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  1. Hi @chomic You both guys were very busy trying to make a deal, but I were driving buses, so I couldn't follow you at all... Obviously your deal is much better @chomic, you can't find easily £20 on pavement... But @Phil Hewitt was first in a queue, I also did agree to accept £250 if he comes pick it up... So even though your offer is better, I need to be honest to @Phil Hewitt and keep once given word. If for any reason @Phil Hewitt will change his mind, or anything, you will be next to make a deal, and I will keep the £250 deal for you as well. I hope you understand @chomic ... I'm always trying to be honest. Best regards. Artur.
  2. I'm going be home tomorrow at 15:00, so you're welcome Phil, at any time after 3pm.
  3. Lol... I've just changed m mind! I'm not willing to end up like this... I'm sticking to m E+ for good Who is best human's friend? Dalmatian ! :)
  4. It's Bradford West Yorkshire Phil. We can arrange picking up next week, no problem, but bear in mind I'm working different shifts ... Thank you.
  5. I can check it for you, but first I'll need to know your full postage address, email and phone number for courier online quote form. If you can pick it up, I'm located at West Yorkshire Bradford. Thanks my friend.
  6. Your kindness is priceless @stephen With all my pleasure I'm going be overwhelmed to try it a bit more Let's see if we can arrange another meeting soon Probably I'll have mine Z10 the first week of June @stephen... So the time is running short
  7. I know you do ! You didn't let it go, even for full of money suit case
  8. It is! I mean £2k ... I've changed my mind later on... I had a chance to try the MSX and Z10 same time. Somehow I wasn't impressed with MSX as much as with Z10? Basically after that, I can't see I could have upgrade to any other wheel on the world, lol So I'm getting Z10 my friend... Good luck with your upgrade to MSX! I did ride it, it's stunning wheel! I would upgrade to MSX if there wasn't Z10 ... Z10 is the wheel I feel for it most Bst regards and good luck my friend PS.; this post is a bit outdated... there are newer relating to my Z10 thoughts
  9. Hi Phil. Thanks for message ... I need the money for next Friday at least, to easy my upgrade , lol ... This is why I did drop the price to sell it quicker, lol Well. As you know I did offer free postage, but obviously the sale's profit was to cover that postage. £250 it's not even a half of what I spent to purchase it... Phil, if you can come over and collect it - I will agree. If you will cover the postage separately - I will agree. Let me know please
  10. Thanks a lot for advice! I had no clue at all, the peak might be adjustable?! I'll check it out after I get back home this afternoon. But I have a plan to fix blank spot car's little mirrors to the underneath of that peak. So I like it be higher regardless of your keen advice... I'm waiting for the mirrors to be delivered yet. I will update,whether the mirrors will work the way I'm imagine or not. Thanks again.
  11. I know, this is why I did mention it @Bob Eisenman
  12. Hahahaaaa You might be right I might get it somewhere around beginning of June...
  13. I can't make it guys at Thursday 6th June. We'll be in touch. My holiday starts at 16th June instead - I was wrong, lol
  14. Oh, cheers ... I know nothing about Z6 Yeah, I couldn't pick up a thing on it, honesty!? I felt like riding on extension of my own body lol It was doing what I want, going where I want... I felt better on it, than on mine E+ , lol ...
  15. You very keen sharing recent deals! Thanks a lot ! I'm waiting for money too, probably 3 more weeks, before I'm ready for purchase. Hopefully the delay may work for me, the prices may drop down after couple of weeks Have you got the same tyre fitted as on Z10 @Planemo? I'm very confused, regarding many of reviews, where users saying the tyre follows the dented lines or such imprfections on the roads... But I've tested the Z10 on asphalt, over the grass, kerbs, asphalt's long cracks (dented lines), as well as over the bricks fitted on the asphalt... I mean, I knew the reviews, those issues, so I tried to test it on my own, if you know I mean - and I haven't noticed anything wrong? I were on charge all the time, whatever the cracks, bricks etc. So is it me, who can't judge it properly, or it's the users that comparing the tyre to the other tyres, and picking up faults? Can you tell your experience pls
  16. Well... If not you insisting to check it out, the box was ready to go to the storage room... The camera mount's box was laying at the bottom up side down, white on white... Do you know I mean? I easily have missed it @stephen ?! THANK YOU !!! Lol ...
