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  1. 🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
  2. My helmet didn't enjoy this morning's rain 🤣🤣🤣
  3. I'm glad to hear you've found somebody to get the V5F off you 🙂 I know you were consider to keep it, but at the end of the day why would you keep two wheels, if the KS 18XL will do much more for you anyway... I know there's other reasons to keep the old wheel, I'm just saying 🙂 If you read my answer to Stephen's post you'll know I'm struggling with my private life very badly, since I'm working 6 days per week. It's a big unknown whether I'll manage to go to Blackpool because of the fact above. The shifts on the buses are mixed and very random, which is affecting my free time. I need to rebuild my finances, therefore all those efforts are taken on my chest... I promise to meet you and Stephen when you will be ready with your upgraded wheel Peter 🙂 Good luck buying it for friendly price 🙂
  4. You know that I've started 6 dpw (days per week) shifts since June, I'm struggling to rest properly, don't know how long I'll carry on this, as it's affecting my private life drastically. Since June I have only two days off per month. I'm willing to go to Blackpool, but it is down to two matters - if my shift will finish early enough, to let me get to Blackpool on time, and secondly what time I'm starting the next day's shift. I might be lucky,and have a day off too 🙂 I'll be in touch.
  5. It would be nice if you'd come with your KS 18XL 😁😁😁 So you've made decision for that EUC then? Good for you 🙂
  6. That would be great to meet up there ! Thanks for letting us know @stephen 😁 It looks very interesting, never been joining this event yet 🙂
  7. I felt in love to keep venomous snakes in past... It's started with one, soon after I had collection of 17 if I remember it right. Apart of a danger while cleaning their cages, some new comers were refusing to eat, so I had to feed them by hand to keep them in good condition, until they start on their own. Every time I think of that "hobby" I'm thinking - was it love or stupidity 😁😁😁 At present it isn't getting any better with me, though! I've decided to get EUC... I'm commute at present on ONE WHEEL ONLY 😲😲😲 Basically I'm just standing on the pedals,and riding 28MPH through the traffic 🤣🤣🤣 Shall I mention - no proper brakes fitted 😂, no handlebar to hold on to 🤣 I'm struggling to judge which of two hobbies is worst then 😂🤣😂
  8. That's pretty educational answer 🙂
  9. I remember @Marty Backe words, when he went out with few others riders, and he's been surprised the Z10 isn't recovering the battery % as he thought it will do... Later he found out it's been recovering, but the other battery. I thought it's normal, regarding Marty's words, that the Z is recovering one battery at the time... You've just found out, on yours Z it's recovering both batteries at once @Planemo ? Interesting discovery indeed 🙂
  10. You might be right @Gasmantle, I'm reading multiple posts, and also trying to catch up the recent posts. I'm not an expert by any means, but if your suggestion could simplified the things, and it wouldn't have require a lot of efforts to improve, why not then 🙂
  11. Hahahaaa 😂🤣😂 Yeah, it's like a tank the Z, isn't it? 🤣🤣🤣 I like the 18XL, the other day I were tempting to go for it 😎 I'm still fancy MSX though, if not the Z, then defo MSX would be my upgrade wheel 😁
  12. Why you bothered by the kerbs.., whether they're lower or higher doesn't matter, lol 😁 It's about the technique not the height of the kerbs, isn't it? 😁
  13. Have you seen this tutorial yet? I found it interesting and helpful (in my case 😁). I suspect you've seen it already, but if not - here you are 😁 https://youtu.be/S4L_0zJYxXk
  14. You've applied wrong technique to the heavy and larger wheel, your E+ technique simply won't work for bigger EUC 😁
  15. There's many good EUCs these days, all reviewed, all of them have good and not so good points - I know the feeling Peter, it's not easy choice... Best regards!
  16. I'd never have thought about using it over the EUC 🤔 That's good idea, why not, easy and quick to put it on/off. Regarding the feet position I can only imagine that many of us have their own preferred spot on the EUCs pedals 🙂 It's very personal preference,that everyone developing on its own. I have no any other experience,but NB E+ and the Z10 only, in my case I got used to keep my feet my way on E+, and once upgraded to Z10 it became natural position for me 😎🙂 Impressive how many different EUCs you could practice on 😎😎😎 Best regards.
