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  1. Exactly the problem. We all know that the majority ride sensibly and accidents happen but articles like this are very damaging to public perceptions of such devices. A real shame it's happened. The last bit of the article does show a bit of common sense though as the police commented that although such devices are technically against the law they will use their discretion rather than blanket bans.
  2. https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/elderly-woman-seriously-injured-after-2880229 Not good...
  3. Done - thanks for the heads up. About time our country became a bit more forward thinking!
  4. I'm in Leicestershire. Think I've pretty much cracked going in a straight(ish) line now. Got to get some steering sorted now!
  5. Having spent about an hour falling off later on this afternoon I actually managed to stay on for an entire lap of a school field (400m) and also to vaguely get it going in the direction I wanted. Very addictive this...
  6. Picked it up yesterday and apart from surface scratches its in great shape. My calves are already sore and I've got bruises but managed to do about 10metres before falling off so far. Not a great distance but early days and I've only been on it for an hour so just got to keep trying. Great fun!
  7. Thanks for your advice - sorry for the delay in getting back on here. Been a bit bonkers in my house the last few days! Well I took the plunge and have had an offer accepted on the MCM4 for £200. I haven't seen the actual wheel yet - I pick it up on Saturday but I have been sent some pics of it. It has minor cosmetic damage (as you would expect) and I'm sure that it will get more in my first few weeks of learning to ride it but they still have the original box etc and have kept the battery maintained when not in use so hopefully all will be well. I thought that at that price it would hopefully serve as a good intro the world of EUC's and if it's not for me I should be able to get most of my money back selling it on. Looking forward to the weekend now!!!
  8. Thanks for the advice. Anybody got opinions on the Gotway MCM series-someone I know has a contact trying to shift one but it's done about 1000 miles-is the battery likely to be pretty ropey?
  9. Looking for some advice and hopefully an EUC to get me going. Have been looking at various models but not sure best way to go. The ninebot one C+ can be had from gearbest at the min for £240 but will take forever to arrive. I did buy an S2 from eBay but turned out to be a scam :-( I will only be using it for a hobby and probably won't get out that often so not looking to spend a huge amount really. I wondered if anyone has any pointers or even an old one to sell? Thanks in advance for any advice!
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