  17. Obviously I have those cushion lining inside @stephen , all I got rid off is those two side cushion panels being sticked to the chin bar. I could have keep them on, but they're making my cheeks squeezed, and I don't like the feeling, lol My balaclava does makes the interior cushioned too, lol Not, I didn't ! - the camera mounting Thieves !
  18. Cheers... Seeing yours nicely coloured, I was worry if I like mine as same as yours... But it's ok I think I wear in black, so it's suits my style. At first I got scared and confused! I couldn't put it on, at all? I thought - it's way too small! I nearly have started packing it back for return... to change it for size M. But then I calmed down, and tried work it out, as I couldn't believe, that S size won't fit, even if my head's dimension is less than 56cm, so logically, the size M might become too lose... This is where I started removing the chin cushion pads, and trying to fit the helmet on balaclava placed underneath... Once the balaclava did protect my bold head there was no issues to put the helmet on smoothly... I spent reasonable time to let myself figure out, whether there's any tension, or anything too tight, that could make wearing the helmet uncomfortable for longer time. I didn't find it. All was good, no matter what I were doing. But the balaclava is a must, without I couldn't wear it comfy. The interior lining is very limited,stiff, like bicycle one, not cushioned at all comparing to the motorcymet's cushion lining. So to me, to my S size helmet the balaclava underneath is a must. I have already mentioned, I'm wearing balaclava every time, this is the way I'm wearing helmets since I started motorcycling, so I wouldn't wear any helmet without balaclava's underneath ever. This is why it suits me very well, I think the S size external shelter might be slimmer too, compared to size M? So it's even better I can stick to S size, and have the slimmer looking helmet. I would say it's custom measured helmet alike - fits just perfect I think I'd complain the helmet being a bit too lose, if it was size M
  19. I myself upgrading to Z10. I loved the wheel since first look, then I went confused by many different opinions around. A week ago I had a great opportunity thanks to @stephen, to have a go on Z10 and MSX at same time... This is when all my doubts disappeared, and I know there's no any other wheel I'd like upgrade to. But my taste was always different a bit, so don't follow my thoughts too tight, lol I'm aware of Z10 behaving different, and I know I need to adjust my skills to safe riding it.
  20. It took me much longer, than I suspected, to order the helmet I want to use When I started searching for helmet,I was very confused, didn't know what I like, what I don't... The Met Parachute It's just perfect for me, so light too. More importantly - its chin bar doesn't block the view on my feet! I don't know how's that possible, to have the chin bar fitted, and still be able to freely look around, down on the belly, shoulders, it behaves like a small extension of the jaw, nearly not obstructing anything Obviously I can't compare it to the other full face helmets, but basing on my experience, all the helmets I tried on - were drastically blocking the bottom view, not allowing me checking the feet & front of the wheel - that was crucial to me, to see everything, like there was not chin bar fitted at all This is size S, that should be ok for the scalp up to 56cm, mine is 55.5cm, but I found the helmet is very tight. I'm always wearing balaclava underneath, so I can fit the helmet nicely, it's then comfy fit, just exactly as I wanted, but bear in mind if you not wearing balaclava, you might need to order one size larger. I've removed the chin's side cushions as well, it was too tight when they were fitted at the sides. All is perfect now, just as I wanted. * YouTube commercial * https://youtu.be/L4_GaPqRTnI
  21. That's right @stephen. I'd love to have MSX's range ofcourse What's better than 1 bar of chocolate? 2 bars !!! Hahahaaaa .., but up to 30miles is perfect for my needs, it'll cover what I want Regarding my daily commute it's 8miles round trip. It'll let me go for four days without charging the battery Lets say I'd want to go somewhere around, to the shop, meet someone locally or such... Then I might need to charge it after three days or two?, so why would I be bothered? One single charge will cover all I need... Going to Bingley is 10miles round trip, so I'll have TWENTY miles to enjoy exploring Bingley! Same regarding Bierley, Halifax areas... I can even go to Leeds and back on a single charge easy I can go Brighouse, but Huddersfield one way is 17miles, it might be the limit, lol What I'm saying is that, I have no time riding as @stephen does All my activity is commuting If I decide some day to meet you guys, or go shutting photos around, the Z10 will do! If I would will go explore Leeds, or Huddersfield, I'd probably would take a bus to get there, and then come back on the wheel, to enjoy the ride Honesty, I wish I could have a greater range, but it's caused mainly by the ego? To have more range, greater speed ... I don't need that really, all I need is the wheel, that will make my every day
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