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  1. Update: I opened it and it seems like the battery is OK. I am thinking of opening up the other side too.. Here are a few more pics (the crack is real though :P)
  2. Heya, I just bought a "new" Ninebot from eBay but I'm not sure that is new after all. Today I was supposed to try it out but I've got the following issue, I've noticed a small crack on it and it feels a bit oily at that part. I'm now trying to figure out what to do. Should I open it (not sure how tbh) and check it out or ignore it? If there is a battery under that it might be a leakage or whatever. Here are a few pics:
  3. Προσπαθώ να βρω ένα από τα 2 μέχρι 200eu περίπου. Ότι μου κάτσει :P Θα τσεκάρω για την μπαταρία αν είναι though. Thanks!
  4. Στέλνω σε όλους μήνυμα πρώτα και τα κόστη για μεταφορικά που μου είπανε ήταν 30-35eu.
  5. Κάποια τελευταία που δεν μπόρεσα να τσιμπήσω https://www.ebay.de/itm/273785165098 https://www.ebay.de/itm/223443811892 Και αυτό δεν πρόλαβα ούτε την περιγραφή να διαβάσω https://www.ebay.fr/itm/264251339932 Προφανώς έχει και κάποια στα 250-300 (αρκετά sold) και κάτι 350+ που δεν πουλιέται σχεδόν κανένα από ότι βλέπω.
  6. Χμμ προσπαθώ να αγοράσω είτε C+ είτε Ε+ και έχω δει στα 180-220eu αρκετούτσικα. Δεν ήξερα ότι πάνε τόσο.
  7. Bumping the thread once again :) Thank you!
  8. Please do send me the photos at blueg86-t@yahoo.com
  9. As long as it's safe :P Please do send me a few pictures of the wheel. I've seen this one and I was thinking of getting one but for my country it is either 309 and wait up to 50 days to arrive or 379 to get it in 4 days. I do not think it worth that much money.
  10. Is it a modded E+? :) Please do send me the photos, I am located in Greece. Thank you! PS: I'm sorry if it takes me a while to reply I am only allowed to post like 3 msgs per day..
  11. Too damaged for its price right? https://www.ebay.com/itm/223443811892 Even if I can get it for 200eu in total with shipping..
  12. As a final wheel I was thinking something like Gotway MSuper X or Ninebot One Z10 :P But my main problem is that I can't afford 700+ eu all at once at this point, that's why I am thinking of a cheaper one.
  13. Heya mate, Sorry for joining like that in the convo but I am also looking for a first wheel (made a post here: I wanted to ask you if you would recommend something like that from Gearbest: https://www.gearbest.com/scooters-and-wheels/pp_1699240.html Although I am really looking for something around or below 200eu :( Thanks!
  14. Hello there guys, I'm interesting in starting out with electric rides and from what I've seen I think I'll go with a unicycle xD I'm 100% sure I will have a few falls so I do not want to see a brand new (expensive imho) unicycle to get multiple scratches etc so I'm looking to get a used one. From my little research I ended up with Ninebot One C+ for a starter EUC (I'm open to suggestions btw). I'm 166cm / 63-67kg (lately going up but already working on it! -.-") I missed an eBay offer a few days ago for a used Ninebot One C+ for 180 (including shipping), so I thought I should make an account here (since I've been browsing for a while now lol) and ask if anyone is selling one. I am looking to spend around 200eu in total. Thank you!
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