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  1. Mavic Pro I believe. He was having some issues getting tracking to work. Intention being for it to follow behind me at a fixed distance / height.
  2. Some potato quality, basically unedited footage (shared with me via iMessage - so compressed to hell). Friend wanted to test his drone and the weather allowed me to get the MSX out for the first time in a while! It was a little windy and I’m feeling more than a little rusty
  3. Did you guys rent a go kart track? looks unreal!
  4. It was pretty amazing on wet mud etc - but I’ve found I don’t ride it on that sort of surface / in that sort of weather enough to justify the loss of fun carving. I carve constantly when riding in a straight line, and though it was carve-able - the roll wasn’t quite so linear which I missed.
  5. I’ve swapped back to the OG tyre last night. Probably going to order the h-666 for next year. the knobbly tyre just removed a little of the fun and loose-ness of the riding for me. super easy to swap out on an MSX
  6. Inktober post by @nhnillustration
  7. Are they illegal? I thought they were legalised this year - and then regulations tightened somewhat, based on max speed.
  8. Good call @mrelwood From a five minute ride - primary stability seems weaker than stock but there’s a ton of secondary stability. I’ll be taking it out for a longer ride during the week to give it a real test.
  9. OK. i see above now. Tyre ordered
  10. What are the dimensions of the tyre you got? looking online some seem to be 3 wide - some less. very excited to see such a beast fitted. I primarily like to ride trails, and it’s raining here a lot now.
  11. Slightly better view of the track.
  12. Track was a lot bigger than I expected
  13. I’m still definitely the only one within 50 miles or so I think.
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