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  1. @manu Hi manu, welcome to the EUC World. It is absolutely a very enjoyable hobby. I noted that you are in the Costa Blanca area. I sometimes ride at Caple, Altea, Albir, Benidorm, Villajoysosa. Are you anywhere close to these areas? It would be nice to have a buddy to ride with or indeed share ideas. Good luck and enjoy your new EUC.
  2. Marty, you are truly a gentleman and a great ambassador to our EUC community. You taught Lisa well and have given her added confidence. I'm sure she will have lots of riding joy ahead of her. Well done the both of you and thank you for sharing this successful outcome with us.
  3. @The Fat Unicyclist, You are absolutely BRILLIANT!!! Thank you, you were spot on . I followed your suggestion and my App now works flawlessly. I have been a follower on this forum and regularly follow your threads. Yourself and few other guys (Yes, you know who you are), are really an asset to this forum. I have learned alot and I am sure will continue to do so. Thanks a bunch guys !!
  4. @The Fat Unicyclist @The Fat Unicyclist, Thank you for your reply. When I last use the IPS (XIMA SHANGHAI) App six months ago, it has an Orange display on with a white background. This was on my older Android phone. Yes, since then I have upgraded my Android phone. Now, when I open the App, Bluetooth is able to pick up my Device straight away. The App has a new display, black and grey mountain scene. Click on my Device Name, it displays five red and grey bars on the foreground : Device name, Battery level, Speed limit, Full riding mileage, Firmware version. When I swipe the the left, another five bars display: Front and rear lights, Side Lights, High, Rotation, Power. Whatever section it allows or disallows me to fill in, it will not let me proceed further. Is there a secret button or something else that I need to do ? Your help is very much appreciated, thank you.
  5. I have an IPS XIMA-LHOTZ which I have not used in the last six months. Never had any problem connecting to the Android App. Today when I tried to connect, Bluetooth found the wheel straight away, able to open the App but somehow it will not allow me to proceed further. Have never experienced this problem before. Help with a solution to this problem will be very much appreciated please. Thank you.
  6. @Rodbick Hi, welcome to the forum. Whereabouts in the South-west UK are you? Three to four of us meet up and ride regularly in Devon, mainly Exeter and Torbay but do go further afield sometime. I'm sure we can help you out if you are nearby.
  7. MCM5. Compact and powerful 14 inch wheel, has a trolley handle and cut off switch. Ideal for steep roads/hills should you need it. You won't go wrong with KS16S or Tesla either but MCM5 is top on my list for your need. Pad it up well until you get confident though. Good luck with your purchase.
  8. @photorph, I had similar problem with changing speed on my App but since registering my device with the KingSong App a year ago, I no longer have issue using the App, including firmware updates. Good luck!.
  9. @Gasmantle So sorry to hear about your problem with the trolley handle on your KS16. I feel for you, really frustrating as it should never happen to any wheel costing so much. I think you were just very unlucky. I know of two other riders with V8 and I can say (my opinion), they are not as robust as the KS16. I am sure that once you have your trolley handle sorted, you will have lots of enjoyment and pleasure riding your wheel, I hope so. I can confirm, after two and half years riding my KS16, touch wood, I have zero issue, trolley handle or Apps. Good luck!.
  10. Glad to hear it is now working well for you. I have just checked, I am currently on Firmware V1.09. Like you, I am not good with technology either, must be our age !!!!! I do not always upgrade new firmware when released and have at times skipped several versions but I read that new firmware fixes bugs, etc. ???? I have been riding my KS 16S for well over two years now and I still get a lot of pleasure from it. Touch wood, no issue with the wheel or the Kingsong App. ENJOY!
  11. V1.08 is about right. I am not sure but think I may be on V1.09. I can check tomorrow. When updating, always ensure your phone is near the wheel. Do play with the LED lights to see which option you prefer. KS16S is a nice and wheel, nothing you should be too concern about if you are happy with your pedal calibration level. I have mind calibrated at minus 0.3 degree, pedals slightly tilted front upwards as I live in a hilly area. It helps with acceleration.
  12. Gasmantle, have you register your wheel yet? If not, I suggest you do. You will find that once you have registered, firmware update, setting speed. etc, will be a lot easier and straight forward. Open the Kingsong App, go to device setting, follow the prompt, take it from there. Good luck.
  13. Gasmantle, KS 16 is a very good choice, you will not regret buying one. My KS 16S is now two and a half years old, a silver rider myself, max speed 20 mph so, not exactly a speed demon. My riding weight is 68 kg and I can manage 30 to 35 miles with some battery to spare. Your newer KS16 should have a trolley handle with a kill switch. My KS16 wheel has served me well, touch wood, zero issue. I have not fallen out of love with it . With my riding style, I do not feel the need for a larger wheel, maybe a bigger battery for range. My other wheel is the smaller Gotway MCM5, 14 inch wheel, love it, love it ,love it !!!!! Enjoy your ride, be safe !!
  14. There.........com.example.bluetooth.le-2.apk
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