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  1. news update. i carefully unravelled my non charging 420wh battery on the ks18s and measured individual cell voltages. they ranged from 3.45 and 3.55 to mostly 4.1 all the way to as high as 4.18 so this looks like it could be easily recoverable or usable again once i either attach some balance leads (if theres any room to put any) or do a manual burning of the high voltage cells using some high power resistors sorry posting from my other acct i use on my phone when i forgot my pw.
  2. tesla could be best bang for buck. not much is said about the latest one imo
  3. Had to use industrial velcro with adhesive backing to get the short velcro something to attach to. Then used some heavy duty zip ties im glad i fi ally found a purpose for. The handle is still floppy as theres too much slack so i might need to use some more zip ties. That being said, im 5ft 2in, and with the floppy handles, i dont see anybody over 5ft 8 5.9 comfortable with this method unless their arms are long
  4. So today I paired my KS18s to a different 2nd phone in order to try to play music from the speakers. The first phone paired had wheelog and the KS app previously installed, but i uninstalled it and only reinstalled wheelog recently. My first phone could not get music to play out of the speakers, hence pairing with the 2nd phone. I did not install any apps on this second phone. As rode to work today, I started getting the alarm at 20mph and tilt back, even when bluetooth was off or on on both phones. So i messed around with the settings in my first phone in wheel log. I don't know what i did but i got the tilt back to stop; however the alarm keeps turning on at 20mph The tilt back was more annoying than the alarm, esp as im playing music i can't really hear it. But is it any sort of issue as in draining the battery significantly if i'm constantly above 20mph for an hr trip or could it affect the device in any other way. I'm inclined not to mess with it if it doesn't appear to be a problem. Would you advise using the official kingsong app? it's got such terrible reviews
  5. I tried buying one of these handles as I didn't want to fork out $80 for the allit one nor want to drill. Unfortunately, your link was not valid still. So I bought one of the myriads of clones available when searching jeep roll bar grab handle assuming they were all the same. I don't think they are anymore, or i havent' figured out how to wrap it around, which seems unlikely. I received mine today and tried fitting it on. It looks the same as yours but the length of the straps must be off. Wrapping around the seat and going back through the loop i only get like one inch per strap, so the strap doesnt come close to being on top of the seat, nor is it able to reach the side where it can stick.
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