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  1. Guys, I find this whole spinning in the box thing weird. If the wheel started spinning, wouldn't it cut out and stop after a second or two? In that case, I would expect it would just keep beeping until it runs out of battery over a long period of time. What are your thoughts on this?
  2. Damn, some people even made a 1000wh battery for the V8 thats great. I am a little disappointed with Inmotion that they teased with a new product and it turned out to be a Segway like vehicle. Inmotion really has to step their game up to remain relevant in the market.
  3. You are spot on. I think it would be nice if it rivaled the Gotway MCM5 which has an 800wh battery and a 1500W motor although the MCM5 is more expensive. But perhaps 600wh or so and a 1200W motor would be a very nice upgrade.
  4. The Inmotion Global Facebook page just teased a new version of the V8 (Solowheel Glide 3). They claim it is going to be more powerful and faster. It will probably also have a larger battery, I assume that from the teasing quote: "Moonbathing the v8, I just need to get more energy. New v8 coming soon, faster, and more powerful." I got a V8 in January 2019 and absolutely love it, it is a great wheel in everything but range and perhaps top speed. I do not mind the top speed as much because I take the V8 into more crowded places and I use the MSX for everything else. What are your thoughts on the V8?
  5. I just ignore it. No way you can stop and answer everyone's questions. Everyone thinks they are the only ones with questions. Just smile and pass by... why the worries? They are just curious, they don't wanna rob you. I mean its kinda like going to the gym for the first time ever, you have a feeling like everyone is looking at you when in reality they are looking at themselves in the mirror. People are looking at your EUC, not you. I feel uncomfortable as well sometimes when there is too much attention, so I pass by slowly and then floor it, really fun
  6. Exactly the same story I started on a V8 in January and am riding the MSX since June. Already have 2200km. The MSX is a beast of a machine, a true demonstration of what is possible. I feel that the biggest benefit of the monstrous power is it's stability, the machine never hesitated, I easily went on steep hills where cyclists flipped backwards. Range is excellent and comfort is unmatched. The only thing I would improve is throttle control. I am relatively light so I have to put a lot of weight forward to pick up super-acceleration. This caused me to have the first accident yesterday. I was starting of standstill into a hill so I had to lean into it to get the machine going. At about 10-15km/h I hit a small bump that ejected me upwards due to me pushing on the front of the pedal so hard. Nothing happened, I easily landed on my feet, but the machine kept on going into the wall, luckily it just bounced of the tire. Nothing happened to it. Loving the wheel overall. Am I the only one who really loves the design? Looks so badass
  7. I have seen some of his videos. Although the videos do not seem to be very professional, I find myself agreeing with him most of the time. At least as far as his Inmotion V8 and V10F review goes. What he said about the Z10 can be heard from other users as well
  8. @Mike Sacristan Everything turned out great Waited exactly 2 months, no extra fees. Maybe the only minus is that I got it 3 weeks ago and I got the "old" version without the new light. Hopefully, that's not a big deal in terms of support and spare parts in the future. The 84V 1600w/H is amazing. Your videos have actually been an inspiration for me and I have to agree with all the points you made in the videos. What do you think will be an approximate total mileage for the battery before it has to be swapped?
  9. I have some experience with Aliexpress. I am from Czech Republic, located in the center of Europe. At the end of last year, I ordered an Inmotion V8 from the Inmotionstore on Aliexpress. Thankfully I only had to change the pedals as they broke under my father who is of a heavier weight. I did not feel like waiting for a long repair anyway so I just ordered the pedals myself from a store in Belgium, had the pedals in 3 days, changed them myself and no other issues. As far as the buying experience goes... you can tell they are Chinese as their English is a little worse, but I have to say that they are very attentive and respond super quickly and every time. I also did not pay anything extra fees, it was all included in the price. The only negative was, that it took almost a month to get here, other than that, everything was great. I got the wheel on Ali for 750USD and my local reseller sells it for ridiculous 1 260USD.... so the choice was clear and so far the risk paid off. My Inmotion V8 has over 1300km and it rides just like new. About a month ago I ordered the Gotway MSX 1600wh from Aliexpress for 1 700USD, its been exactly 35 days since the order and I am still waiting. Bought it from an EUC reputable store "Green and fashion travaling store." I am also pretty confident that everything will turn out ok. Although, I am suspecting that I may be paying some fees this time.
  10. This is cool, Why does the MCM5 board have 4 capacitors and the Tesla has just 2? Any ideas?
  11. Hey man, thanks for your input! Ok that makes sense that Tesla made some minor reliability updates. Do you think they will still release a new Tesla model? Would you still buy the Tesla today? I am not a speed demon but I love strong acceleration from 0 speed. Is it good? What is your realistic range and how long have you had the Tesla? I would love to know how the machine is doing after 1+ years
  12. Hey guys, So I currently own an Inmotion V8, its my first wheel and I have only had it for 3 months. I absolutely love it but I would like to get something with better range as the V8 480wh battery is not enough. I am not ready to shell out 2k for an EUC though. I did my research and absolutely fell in love with the Tesla. 1900W motor, 1020wh battery and an amazing acceleration ( I am not a speed demon, I enjoy brutal acceleration though). My biggest question is this... if I was to buy a wheel within the next 2 months, what do you think would be best? The Tesla was released more than a year and half ago and at the end of last year, there were rumors of an updated Tesla model. The problem is that information regarding almost any Gotway wheel is really scarce on the internet. Even Youtube, the only great source for the Tesla i U-Stride. Has anyone heard anything regarding an updated Tesla V2? At this point in time I probably do not need to take Tesla V2 as its existence is unsure so my radar is focused on Tesla or Nikola. I looked at the spec sheet and the midrange Nikola model has the same specs as the Tesla but it is going to cost 800 bucks more. Any ideas why this could be? I assume they have a very similar motor 1900W vs 2000W and same battery size. As of now the information on Nikola is really scarce as well. I guess the bottom line is.... A) Any news or rumors on Gotway Tesla v2? B ) What makes the future Gotway Nikola so special to justify its insane price especially compared to the Tesla?
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