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  1. It was pretty amazing on wet mud etc - but I’ve found I don’t ride it on that sort of surface / in that sort of weather enough to justify the loss of fun carving. I carve constantly when riding in a straight line, and though it was carve-able - the roll wasn’t quite so linear which I missed.
  2. I’ve swapped back to the OG tyre last night. Probably going to order the h-666 for next year. the knobbly tyre just removed a little of the fun and loose-ness of the riding for me. super easy to swap out on an MSX
  3. Inktober post by @nhnillustration
  4. Are they illegal? I thought they were legalised this year - and then regulations tightened somewhat, based on max speed.
  5. Good call @mrelwood From a five minute ride - primary stability seems weaker than stock but there’s a ton of secondary stability. I’ll be taking it out for a longer ride during the week to give it a real test.
  6. OK. i see above now. Tyre ordered
  7. What are the dimensions of the tyre you got? looking online some seem to be 3 wide - some less. very excited to see such a beast fitted. I primarily like to ride trails, and it’s raining here a lot now.
  8. Slightly better view of the track.
  9. Track was a lot bigger than I expected
  10. I’m still definitely the only one within 50 miles or so I think.
  11. What is all the gear on the front of the Monster?
  12. I haven’t watched it yet - but I think I’d rather have a light not attached to my head. I think it’s a cool idea. you're an engineer right Marty? Have you considered designing and building your own EUC? Im getting tempted to do it.
  13. It’s ridiculous. V5F and MSX so far. Really like the look of the Nikola Plus to “replace” the V5F.
  14. Where are you on Sweden Mike? We’re moving to Copenhagen next summer!
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