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  1. So... I send a video trying to explain to the seller what the problem is with my airwheel. Charger does only blink every second, but it doesnt charge at all. Also the airwheel itself seems to have recieved quite a lot of damage to it during its transportation from china to sweden. The seller told me that I would get a new charger, if I just told him a price I would get to buy a new one from sweden. I told him it would be about 157 us dollars. But he insisted that the charger wouldnt cost more that 10 us dollars. What crap is that? Waiting for a new charger now however, hopefully this will wo
  2. I've been having some contact with the guy I ordered it from. Been sending pictures and a video trying to explain everything. He said he would contact me again after speaking to his boss on monday. Hopefully I will get a replacement.
  3. Like.. an "attack". However.. Now the charger is blinking red, and the wheel is having a "spasm" every other second. I was going to have charger plugged in during the night, but I'm afraid it might set on fire or something. Going to do some researching tomorrow again.
  4. I got my airwheel x3 yesterday that I ordered from a company in China through Aliexpress. I turned it ON but it stopped, turned all the lights on and beeped. Today I figured I would give it a try to charge the battery. Connecting the charger to the unit worked good at first. Charger showed red light at first and green light when finished. Now.. When I attempted to put the airwheel ON, it went fast forward for about 2dm and then it just stopped and beeped. I turned it OFF and tried to turn it ON again, but nothing happened. I connected the charger to the airwheel once again, but this time the r
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