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  1. The wheel is still available if you’re interested and I can do $1500
  2. Hey kylix, I sent an email a few days ago but I haven’t heard back. Just checking to make sure you’re still interested.
  3. I can create a paypal. I had always heard people can take their money back when they send it on PayPal so I was skeptical. That is not a problem for me to set it up if you’re still interested. I don’t mind adding the tracking number to PayPal either. The shipping fee is $120 and that was with a discount. Would you be willing to split the difference on that?. @Justin Zamora
  4. Sorry I don’t know anyone in New York. This is my first time trying to sell something online so I don’t know of a way to guarantee it. I can’t ship it before getting a payment and I do understand your concern as well. I planned on shipping through ups. If you want you can send me the money when I am at ups getting ready to ship and I can give you a tracking number right then. That’s all I can come up with at the moment. If you have another idea I’m open to it
  5. Hi @kylix yes I can ship to AZ.
  6. @BlackOutEX sorry. I am not interested in a trade
  7. @Justin Zamora I purchased from ewheels in October. I haven’t had any issues with the battery. It is still covered under a 1 year warranty. I would prefer Venmo if that’s possible. I don’t currently have a paypal account.
  8. I am selling my ninebot z10. It is in like new condition, only has 11.7 miles on it. I am selling for $1600 obo. I am located in San Diego county. I prefer selling locally but am also willing to travel out of San Diego for a fee. Feel free to Message me if you want more Info. Thanks
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