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  1. Short ride, basically uncut; camera was worn for safety rather than content creation forward facing footage starts approx 10:00
  2. Shock absorbing lanyard on a reasonable harness would do the trick. Too cumbersome for reality, mind. Airbags needed on EUCs 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. HippoPig

    Sherman died

    I’m expecting a new board as a minimum. Theres a step from the hallway, where the wheels live, into the kitchen. That’s all I can think of.
  4. HippoPig

    Sherman died

    It was definitely tight when I put it back together. it was definitely loose when I opened it up to investigate. what should I expect in terms of repair? What needs replacing for this to be safe?
  5. HippoPig

    Sherman died

    Hard setting. weigh about 11 stone approx. I could only smell the burning when I opened her up. no, not at all - I ride with my partner who uses an 84v MSX. 300 miles total 😳 Number 78
  6. HippoPig

    Sherman died

    Yeah - it’s very weird. I don’t think it’s a typical failure.
  7. HippoPig

    Sherman died

    It’s being collected tomorrow 👌🏼
  8. HippoPig

    Sherman died

    So, what do we think happened guys? thankfully - I wasn’t riding it. Had got it out to go for a ride, turned it off to put my gear on and it wouldn’t come back on.
  9. Did you ever fix this? Have the same right now
  10. Looking forward to this!
  11. Parked in a village on the City outskirts. Sofa shopping? Sounds like a ride...
  12. I actually learned at about 2-3 deg forward on my V5
  13. They are bad at marketing.
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