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  1. I’ve got my partner to the point where we need a second wheel funny watching it click and then see her time using it increase exponentially.
  2. Good luck - I purchased mine online (U.K. here).
  3. I had the exact same plan going in, and also bought a V5F. i loved it though, and it’s massively helped my depression - it’s got me out of the house, exploring woodland - not shut away. what I’m saying is I get it - if I hated it I’d have totally sold it. I love road cycling but my knee is fucked so I don’t have that option anymore. enjoy
  4. I went for the Hillbilly wrist guard gloves as recommended by a lot of guys on here and they’re excellent quality - very happy with them. Only gripe is inability to use capacitive touch screens but I’ll be seeing some conductive wire through the thumb soon. Burton make stand alone wrist guards that aren’t quite as tough but you can wear your own (touch screen friendly) glove really easily.
  5. Great shout. i wouldn’t dream of ordering a Nikola over an MSX, but that’s me. ill hopefully be ordering mine when my holiday pay comes through shortly 😬
  6. Yeah - I was looking for info all over this morning but I guess it’s on Facebook, which I don’t have!
  7. Interesting - as I’ll be pulling the trigger on an MSX over the next month or so. i don’t want to pay the same for an “older” model.
  8. I have a V5F and I’ve been riding a little over a month. I’m feeling limited by the wheel and I’ll be upgrading to an msuper x soon - a V5F couldn’t really replace a road bike. As a form of transport I love the concept - and once you’re riding it loose and carving, it’s fun - but you really need a bigger wheel to make it a legit vehicle.
  9. I think she’s getting the bug, too. I guess we need 2 wheels, no other logical progression (other than 3).
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. they estimated max 22 day delivery time and I guess I can wait that long 😬. Good to hear positive experiences. I’d love to support a U.K. supplier but even at the lower price this is a huge amount of cash for me. So fun though - first hobby I’ve had in years and it’s got me out of the house - just frustrating riding the V5F now, the tiltback kills me.
  11. Would I be crazy to buy an msuper x from China instead of a local supplier? The saving is so much - I’m just concerned with the short warranty if something were to go wrong.
  12. What’s it worth? is this a decent stop gap between a V5F and an msuper x - or am I better off just waiting and getting an msuper x? thanks :)
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