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  1. Slightly longer cut for those interested.
  2. I got UPS but they’re both the same (asked mr Chen [seller] he said use UPS). UPS was only Germany to U.K. (2 days) China to Germany was like 42 days or so- zero tracking details.
  3. I didn’t pay anything (yet). they ship from China into the EU - and then no fees are due between EU countries.
  4. If she’s not - she will be 😂
  5. New design looks cool! shame about the laser - but after my first real rough terrain ride yesterday - I need power pads 😂
  6. From the Drovers’ road on the Cleveland Way
  7. Amazing Are you planning on a black / black version? (I can’t remember all the options last time). Ill be ordering a set as soon as available
  8. My thoughts exactly. I currently ride in the U.K. where they are 100% illegal I may put one of these on the wheel when I move https://www.safety-label.co.uk/collections/speed-limit-stickers/products/custom-european-kmh-speed-limit-sticker
  9. Dog drives humanoid transportation device...
  10. I started learning because were moving to CPH. MSX arrived last week.
  11. Try that in a POC Coron air spin. You won’t feel a thing (I did a similar simulated test 😂). plus - you crash once in the TLD you need a brand new helmet I believe.
  12. Got my MSX from Ali yesterday - USB port isn’t working (unless there’s a trick to it). Ive opened it up on the advice of the seller and can’t see anything not connected 🤷🏼‍♂️ Anyone had this issue?
  13. That was a concern. I’ve got a great old spray / coating shop in an industrial estate nearby - I’ll get an idea from them on cost and weigh it up. Im not sure how well the rubber on the pedals would hold up with the powder coating process - so perhaps painting.
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