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  1. On 3/18/2019 at 9:40 AM, Mossi said:

    I had no problems with the inmotion app, unlike the kingsong app I have to reinstall for use and then deinstall for not draining the battery.

    The whobbles go away once you feel confident. I had them in my first week and never again. Now I also have them with my kingsong 18 xl after mounting the bigger pedals. I dindn't had them with the small pedals but I'm sure they will go away. Watch out to not overlean your V8. Did it yesterday for the first time and didn't hear any beep. Luckily I wared safetygear and nothing happend, but could have gone bad.

    yeah the wobbles have started to go away. How are you liking the ks18 so far? Also what happened when you overleaned? Did the wheel come to a complete stop? 

  2. Hey guys, I recently got a V8 and have about 35 miles logged on it. Loving it so far but having a couple hiccups and looking for input to see if there's anything that can help with the issues I'm having. 

    1. The APP is awful and whenever I'm not in my home and try and connect to the bluetooth in the wheel, it fails to connect. It seems to locate the wheel but when I try and connect it is not successful. Lately I've been trying to play around with the tilt back settings and every time I need to change the setting I need to go home and plug in the wheel. Is this normal? Or should I be able to connect to the wheel when I'm on my ride without wifi? Anyone else have this issue? 

    2. Speed wobbles/doesn't feel very safe when approaching max speed. Is this normal? I get the beeping warning signal a decent amount, but is it normal to start shaking when it gets close to 19mph? I Know it's the max speed, but can I comfortably cruise at 16-19? Or is the cruise speed closer to 15? I guess I'm not sure if the reason it's shaking/feels unsafe is because I'm still new to it, or if getting a wheel with a higher max speed would allow for me to comfortably cruise at 18-20? 

  3. I just got my V8 and I'm loving it so far, but I'm having a hard time dialing in the tilt back setting. Sometimes I get the feeling my toes are going to touch the ground when I start going up a hill, is that normal? It seems like the pedals are constantly re-adjusting during my ride, is that normal too? I'm guessing I just need to get used to it, but I am curious what everyone has their tilt back set at? 



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