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  1. Hi there. I'm not posting anything for long time because I ended up on my daily routine... Going to work and back, 10miles per day 🙂. What interesting should I tell about it,lol 🤣 The only thing I can share recently is my short period of experiments related to tyre pressure. Some (who remember) were advising me to try lower pressure riding,when I were inflating up to 30PSI and I have loved it (Z10). Later on I have started being keen to drop it down to 23PSI, thinking - no any lower 😋 Until yesterday 😎 After commuting daily for over a month (without checking the tyre pressure) I started tempting to find out what pressure I'm riding at present - it was 21PSI... I decided to inflate it back to 23PSI (yesterday). I went to work and back - as usually 😋 I did drop the pressure down immediately after I got back home - to 21PSI 😋 Yes. I did notice that 21PSI is more forgiving, it's absorbing the shock caused by street holes much better, allows me riding with optimal comfort, giving me sense of safer riding over the surface imperfections... - I can confirm now, that lower tyre pressure on Z10, makes this wonderful EUC much better regarding its performance on random surfaces (street,pavement,grass -> including there all imperfections you can only imagine). Obviously some of you might think opposite, this is only my own thoughts and the tale, how I ended up liking 21PSI compared to 30PSI 😋 I suspect after couple of weeks it will get down even below 20PSI - I guess I won't mind it 😎
  2. In my experience the people are rather positive, looking at it, recording me out of their cars windows too... Unfortunately there are the opposite people too. A week ago I saw the car in my mirror,approaching from behind, I've heard his horn first, then while taking me over,he tried to scare me off by attempting to push me to the side of the kerb... He stopped at the traffic lights then, so I passed his car. Honesty, I were tempting to bang his window and ask him "what the %", then on my second thought -> I don't know who is it,might be some thug,drug diller or anybody else... And I'm riding illegal vehicle on the public street. That's looked up my mouth and calmed the emotions down... I just understood, some people, no matter who they are, might don't like us, EUCs riders on their way at all.
  3. This part I was most appreciated for, as I wasn't interested with its power, or any additional measurements, I mean - technical speech 😁 I was after to read how you feel riding it, how it goes etc. It sounds your purchase was very wise decision @Gasmantle. Enjoy !!!
  4. Thank you for describing FOLLIES @Gasmantle, before I were just guessing , thanks to you I know what it is now 😁 It's lovely area !
  5. I meant the V5F isn't impressive compared to any of larger wheels Peter. I know you did enjoy it and had a great fun, but I were thinking of it next to any of greater range/power 16" or 18" wheel 🙂 V5F is good wheel on its own - you've proven that 😁
  6. I related my opinion directly to @Gasmantle dear friend 😁 I assumed he might be quite happily riding the 16" wheel compared to his previous 14" if you know I mean 🙂 Peter knows it well, that 18" wheel is dealing much better with road imperfections and such things. He wouldn't have buy 16" wheel if he could afford 18" if you know I mean 🙂 My words were aiming to good wish for enjoying KS16S rather, than serious point of view.
  7. To be honest I can't see the point now to keep thinking of 18XL any more... V5F wasn't impressive at all, it gave you lots of practice needed for sure. KS16S in my opinion is superior to the V5F, and I don't think you'll be looking for 18XL upgrade once you start riding it Peter 😁 To me the KS16S should fulfill your riding needs very well 😎 Let see how you'll feel about upgrade,after your experience on KS16S 😁 I think you gonna love it 🙂
  8. Wow! 16" Peter , you've surprised me a lot 😁 I don't know much about KS16S, but I remember some reviews, where the wheel used to have quite good feedback 🙂 CONGRATULATION !!!
  9. Hahahaaa 🤣 , I haven't heard that saying ever yet! I like it 😁
  10. I bet you miss it 😁 I would 😎 It seems our friend @stephen is happy like child, seeing his first 10min ride 😁😁😁
  11. Hurry up @Gasmantle - winter's getting closer, lol 😋
  12. CONGRATULATIONS !!! Safe Riding @stephen 😎😎😎
  13. Your case might match mine if happens? I'm commute daily for past three months. I bet I'm well known by police in the area, as they can see me every day... I guess if they after to stop me to give a warning like in your case or so, then there's no easier way, but to wait for me to come 🙂 I'm happy you got the verbal warning only 🙂
  14. I don't really know what to say ... They do their job for sure, that they were told and trained for ... At the same time they've ruined your family time. How to even compare their noisy vehicle, riding in speed to yours, quietly moving ewheels? No comments. Anyway, law is the law, isn't 🤔 What a shame you were forced return to home...
  15. 😩😩😩 😋 😎 Awesome pictures @stephen, it looks the time was spent actively and lovely 🤩
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