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  1. To be honest I’m perfectly happy with how my MSX 84v performs on hills etc. I don’t think it’s going to be any worse than that in the real world. It doesn’t feel like it.
  2. Just had a 20 min ride on the Sherman. It’s an entirely different beast. The reviews are right
  3. You look good on that wheel mate... But really - nice job. Ergh I’d love one printed in black (or would that render it useless?). Superman light is too cringe for me.
  4. You’d be really surprised. Honestly. I know I was. My mother heard me pull into her street - you can really feel the bass.
  5. Just got the Tribit storm box micro. I use it clipped to a backpack but it’s great and can pair 2 for stereo.
  6. HippoPig


    First proper ride in too long. Quick test of the insta360.
  7. I was thinking maybe even a ratchet strap would do it.
  8. I’m so glad someone who knows what they’re doing hates it too 😂 I’d be interested to hear how you get on / if you’ve seen anything 5v that would be plug and play other than the connector.
  9. 2 x posts each side.
  10. So who gets the tyre we’ve seen reviewed, and who gets the mystery street tyre? I’ve not had an update from my distributor - wondering if this relates to e wheels order only.
  11. Figured with the extra range I could probably do with a phone / sat nav holder. Clamp onto the front bar.
  12. I did suspect it was intentional - and just made possible due to the ease at which you can apply force on the bars due to the design. glad to hear no issues - my Russian is more than rusty
  13. I’m SO happy to hear this And you haven’t had the weird vibrating shown at the start of eco drifts video?
  14. 45deg on spec sheet. sorta looked like more in one of the videos where they tested it - but you’d impact the pedal with the ground before you’d cut out I think. only time I’ve worried is going around a berm
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