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  1. I would say - don't force it, avoid if you can, be aware it might happen, be prepare for it... Slow down if you can, take it easy, watch it out - but with confidence.
  2. My sense of balance just leaning me left, if the Z gets on the slope to the right... So my right leg kind of blocking/locking up the wheel to keep it vertically up, to prevent leaning the wheel to the right - if that's making sense... I'm very sorry, English is my second language, and I am unable to express my thoughts more precisely my friend... When I ride I do OBSERVE the way I'm going... 🤔 It's kind of giving me some time to plan ahead, and prepare to deal with whatever condition is at a front... Obviously we all do observe 😁, I'm just saying , lol 🙂 So if I see the slope, I'm trying to be prepared... What I don't like is when the tyre is catching the dented line on the pavement, or the street, sometimes it gives you unpleasant feeling compared to losing the balance. The Z10 is self balancing EUC, so it's trying to get back on its balance by itself, which obviously is very handy. I am always slowing down when I see such imperfections ahead... Once you know you haven't fall off, you will deal with such things more bravely, with more confidence, but the first feelings aren't welcomed, so just practice practice practice. It's like going on the kerb... I was scared to death, I was dropping the wheel even before I touched the kerb! Then I went on the kerb and suddenly was dropping the wheel afterwards 😁 You simply don't know the feeling of it, and you don't know what it's like, and what to expect... So again practice practice practice. After you get know what to expect, how it's like, then you'll be more brave and after some experience you will start getting over the kerbs with confidence 😎 Regarding the tyre pressure -> I gave you all the details above, on my earlier post @Patton250 😁 Best regards.
  3. The feeling is weird, I know 😎 , the Z is just different riding sense due to the width of that tyre. When I started it was literally taking me off the pathway I were on, down the street's surface 🤔 It's because there was a decline down the street on the pavement 😁 Now I just go if there wasn't any decline at all, your body will get used to it, and you'll automatically adjust the trajectory, this is how it is, whether you like it or not. I bet this is why the Z is so controversial within the EUC users? Some don't mind it at all, some hate it and will never want to own the Z 🙂
  4. Thanks for your share, I know these marks are usual, not to be avoid or too much worry about, but treated as the common usage marks, nothing else 🙂 I just wanted to share my first one, which is very upsetting 😁 The next will be much easier to accept for sure 😎 Thanks 🙂
  5. hahaaaahaaa 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😋😋😋 I know you mean, lol 😎
  6. I need your advice -> how to repeat the same mark on the other pedal 😁😁😁 Actually I know the answer very well 🤣 I go to the store again, and come off that kerb the opposite way 🤣😂🤣 Cheers @z3n 😎
  7. - Lifting sensor off - Brake assist off - Tyre 30PSI my preferable (75kg natural weight - so maybe 80kg when geared up?) - 8oz bottle of Slime filled in full (tyre sealant) - Ride mode 0 - Pedals tilted backward of 1 degree.
  8. That's true, nobody does like having scratches ... 😎
  9. That's right hahahaaaa - I just made my wheel unique 😎
  10. That's right... 😁 I did mask it up,because the first scratch hurts my heart a bit 😁😁😁 Even though I think it's a man's thing 😎 The previous E+ was dropped on it's sides fewer times while I were learning balance, so the small marks and scratches were added on it's body then... I didn't like those scratches, but I knew it's the learning process 😋 After an upgrade I wasn't heading to add any scratches on the new EUC's body , lol 😁 So this is why I feel a bit upset having today's scratch for first time , if you know I mean 😋 The less it's visible the better I feel , lol 😁😁😁 Thanks for your comment 😎
  11. You don't see the point to mask them with the marker @Unventor ?
  12. Lol, I think it's a man's thing to have a fighter's scar , to be a real man , lol 😎 There's no need to bother, it's only the first scratch, the next scratches may be earned later on, at any occasion... I just didn't like it to striking the eyes, being silver on the black background... So I have masked them with the marker 😁
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