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  1. @PogArt Artur. Yeah I joined on here a few weeks ago but I think it took a while for my post to be approved.
  2. Well done indeed @PogArt Artur. Everyday you get better and better, and you come across new obstacles and situations that you react to and learn from building up your experience. Since being able to ride confidently I pretty much haven't used my car for the last 2 weeks. I go everywhere on my Ninebot now, just feels so good gliding around. As for tyre pressure, I pump mine up to 50psi too on my Ninebot even though it states max 45psi.
  3. Got my very first EUC this week (Ninebot One E+) and after a couple of days practice in the house, then some figure of 8's around the tennis courts in my local park...I finally managed to go out on a proper ride today. Wow, just wow. What a buzz. Did a 7 mile ride today along the pavements, roads and coastal paths where I live and didn't crash either (I was expecting too tbh) After getting wobbles during my first couple of days I experienced no wobbles at all today and even felt the tilt back at top speed a few times without realising I was getting to the Ninebots speed limit. Even braved weaving slowly through the public along the pedestrianised High Street in the town centre. Wish I had got into this EUC lark sooner and I know I'll be looking to get a better wheel soon. Not really looking at going too fast but would love a longer range. Anyways, thought I'd share and post a few vid clips. Day 1 - crashing in the house Day 2 - Finally managing tight turns around the living room Day 3 - Wow, I can actually do this Today's ride.
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