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  1. Where to find a 10 amp charger for Sherman?
  2. That's about what you said before, but what does it mean? Do you mean that the two examples are not reckless riding because it is in NYC? Is that generally accepted? Should it be? Are you talking about the risk of banning EUC? There are also other impediment as a result of reckless riding.
  3. Why this statement? The subject is about reckless riding. I don't understand.
  4. I don't know what that is :-) but it worked for a month ago and my Google play is working.
  5. Cant sign in. The EUC World is stopping after I press the Sing In button. Anybody knows why?
  6. I didn't understand the importance of recalibration. I recalibrate my wheel several times as accurately as I could but each time it feels a little different. At last it feels ok.
  7. Regarding alarm settings. I have the setting: 1. 45 km/h and 100% battery 2. 40 km/h and 50% battery I get an alarm at 40 km/h regardless of battery level. Is it me, my phone or have I misunderstood the settings?
  8. Updated to 2.0 today and took a test drive. I didn't like it. The wheel is much more active now and tries to adjust all the time. When I turn sharply, the pedals tilt back slightly. Same when carving. Anyone else experiencing the same thing?
  9. How does this work? Do you connect the watch directly to the wheel or via your phone? Do you need a clock with LTE? Does it work with all Tizen watches? When will a working app version come out?
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