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  1. @WI_Hedgehog Thanks much for the detailed explanation. So if I go faster then the motor gets over heated and the range is expected to come down. I am 77kgs, I get about 16-18kms from 5 to 1 bars, so after the mods it must be down to 12-14kms? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl2Vr8JT1Vo I just did a math with this video, he has done about 5.6kms consuming 18% battery. This guys looks he is about 80kgs and he is doing a non-stop run at an avg of 13km/hr with frequent bursts up to 23kms/hr. Kms remaining Battery % 24.6 83 24.3 82 24 81 23.7 80 23.4 79 23.1 78 22.7 77 22.4 76 22.1 75 21.8 74 21.5 73 21.2 72 20.9 71 20.5 70 20.3 69 20 68 19.5 67 19.3 66 19 65
  2. Can someone please help me with a long term review on the battery range after the speed upgrade? Mine does about 16-18kms from 5 bars to 1, its a 310 wh.
  3. Hello All, I was wondering if someone can help me with their experience on the Swallowbot remote upgrade through Whatsapp (listed in the link below). The price seems reasonable, but not sure if the 'bullet-proof' reliability of the minipro will be hampered. Also worried about the range and battery life. https://more4motion.com/collections/swallowbot-collection/products/swallowbot-upgrade-service I'd appreciate if someone could shed some light here. Thanks in advance!
  4. Letting go my Cycleboard elite Gen 2 that I purchased last year. I must say I enjoyed the road carving experience. Wanted to build an upgraded battery to further enjoy the board, but due to lock down I am in a financial stress and have to let it go. Has about 42 miles on it. Its in brand new condition without any scratches or marks of use. All details are available in cycleboard website https://cycleboard.com/products/elite Comes with all paid accessories such as fenders and lights from Cycleboard. Fenders and lights alone costed me about $200 USD. I never actually got the time to fit them, so they are brand - unpacked. Will come with an remote control alarm unit. New unit along with the fender, lights and alarm should be over 3 times my asking price. Local pick up in downtown Toronto. (Dundas/Parliment) Asking price $1300 CAD. Including all fenders, lights and alarm. Comes with cycleboard charger as well.
  5. @evil696 Thanks for your advice. I will get the same BMS. For the charger part, I will have to get some assistance from someone to get it done for me
  6. Yes the battery cell vendor mentioned 1 to 1.5A to be the ideal charge range for the MJ1 or GA. So I must get a 16S BMS @ 40A and use a 5A charger? and the charger must be balanced?
  7. @alcatrazWow thanks, that's the wisdom I was looking for. So I finalized GA on 13S5P with 40A BMS. I will update the build in a new thread as I am not using a regular 13S5P layout, rather cramping it under 54 X 110 X 335. So this layout is unique to my setup.
  8. @ChriullMany thanks again for the quick response. I will have to reach out to the skateboard folks for better clarity. But the LG cell supplier says I can choose between 30A or 40A BMS either ways I should be fine as the 13S5P on MJ1 is capable of 50A.
  9. @ChriullThanks for the knowledge and dampfakkus.de was very helpful. No into speed and board isn't build for that as well, so I think I must stick to the MJ1 or even better the Sanyo GA ones. Also need your advice on BMS for the given setup, a 20A BMS should suffice? Once again, the charger is 2A, Motor 450W and controller draws 20A
  10. @yuwengThanks for your response. I though each series carried the max discharge power of an individual cell, so the max output adds up, when connected in parallel. I am doing 13S5P which makes the continuous discharge for MJ1 at 10A X 5P = 50A and the HG2 will be 20A X 5P = 100A Isn't that correct? If it is correct then my setup with MJ1 will be 18Ah at 48v X 50Amp = 2400Watt - Maximum output? If that is the case then my motor is 450W and Controller draws 20A Please advice
  11. Hello Everyone, I am in the process of building a custom battery for my skateboard. I am confused with which battery to choose. The motor is 450W brush less and the controller stays 48v, current = 20A . Based on the available space, I derived at 13S5P layout. I have chosen LG MJ1 or LG HG2 for this build. I am not sure which one to go with, 1) MJ1 is 3500mAH so I get 18Ah with the 13S5P layout. But max continuous discharge is only 10A per cell 2) HG2 is rated at 3000mAh puts out 20A continuous discharge per cell and the end result is a 15Ah output in 13S5P layout Can someone point me in the right direction on which 18650 battery will better suit my motor and controller? I would love the 18Ah setup but not sure with 10A continuous discharge per cell will suffice the motor draw. The current battery is 13S2P at 278.4Wh\5.8Ah
  12. Many thanks, is there a reliable online seller whom I can order this configuration?
  13. Hello Folks, Apologize me for asking help for a surf board on EUC forum, but I guess you folks can help me out. A brief insight, I am new here, I use my Segway Minipro for daily office commute in downtown Toronto. Recently got the Cycleboard elite, I enjoy the riding dynamics, its too much fun in a safe package. The battery deck is rather large but cannot fit the commonly available batteries as most of them are 70mm tall. The dimensions of the battery deck are 56mm H X 105mm W X 330mm L. I am unable to find any batteries in this profile, except for the puny 460wh battery available from Cycleboard, their customer service su*cks. So wish I could order a custom 48v battery and enjoy the board. Kindly help me with a reliable place to order a customized battery either around Toronto or Online. Many thanks.
  14. Folks new to this forum, I know its a long shot. But just putting it out here to see if someone is up for selling their EUC in Toronto. Interested in Z10, 18xl and the 16s. Local sale preffered.
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