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  1. Glad to hear it is now working well for you. I have just checked, I am currently on Firmware V1.09. Like you, I am not good with technology either, must be our age !!!!! I do not always upgrade new firmware when released and have at times skipped several versions but I read that new firmware fixes bugs, etc. ???? I have been riding my KS 16S for well over two years now and I still get a lot of pleasure from it. Touch wood, no issue with the wheel or the Kingsong App. ENJOY!
  2. V1.08 is about right. I am not sure but think I may be on V1.09. I can check tomorrow. When updating, always ensure your phone is near the wheel. Do play with the LED lights to see which option you prefer. KS16S is a nice and wheel, nothing you should be too concern about if you are happy with your pedal calibration level. I have mind calibrated at minus 0.3 degree, pedals slightly tilted front upwards as I live in a hilly area. It helps with acceleration.
  3. Gasmantle, have you register your wheel yet? If not, I suggest you do. You will find that once you have registered, firmware update, setting speed. etc, will be a lot easier and straight forward. Open the Kingsong App, go to device setting, follow the prompt, take it from there. Good luck.
  4. Gasmantle, KS 16 is a very good choice, you will not regret buying one. My KS 16S is now two and a half years old, a silver rider myself, max speed 20 mph so, not exactly a speed demon. My riding weight is 68 kg and I can manage 30 to 35 miles with some battery to spare. Your newer KS16 should have a trolley handle with a kill switch. My KS16 wheel has served me well, touch wood, zero issue. I have not fallen out of love with it . With my riding style, I do not feel the need for a larger wheel, maybe a bigger battery for range. My other wheel is the smaller Gotway MCM5, 14 inch wheel, love it, love it ,love it !!!!! Enjoy your ride, be safe !!
  5. There.........com.example.bluetooth.le-2.apk
  6. Try going to "Download" section on this forum. There is a Gotway Android non social app put there by Marty Backe. That's the older Gotway app and it works for me. Good luck.
  7. For me: For long rides on flat terrain, KS16S is a fantastic cruiser, ride buttery smooth. For trails and hilly terrain, the MCM5 is a class on its own. I am not a speed demon and I really love both my wheels.
  8. Pengloong

    Jus A Guy

    You will find the Gotway 1.0 App from the Download Section on this Forum. Or go to the Android Goggle Playstore for the latest version.
  9. I always connect charge cable to my turned off wheels first, then to the wall socket before switching on to charge. Have done the same for IPS, Kingsong and Gotway wheels. Have never had any issue.....yet !!!!!
  10. Thanks for your response Marty. Being new to the wheel I thought the front LED lights are part of the LED disco display lights that I am not too keen on. However, I do like the all red running LED light display mode. I will certainly pay more attention to the LED as the battery level changes.
  11. Hi, I am new to MCM5 and I have a question please. Is there anyway of telling the battery level/percentage on the wheel itself without an App? Thank you.
  12. @Michael Shen, unfortunately not every users on this forum has Facebook account. It would be extremely useful for all if you could add the binding /unbinding video here as well.
  13. You are only a young man at 47yrs. Try and relax, go to an open space as suggested, or a park, maybe a supermarket carpark in the evening. Just relax, practice just going on straight lines until you feel comfortable. Once you feel connected to your wheel, the rest comes naturally....believe me, I speak as a veteran learner and I now ride with confidence. Go on out of your gate and enjoy yourself.
  14. Signed. Plus a few friends too. Just some gentle arm twisting.
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