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  1. The differences I know are it's 24ah instead of 17.5ah. It has the extended carbon handlebars (+5cm height) and that the tyres are now 10.25 instead of 10. Thats all i know so far. KWK has 5 more listed if anyone is looking for one. I'm not affiliated with them btw.
  2. @ akayareal , I got the last 1 from KWK on aliexpress. There were 5 available, 4 sold in this last week and I pulled the trigger on the last one a few days ago. I was torn between the Spider and the new Compact not yet available.
  3. Good video Alien Rides, I've got the 24.5ah version Spider on the way. I'll review mine when it lands, supposedly it has slightly wider tyres at 2.25 on the new version. Anyone know of any carry / tow handle for the Spider? The carbonrevo one looks like it won't line up on the rear but I don't know for sure.
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