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  1. I would like to buy the wheel for 850
  2. Hi I'm really interested in buying your wheel I've been doing a lot of research I know how much it's worth so I'm not trying to lowball you but if you have trouble selling it I have $1,000 cash I know it's low but it might be worth your wild if you really need the money immediately so I really want the wheel I know it's worth a lot more!!!! ,im just trying to see if we can make a deal i love that wheel I'm willing to even throw in a ninebot e+ less than a hundred miles I was bidding on it on the eBay when you ended the sale early
  3. What the ticket on this wheel
  4. Hit me up once you get your wheel I'm not that far we can go some runs
  5. I have a ninebot e+ with less than 50 miles for 300 I'm in San Bernardino can travel halfway to meet you in LA
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