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  1. What color is the light? I’ve read a lot about this thing, but the best info was on https://besttechexpert.guide/best-hoverboard/ . It must be remembered that if the hoverboard lights up red, it indicates any error or malfunction. Many modern models have a number of sensors inside, which, in turn, indicate a particular error based on the problem. The light bulb may simply be on or blinking. And if you see a red light on the hoverboard or it flashes on it, then the limit of the angle of inclination of the surface is most likely exceeded. This happens when you move out or try to ride on a too steeply hill. The average allowable tilt angle is usually 15 degrees, if the angle is larger, the hover will not go. If anyway, the hoverboard flashes red even on a flat surface, then there is a possibility that it has gone astray. On two parts of the platform, there are sensors that read information about the position of the board relative to the earth's surface. It is clear that they must be configured the same way. But often, when riding on a bad road and strong vibration or strong shocks, can get them off the hoverboard.
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