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  1. This is cool, Why does the MCM5 board have 4 capacitors and the Tesla has just 2? Any ideas?
  2. KingOsmos

    Gotway Tesla vs Tesla v2 vs Nikola?

    Hey man, thanks for your input! Ok that makes sense that Tesla made some minor reliability updates. Do you think they will still release a new Tesla model? Would you still buy the Tesla today? I am not a speed demon but I love strong acceleration from 0 speed. Is it good? What is your realistic range and how long have you had the Tesla? I would love to know how the machine is doing after 1+ years
  3. KingOsmos

    Gotway Tesla vs Tesla v2 vs Nikola?

    Hey guys, So I currently own an Inmotion V8, its my first wheel and I have only had it for 3 months. I absolutely love it but I would like to get something with better range as the V8 480wh battery is not enough. I am not ready to shell out 2k for an EUC though. I did my research and absolutely fell in love with the Tesla. 1900W motor, 1020wh battery and an amazing acceleration ( I am not a speed demon, I enjoy brutal acceleration though). My biggest question is this... if I was to buy a wheel within the next 2 months, what do you think would be best? The Tesla was released more than a year and half ago and at the end of last year, there were rumors of an updated Tesla model. The problem is that information regarding almost any Gotway wheel is really scarce on the internet. Even Youtube, the only great source for the Tesla i U-Stride. Has anyone heard anything regarding an updated Tesla V2? At this point in time I probably do not need to take Tesla V2 as its existence is unsure so my radar is focused on Tesla or Nikola. I looked at the spec sheet and the midrange Nikola model has the same specs as the Tesla but it is going to cost 800 bucks more. Any ideas why this could be? I assume they have a very similar motor 1900W vs 2000W and same battery size. As of now the information on Nikola is really scarce as well. I guess the bottom line is.... A) Any news or rumors on Gotway Tesla v2? B ) What makes the future Gotway Nikola so special to justify its insane price especially compared to the Tesla?