something.
  6. It doesn't feel that way. It feels more slippery now on wet asphalt but it is maybe more in my head?
  7. Original from Kingsong 18xl. I usually go on long and relatively fast (>40 km/h) rides on asphalt. It's probably time to change tire, but I was curious how others was thinking about this.
  8. After 5000 km the wheel has slipped twice, although I think the tire looks ok. When do you change tires?
  9. Körde förbi en fartkontroll idag. Jag låg i ca 40 på en smal 60 väg när jag plötsligt ser en ensam polis med fartkamera i handen. Han ger mig den typiska "sakta ner" gesten genom att pumpa armen upp och ner. Trodde för en stund att han vinkade in mig men jag fick åka vidare, lite saktare - för en stund.
  10. My speed alarm has stopped to work. The speed on the phone is getting red but no vibration and no beeps. Tried everything, I think.
  11. My pause-button does not work when I'm live touring. Is this happened to someone else?
  12. Annat argument varför polis inte bryr sig - okunskap. Jag påstår inte att jag med säkerhet vet hur EUC ska klassas men jag tror många poliser fortfarande ser EUC som leksaker som de var för 4-5 år sedan. Nästa gång du ser en polisbil så kör om den på utsidan så tror jag att de reagerar annorlunda .
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