  17. As I said before, my rubbing marks are differently placed, but I've noticed also my feet are symmetrical as yours THEY HAVE TO BE - lol 😎😎😎, but for some reason it seems that the left foot has to point a little bit outside at the front, where my right foot is sticking straight forward , lol But both the feet must be equally placed at both sides, where I can ride with the right foot a little bit being upfront of the left, never opposite though, if it's happen I need to correct it 😁 Lol, is it something wrong with me? 😁😁😁
  18. I love the idea of letting your gf keep you companion her preferred way 😁
  19. Thanks A LOT my friend, I love the video 😁😁😁
  20. I know 😁😁😁 All those padding were making my Z too bulky to my taste 😎 Regarding the pedal openers... In my case I'm commuting through the town centre, I'm stopping often, crossing the "zebras" with pedestrians, streets with the traffic lights... The trolley handle is a must for me, yes, I wish I could get rid of it too, but pushing the Z would become very inconvenient, regardless on the pedestrian crossings or in the stores while shopping... I have to have it fitted. The pedal openers - check out the photos please. While crossing the street or walking a bit, I'm usually holding with my right hand the Z's handle, so to open the pedals I would get bend a bit lower to reach the pedal with my other hand to open it... The gap achieved by the rubbers is allowing me , simply touch the top of the edge with my sole of the boot and simply open it. This is the way I do it, holding the Z by right hand, then left sole opening the left pedal, and right sole the right pedal - off I go 😁 The rubbers may be not too aesthetic to your taste, but I have to have them to keep the fitted studs on my pedals safely away off the side panels - so in my case the rubbers doing two good things at once 😁 I just have noticed while taking the photos for you, that I'm rubbing the front spot of my right panel, and back spot at the left panel - interesting 😁 The boots hasn't anything sharp to scratch the panels, it's just leather and the sole...
  21. I like that short mudguard, it won't work for me, because I'm using the end of trolley handle to mount my kick stand, in your case, the whole frame is missing, so I wouldn't be able to park the wheel on the floor - have you sorted it out any other way? I just have to be able to 'park' the Z on the floor 🙂 I'm not keeping those rubber protection pads at all. I took them off soon after I started riding, they were annoying me, were adding some extra weight to the wheel itself, and the pads started sticking out soon, especially the parts over the headlight... If you'll like my tip regarding the pedals openers, I have no any, but fitted those rounded rubbers (dalmatian) at the sides where the pedals getting in touch to the Z's body. Those rubbers are working as a spacers too (in my case) so it's enough gap, between the edge of the pedal and the wheel's body,to let me open the pedals by my boots easily. Let me know if you like to see pics, as my description may be confusing ...
  22. No, I wasn't even at once at 22psi 😋 Maybe now, when the tyre leaks some pressure out.., it'll get under 23psi lol 😁 15? No way, no any soon 😁😁😁 I'm willing to keep that 23 for now, it's been already couple of days since I'm commuting at that pressure, and I really like it. I guess there's more to like about at 20 or 15psi too? 😋 I may try it some day 😁 Regarding the scratches, I have some rubbed off spots at the side panels. I simply rubbed off the painting with my boots while riding 😁 So I took it as a common, natural thing. But that scratch underneath the pedal..., lol 😎 Since it's happened I'm aware of that, and if I'm jumping off the kerb's edge, it is always in straight line 😁😁😁 Lesson learnt 😎 I know it took you extra time to mask your lights, but it was worth it, now they're professionally and equally masked, spot on, well done 😎
  23. I really appreciate your professional and detailed description. You know I were changing the headlight some time ago, and I had to open the sides of the Z then 🙂 I didn't have to go stripping it further, but you're right, all the wires are tidy placed inside, the sides tightly fitted too... I've realised my post went a bit unexpected direction, though - about all those good advices regarding sealing the PBC, which is very appreciated. My subject wasn't after getting advices how to improve the EUC against the rain, but simply if I should worry going through the rain 🙂 It was my first ride in heavy rain, I simply wanted to be informed if riding in the heavy rain may cause a FP, because of the water getting all over the wheel ... The subject actually had triggered those keen advises how to seal the PCB. I like the advice of @winterwheel, who pointed down the water getting around the charging dock/pins... I needed put in on charge the second day after the rain, the wheel was obviously dry, but when I opened the rubber cover to plug the charger, there was still water ... So thanks to @winterwheel advice, I'm putting more attention to that connection point since then. Thank you @Planemo once again *BTW I've lowered the tyre pressure couple of days ago, down to 23PSI. I were topping up to 30PSI since I have my Z, not liking going any lower. Something has changed in my mind, and I have stopped inflating the wheel for couple of weeks, just to see how it goes... I've noticed I like it more, when the tyre isn't as hard as used to be. I did check the pressure couple days ago -> 28PSI. So it was only 2PSI difference... I decided to lower it even more, down to 23PSI, and after all my experience gained on the hard tyre, I can now appreciate the lower pressure even more. I can see better balancing, better turning (using the sides of the wide tyre), it feels more stable too, literally I like it much more, and it doesn't hurt that much when hitting the street's holes 😁
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