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  1. PogArt Artur

    Met Parachute Helmet MK1 - arrived :)

    Thank you... I've started worry if I'm thinking properly regarding the safety... Thank you
  2. PogArt Artur

    Met Parachute Helmet MK1 - arrived :)

    Cheers for the comment @meepmeepmayer. I'm not sure either,whether the parachute helmet can be comparable to the mentioned above or not? Logically it's manufactured for exactly the same purpose - protect the head in case of fall/crash. I'm confused why you've mention the motorbikes,though. I'm consider EUC riding close to bicycle riding conditions (tell me if I'm wrong please), it has similar speed,similar enviroment of journeys... In advance is better to get motorcycle helmet,especially if we've got a higher end EUC with much more power(speed). But on my E+ and my newbie's tries to learn balance, I just can't be bothered regarding the helmet at the moment I bet I'm good with either bicycle or parachute helmet at the present stage and in future,as I doubt I'm gonna ever go any faster than bicyclist Tell me if I'm wrong my friend please. I'm just learning how to make my very first rides, and this is only my personal thoughts regarding helmets.
  3. Sometime ago I've mentioned,that I've ordered a second hand parachute helmet for just £20 quit. I've had too many spending past days,regarding the wheel purchase,and to dressed up,so unfortunately I've decided to get used helmet to easy expenses... This is actually the only helmet that caught my attention,regarding slim (transparent) looking chin bar. I've noticed that some accidents happens,when the rider can not hear the signal warning coming out off the EUC... When we can't hear such warning we're simply unaware that's something is going on,so I were looking for "open helmet" kind of bicycle helmet,to be able of hearing the sound warnings better? This is why I went for this parachute helmet,especially at my newbie's learning curve. I'm just sharing some pics with you,in case you're curious how it does fit... Cheers.
  4. PogArt Artur


    Spot on my friend.
  5. Hahahaaa But my post IS REAL This is where I moved from kitchen, lol The neighbours cats were walking around, I couldn't hold my Dalmatian down, he was chasing the cats around the bins!
  6. You? 80 meters ride?! Well done - I would say !!! Thanks to you I'm not feeling alone anymore It is like Smoother said - everywhere just post about crashes, accidents, you know, but where are the good things? Having fun, wherever and whenever we can! ;)
  7. Forgive me! I've forgotten it was you... I have no any rides to share yet, so I thought the driveway exercise will make a smile on somebody's face today? Thank you Unventor
  8. I've just posted for fun Have you seen my E+ protection pads yet? This is where the "brand's" name comes from Smoother will know Smoother,I hope you let me off regarding this post
  9. DAY/WEEKEND FORM. SEE BELOW FOR WEEK TO SEASON TIME FRAME FORM. (COPY AND PASTE, DO NOT QUOTE) ======================================================================== LOCATION: Bradford DATE: 21/03/2019 TIME:1h WEATHER: Nice weather DISTANCE TRAVELED: 100 x circles WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: Dalmatian E+ WHO WAS WITH ME: The cats TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: 4,7km BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Slalom between the bins WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Very narrow RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: Be careful passing the bins,they're not stable on their wheels...
  10. PogArt Artur

    The floor protectors?

    I have just improved the grip on pedal panels...
  11. PogArt Artur

    The floor protectors?

    Guys, could you recommend gloves with wrist protection fitted please? I'm just returning the gloves,that I've received yesterday : https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F232929944173 They have been promising on the photo,but so softly made in real life. I would say,they're common leather gloves without any shield over the fingers or so, just with soft pad fitted for wrist support,lol I have wrist protectors,but I wish to wear the gloves at the same time,problem is it won't match. So I'm looking for gloves,that'll hit two birds with one stone (just saying,I love birds and Dalmatians
  12. PogArt Artur

    The floor protectors?

    Hahahaa hahahaaaa !!!
  13. PogArt Artur

    The floor protectors?

    Hahahahaaaa hahahaaaa hahahaaaaa We can arrange even interior race Stephen! Livingroom and back! Hahahahaaa This subject is going crazy guys