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  1. That's right! It can be down to the different rider's weight as well 🤔
  2. Well spotted Stephen! It's so many aspects regarding the riding skills, and we suppose to account them, and apply them in proper time while riding. Good point 😁
  3. It was the time I didn't like 25PSI at all, and inflated my tyre back to 30PSI immediately. After I gained some more experience, I started fancy lowering the pressure back again. I ended up on 21PSI. The Z feels much more safe while getting over the bumps, holes etc. I found it being much more controllable when riding different surfaces, especially rough street's areas. The same spot I was struggling to pass next to the cars (very narrow,street surface crap) when on 30PSI , I started going more bravely, feeling in charge and safe to go while riding on 21PSI. The same regarding pedestrian brick ways, or such... This is my own experience though, everybody is different 🙂
  4. That's a great experience so far 🙂 I'm a bus driver, to stop the bus in place (bear in mind the heavy mass) it's taking fewer metres. This is something I used to be aware of while riding my Z on those streets... I tried to think as I am driving the bus, and I will not be able to stop the wheel in place in emergency, but instead it'll take me some "efforts" to stop it (like couple metres on the bus). If you will be concerned about your stopping (braking) time, you'll aim up front, trying to predict oncoming situations, roundabouts, junctions or other such places... Just think ahead in advance. There're some tricks to stop in emergency too. I never tried (been forced) to practice it (hopefully) but it worth to mention, that I was told to try to turn (change direction) with the wheel while braking, it is only in emergency! It might end up with falling off... If you think of braking in straight line, it will eat few metres before you'll stop (if you going fast). If you think of trying to change direction together with braking applied, then you'll cause the Z's tyre to work against the direction you're going, it might be helpful to stop the wheel quicker to avoid accident. Bear in mind I might remember it wrong, or I misunderstood something, as it was a while ago I read about it, so before you even think of what I said, please do your own research and ask questions to make sure what you're doing. Emergency braking it's always risky. Suddenly something happens and there's not time to get prepared, you have to act immediately! So it's always much better to avoid that happens, and think (plan) ahead ... Best regards!
  5. Hi, your case is very similar to my 2 years ago today. I had motorbike accident in Nov 2017. I was commuting in traffic on my Z10 for 6 days per week. It's necessary to be always aiming up front, taking a big picture of the way you going. It's actually very comparable to motorbiking, but in this case you have no real brakes... So I was always trying to plan ahead, see what's happening to avoid emergency braking aa much as possible. You must know the reactions will vary (car drivers). Some are amazed, giving you way and being appreciated seeing you riding your wheel, others are pissed off just because you're on their way. Once some idiot started horning me and then being at a side of me tried to push me off the street, like to scare me off causing me to crash ... Some aren't moving in the traffic, just because they noticed me oncoming, the drivers just stopping their cars on the middle of the road?! They will record you on their mobilephones too , so be ready to smile to the camera 😁 I've started with 30PSI first. I was reducing it down to 21PSI. In my experience once you try to ride lower pressure you will not come back to 30PSI. It's because you'll find that the low PSI is more forgiving, more forgiving the street holes, the riding you will feel is safer then. There's Police to be mentioned yet. I was commute throughout busy Bradford city centre. The cops are everywhere every day... Patrol cars, foot patrol, all of them. I been watched by them, they was stopping their cars to check me out, they were following me at behind just watching, they were next to me on the traffic lights junctions too, when I was just next to them... I never was stopped, no such scenarios. Obviously I don't know about Manchester's Police, so this is for you to find out. In my case I just couldn't commute different way as through city centre. If I could choose I probably wouldn't commute through busy town next to all those cops around me... Best regards.
  6. I bet you do! You're recording so many videos on it! Enjoy (I know you do) 😁😁😁
  7. That's a nice conversation 😋 I've never been stopped by police yet, but I can imagine it's not comfy feeling at all, even though it was friendly chat. Brave man, you did well 🙂
  8. Thank you Peter. I haven't mentioned I'm selling my Z because I feel sorry letting it go. I decided to sell it now, before the colder months come, save some money and upgrade at new year 🙂 If I don't sell it I don't mind 😁😁😁 I will carry on on my Z then, until I find the best moment for upgrade 😋 😁 Thanks for good words Peter 🙂
  9. I'm sorry I have not any knowledge regarding those issues? Please ask those questions on the forum, there's many very experienced members, I'm sure they may know the answer?
  10. Hi, I've messaged you yesterday with the email provided, but wonder if you received the email? All photos uploaded as I promised. If you have any questions,just ask, I'm happy to help. Best regards. Artur.
  11. I will do later today my friend. I did put my Z on the offer,but been busy working each day - so I was planning take the photos today (my first day off since). I stopped riding it since then, to avoid unnecessary mileage. I'm apologise - just life.
  12. You've got your very first full face helmet eventually 😁 And you love it 😁 Good looking helmet tbh 🤩
  13. There's no doubt I'm loving it @z3n 😁 I'm willing to upgrade to Monster 22", and in my case I can afford upgrade only if I sell. I sold E+ to get Z10... In Winter months I wasn't planning to commute,because of the weather,and bad memories regarding my accident in November on motorbike... I think it's good moment to sell Z10, and save some money for Monster 22" next season.
  14. Z10 for SALE £999 (I may consider keen offers too). It was purchased last June from Ian 🙂 (SpeedyFeet). It was sold as brand new with keen 6 months of warranty offer (valid until oncoming November). It's the same batch,that Ian was testing on his reviews of the Z10. Used for daily commute of 10miles per day. Apart of slightly scratched left pedal while getting off the kerb(underneath),there's nothing else worth to mention,but usual usage marks - especially the side panels,where the boots sides were holding to it, the paint has lost some pattern. The Z10 never was dropped,never been pushed to the limits,no off road rides or such extremes, but city commute only. There's minor rust on the screw noticeable on the charging dock. It comes with original box. There's no any issues I could tell regarding condition or riding. Free storage box (DIY) with lock pad. Free valve extension and super coarse grip tape - enough to renew the old one. I'm living in Bradford West Yorkshire,collection in person preferable. I'm willing to experience riding on Gotway Monster 22", this is the only reason I'm selling it. Thank you.
  15. It's funny you've mentioned that, because just yesterday I were showing some videos for my friends at work, there was your too 😋 One of them asked me,how you recording from distance? I said you hold the stick with the camera attatched at its end - he went what stick? Then I had to pin point the shadow made by the stick to make my friend believe THERE IS THE STICK 🤣🤣🤣 Lol 😋 PS.; I have a week holiday at the end of the month (beginning of Oct.) Peter mentioned possible meeting?
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