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  1. I Have half resolved it, but I'm very far from satisfied. I deleted te app completely and then downloaded it from the chinese page that is on th QR code on the back of the owner manual. Then I tried like 25 times and 1 of them connected and i could change it. Now it doens't connects again. On the other hand, other apps that read the data from the V10 bluetooth have no problem connecting with it, so is clearly the app fault. Still does any of you know any better? Thank you!!
  2. Hello everybody, So I've riding ninebot e+ for a long time and decided to get something a little better. I ended up getting the V10 that is always more or less on sale and you can see on this forum the link to Gearbest. I'm from Spain and I can't make it pair with the App. The App says something about a network issue and in another mobile phone It says something about not available in your area. So the speed is blocked at somethign around 20km/h. Do you now how to at least unlock the max speed? Or how to get the app running?? If not I just got a big, fat, heavy and expens
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